Where I Work: Marcio Kogan and the Creative Space of Studio MK27

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Renowned Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan is the visionary behind Studio MK27, an award-winning architectural firm based in São Paulo. With a team of nearly 30 talented architects, Studio MK27 merges modern design with Brazilian modernist...

Renowned Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan is the visionary behind Studio MK27, an award-winning architectural firm based in São Paulo. With a team of nearly 30 talented architects, Studio MK27 merges modern design with Brazilian modernist influences, creating harmonious and captivating architectural masterpieces. In this edition of Where I Work, we delve into Kogan's creative process and the inspiring environment in which it all takes place.

A Workspace that Inspires

Image: Marcio Kogan's workspace at Studio MK27 (Source: Studio MK27)

Kogan's workspace exudes a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. While he embraces Swiss minimalist organization, the studio is a vibrant mix of individual architectural styles. Spread across three floors in an eclectic part of São Paulo, the space is a testament to Kogan's love for his city, a chaotic yet captivating metropolis that serves as a limitless source of inspiration.

Collaborative and Open

Image: Studio MK27's collaborative work environment (Source: Studio MK27)

At Studio MK27, collaboration and communication are key. While some meeting rooms provide privacy for client discussions, the architects work together in an open space without partitioning. Kogan's own workspace consists of a large table where he spends 90% of his time, conducting internal meetings and immersing himself in the creative process alongside his team.

A Journey of Three Decades

Image: Marcio Kogan's journey at Studio MK27 (Source: Studio MK27)

Kogan's connection to his workspace runs deep, as he has been in the same location for an impressive 30 years. His journey began with an internship under his uncle, Mauricio Kogan. Starting his own small office on Paulista Avenue was a challenging period that he remembers with mixed feelings, appreciating the growth and the hurdles faced during the early stages of his career.

Constant Evolution

Image: Studio MK27's robotic office pet (Source: Studio MK27)

Innovation and change are at the core of Kogan's creative spirit. He loves renovating and continuously seeks new possibilities. Even with a perfectly ordered workspace, Kogan is already envisioning a new project: adding a floor to the roof, a venture that promises to push the boundaries of design.

Music, Inspiration, and Ideas

During working hours, each architect immerses themselves in their own music, while Kogan enjoys his personal soundtrack. Currently, he finds inspiration in the captivating soundtrack of "Ascenseur pour l'échafaud" by Miles Davis. When it comes to recording ideas, Kogan is a fan of Moleskine, and he proudly shares a book dedicated to Studio MK27 by the renowned brand.

Architecture as a Journey

Kogan's creative process is deeply intertwined with his passion for movies. Having directed multiple films during his university days, he approaches each project as if creating a character that will inhabit the space. This character breathes life into the design, moving through the rooms, adjusting proportions, and experiencing different perspectives. The end result is a creation that satisfies both Kogan and his imaginary character.

Curiosities and Personal Touches

Image: Personal touches and design objects in Marcio Kogan's workspace (Source: Studio MK27)

Kogan's workspace is adorned with an eclectic mix of design objects, reflecting his wide range of interests and imagination. From books and unique figurines to captivating artwork, his office is filled with items that spark creativity and add a personal touch to the environment.

Tech, Design, and Success

Image: Marcio Kogan's tech arsenal (Source: Studio MK27)

Kogan is a self-proclaimed "nerd" who enjoys embracing technological advancements in his work. From solving IT problems to incorporating sophisticated software, he constantly seeks ways to enhance the design process. His use of tools such as Autocad, Revit, and Adobe showcases his dedication to staying at the forefront of architectural technology.

The Journey Continues

Image: Marcio Kogan's ongoing projects (Source: Studio MK27)

Kogan's favorite projects are not solely defined by their scale or complexity but by the collaboration and inspiration sparked by his clients. Whether it's a baby's cradle or a high-rise building, the passion and respect that clients bring to the design process make each project memorable and meaningful to Kogan.

The Pursuit of Perfection

Image: Marcio Kogan's pursuit of architectural perfection (Source: Studio MK27)

To Kogan, success is a journey rather than a destination. Despite his numerous accomplishments, he remains a self-critical perfectionist, always striving for improvements. The constant pursuit of architectural excellence brings both joy and dissatisfaction, making each project an opportunity for growth.

The Future of Design

Image: A glimpse into Marcio Kogan's current projects (Source: Studio MK27)

Kogan's ongoing projects span the globe, from a white house in Miami to bamboo villas in Bali. Each project is unique and inspired by the clients' vision. As he continues to push boundaries and explore new possibilities, Kogan's future promises even more groundbreaking and awe-inspiring designs.

Capturing the Essence of Creativity

Image: Marcio Kogan's workspace captures the essence of his creativity (Source: Studio MK27)

In conclusion, Marcio Kogan's workspace at Studio MK27 is a testament to his creativity, passion, and dedication to architectural excellence. From the collaborative atmosphere to his personal touches and ongoing projects, Kogan's workspace embodies the spirit of innovation and imagination. It is a place where ideas come to life and where architectural dreams are realized.