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Inside the New-Age Electric Van: Exploring the VW ID. Buzz Interior

CEO Khai Intela
Are you ready to embark on a journey into the future of electric campervans? The VW ID. Buzz is here to redefine what it means to hit the road in style and sustainability. With its...

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the future of electric campervans? The VW ID. Buzz is here to redefine what it means to hit the road in style and sustainability. With its funky looks and a rich heritage spanning 50 years of microbus pedigree, this new-age electric van is turning heads and capturing hearts. But what really sets it apart is the interior – a sanctuary of comfort and versatility that perfectly complements its cutting-edge electric technology.

A Spacious Oasis for Adventure

Step inside the VW ID. Buzz and prepare to be amazed by the 5-seat electric camper that offers an abundance of cargo space. The driver and passengers can enjoy individual seats with adjustable armrests, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey. Safety is further enhanced with side thorax airbags for the front seats and a center airbag for the driver's seat. And if you opt for the top trims, you'll even get to experience the luxury of massage front seats with electric controls.

The back of the van is designed with functionality in mind. A 3-person bench offers both a conventional 40:60 split and a fold-down flat option, allowing you to maximize space for your gear. Need some extra legroom? The bench can be moved lengthways, providing a total of 150 mm of flexibility. And don't forget the fold-down tables located in the back of the front seats – perfect for enjoying a meal or getting some work done on the road.

Optimal Functionality in Every Detail

The VW ID. Buzz takes small space utilization to a whole new level. The optional height-adjustable trunk floor creates a convenient level surface that offers a whopping 1,121 liters (39.6 cu ft) of luggage space through an upward-opening rear hatch. It's a testament to Volkswagen's commitment to combining practicality with style.

But let's not forget about the ID. Buzz Cargo Van, which is geared towards commercial use. With a cleverly placed fixed partition and a total of 3.9 cubic meters (137.7 cu ft) of cargo space, this van is ready to handle any business needs. Whether you need to transport Euro pallets or other items, the ID. Buzz Cargo van has got you covered – and its second sliding door makes loading and unloading a breeze.

The Perfect Setup for Any Adventure

The VW ID. Buzz offers a variety of camper configurations to suit your needs. While the initial launch includes a 5-seat setup, VW plans to introduce a 6-seat option with individual seats arranged in three rows of two. And if you have a larger crew, fear not, because a 7-seat configuration will also be available with the extended wheelbase.

Intuitive Technology at Your Fingertips

In the cockpit of the VW ID. Buzz, you'll find innovative technology designed to enhance your driving experience. A centrally-located 10-inch infotainment system with a 10-inch digital display comes standard, connecting seamlessly to the instrument panel. HVAC and climate controls are easily accessible via a control bar with digital buttons and touch sliders.

But that's not all – the VW ID. Buzz introduces an exciting feature called 'ID. Light.' This cutting-edge concept spreads across the windshield in front of the driver and provides different information through various lighting patterns. And to set the mood, ambient cabin lighting offers a choice of 10 standard colors or up to 30 optional colors.

Sustainability Meets Style

As electric vehicles continue to shape the future, sustainability takes center stage. Inside the VW ID. Buzz, you won't find any leather – instead, the steering wheel and floor/seat coverings are made from recycled materials. The use of Seaqual yarn, a new material created from recycled ocean plastic and PET bottles, further emphasizes Volkswagen's commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Volkswagen has done an exceptional job with the interior of the ID. Buzz, capturing the nostalgia of an iconic vehicle while introducing modern technology and cabin features that today's EV enthusiasts expect. It's a space where functionality meets comfort, and where the journey becomes just as exciting as the destination. Who knows, maybe cloth curtains and a cooktop stove will make an appearance in future versions – we can only hope.

For now, let's embrace the new-age electric van revolution, as the VW ID. Buzz takes us on an extraordinary adventure to a greener future.

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Volkswagen ID. Buzz interior Volkswagen ID. Buzz. Photo: VW

Volkswagen ID. Buzz interior Volkswagen ID. Buzz. Photo: VW

Volkswagen ID. Buzz seats Volkswagen ID. Buzz. Photo: VW