33 Modern Condo Interior Design Ideas

CEO Khai Intela
The mantra of modern condo interior design ideas is to keep things simple and less complicated. Modern concepts are often based on clean and clear lines, where furniture and fixtures are kept to a bare...

The mantra of modern condo interior design ideas is to keep things simple and less complicated. Modern concepts are often based on clean and clear lines, where furniture and fixtures are kept to a bare minimum. Decorating too much furniture and fixtures in your condo may keep the space from looking beautiful.

There are plenty of decorating styles that you can incorporate for your condominium interior designs. The look that you will choose will pretty much depend on your own personality and character. For instance, a vivacious and romantic person will choose something that is more flamboyant such as the Victorian modern look. A modern eclectic approach to interior decorating is more suited to someone who loves minimalistic but colorful and classy interiors.

Most people thought that modern interior designs are all about the restrained application of color and the use of monochromatic color schemes. Although most modern interiors are all about these, there’s definitely a whole lot more to a modern condos interior than these.

Here are some modern condo interior design ideas to keep you inspired.

Modern Condo Living Room Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to condo living room designs, keep the furniture limited to a large seating area or a comfortable couch. Choose furniture that features straight lines and geometric shapes. You can perhaps add two to three extra chairs to accommodate more guests.

As mentioned, modern decorating is all about the use of clear and clean lines with geometric shapes. The placement and shapes of the furniture must be designed in a flawless concept. Keep everything in the living room minimal and maintain the simplicity of the design for the entire place.

Since the living room is the first thing that people notice the moment they get inside your condo unit, try to create a welcoming ambiance for your condo living room designs. A good idea is to come up with a contrast between light-colored walls and deep-colored furniture and fixtures. For modern condo decorating ideas on a budget, the use of natural materials is also a great idea. For instance, instead of a glass table for your living room, you can opt for a table made of bamboo, plastic, or rattan.

Spacious and airy living room in a modern condo unit. Image Credit: howiezine

Modern living room in a studio condo Image Credit: javedchaudhry

Modern dining and living room in a studio condominium. Image Credit: Youtube

Light and airy modern condo living room. Image Credit: Youtube

Elegant living room in a modern condo unit Image Credit: billielourd

Modern and luxurious small condo living room. Image Credit: jhollowell

Clean and simple modern condo living room Image Credit: cbrnresourcenetwork

Loft-Style Modern Condo Interior Design Ideas

Loft refers to an upper story or the attic part of any building. It’s basically the space that’s underneath a roof. On the other hand, a loft-style condo is a large open space that’s converted into a two-story condominium unit that usually comes with stairs. The freedom that the design offers in terms of adaptability has resulted in some of the most beautiful modern condo loft designs.

When it comes to a loft-style modern condo, people immediately think of high ceilings and expansive windows. However, there are actually several other ways to incorporate the modern look for your loft condos interior design. The best way to design a loft condo is to focus on organizing the space. Instead of a wall, storage spaces are used as dividers, such as an oversized closet capable of connecting both floors within the space.

Oftentimes, a loft condo is a combination of different design elements. Although the main focus is to create a modern interior, sometimes, preserved elements like old wooden doors and brick walls are used for loft-style modern condo interior design ideas.

Here are some ideas on how loft spaces can exemplify modern urban living.

Modern loft-style condominium Image Credit: thesextonlofts

Modern industrial loft-style condo unit. Image Credit: idesignarch

Modern and cozy living room in a loft-style condominium. Image Credit: Amazon

Rustic modern loft condominium. Image Credit: Pinterest

Modern and chic loft-style condo unit. Image Credit: impressiveinteriordesign

Modern designed compact loft-style condominium. Image Credit: whatismytemplate

Spacious loft-style modern condominium. Image Credit: alioneye

Modern Eclectic Condo Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to modern condo living room decorating ideas, incorporating an eclectic style into the space is a great idea. The eclectic design is a popular design element used for various condo living room decorating ideas.

Basically, an eclectic design refers to a combination of different styles, textures, patterns, and colors. For modern condominiums designed with an eclectic style, the mixture of old and new is clearly evident. Antique pieces and vintage furniture are usually combined with modern contemporary accessories for a more edgy look. For instance, a Victorian armchair can be paired with a modern designed glass coffee table. Perhaps, a brick wall in a living room can be decorated with modern contemporary furniture.

There are so many ways to achieve an eclectic look for your condominium interior designs. Just make sure not to overdo it as it could make the place look chaotic. When done right, a modern eclectic condominium is not only aesthetically pleasing but highly functional as well.

Here are some of the most beautiful condominiums with a modern eclectic interior.

Eclectic and chic modern condo living room. Image Credit: idolza

Eclectic loft-style modern condo. Image Credit: decoist

Modern vintage and eclectic living room. Image Credit: designtrends

Eclectic glam modern condo living room. Image Credit: designmanifest

Modern and eclectic condo living room. Image Credit: blogspot

Small space modern eclectic condo. Image Credit: quebecormedia

Modern Beach Condo Design Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to live in a beachfront condo, incorporating modern design can work well for you. The best approach to decorating a modern beach condo is to make it more open and airy. Thus, welcome tons of light into your interior by hanging linen curtains for your window treatment. When it comes to your furniture and fixtures, try to keep everything white. A crisp white upholstered sofa will make the space feel soothing and comfy, which is perfect for coastal living.

An all-white living room is perfect for coastal-inspired interiors. You can spruce the space a bit by adding some cheerful pops of color. Navy blue or other blue variants would be perfect. Finish the look by decorating beachy accessories such as a delicate shell chandelier, coastal-inspired rugs, and nautical pillows. For more ideas on how to go about decorating your modern beach condo, here are some inspirations.

Cozy and luxurious bedroom in a beachfront condo Image Credit: luxuryrentalsmiamibeach

Modern and spacious beachfront condominium. Image Credit: biscaynebeachresidences

Stunning modern beachside condo in Miami Image Credit: curbed

Modern and cozy beachside condominium. Image Credit: dkorinteriors

Modern condominium in Miami beach. Image Credit: miamiherald

Modern Condo Kitchen Design Ideas

Aside from the living room, the kitchen is another important part of a condominium that must be taken into consideration when it comes to condo interior design. In fact, the kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. Thus, it deserves to be given priority when it comes to your modern condo interior design ideas.

One of the challenges that you could face when designing the kitchen in your condo is the space. Most kitchens in a condominium often have limited spaces. This is especially true for studio-type condos. But just because you have a small kitchen does not mean that you cannot come up with a beautiful modern kitchen in your condo.

There are many ways to achieve a modern look for your kitchen, even with limited space. One of the most popular modern condos interior for the kitchen is the use of cabinets with sleek geometric forms that features little to no hardware. Modern kitchen design also uses bold angles and curves. The most common materials used for the kitchen accessories are ceramics, laminate, and molded plastics. Other elements found in modern kitchens are sleek hardwood floors and granite countertops.

Sleek and modern kitchen in a condo. Image Credit: connectorcountry

Modern and luxurious condo kitchen Image Credit: HGTVHome

Modern contemporary condo kitchen. Image Credit: stagingworkstoronto

Modern kitchen in a studio condo unit Image Credit: homester

Modern Condo Bedroom Design Ideas

Aside from the living room and kitchen, the bedroom must also be given consideration when it comes to modern condo interior design ideas. Choose a color scheme based on earthy tones, pastels, and white. Moreover, decorate the room with soothing fabric and avoid heavy velvety drapes. As for the furniture and upholstery, choose those that have geometric designs with a modern and classy look.

Achieve a modern contemporary look by using accessories wisely and minimally. Opt for metallic accessories such as metal lamps and chandeliers. Wall hangings, bedside lamps, and nightstands must also be used to decorate the room.

Sleek and sophisticated furniture pieces are great for your modern condo bedroom. For instance, use platform beds with leather headboards for your bed. Furthermore, always choose cabinets and other furniture that have a streamlined and clean-cut look.

Above all these, make sure that your bedroom is always clutter-free. Organize everything and keep things in proper order. Allow plenty of natural light to get in and invest in the right lighting to illuminate the room.

Swoon-worthy bedroom interiors with a modern glam Image Credit: pinterest

Modern bedroom in a high-rise condo. Image Credit: datahubus

Impressive modern bedroom and bath. Image Credit: writingfortheweb

Modern elevated bedroom in a studio-type condo Image Credit: rmz-me

You don’t really need to hire a professional for your modern condo interior design ideas. With a little bit of creativity and with the ideas above as your guide, you should be able to come up with a modern and stylish interior for your condo unit.