Top 10 Masculine Interior Design Ideas for a Handsome Home

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Clean, robust, and impressive - masculine interior design has always been a source of bold interiors. However, more than moody hues and strong materials, the comfort and practicality of this style make it suitable for...

Mid century modern masculine interior design by Decorilla designer

Clean, robust, and impressive - masculine interior design has always been a source of bold interiors. However, more than moody hues and strong materials, the comfort and practicality of this style make it suitable for any room of the house. So, if this dramatic look catches your eye, read on for expert ideas and inspiration on creating masculine interiors throughout your home!

Masculine Interior Design 101

Eclectic masculine interior design by Decorilla designer, Joseph G.

Straight lines and dark colors are typically more robust and statelier than the gentle romance of curves and pastels. This is what we define as masculine interior design. It’s all about practical comfort and bold details - subtlety step aside! Expect rich hues, durable materials, and geometric motifs in a straightforward furniture layout.

Pro Tip: Masculine interiors can fit a variety of design styles. Not sure which look is right for you? Take our Free Interior Design Style Quiz to discover your personal style today!

Manly house decor for an open plan dining and living room - Wanda P.

More about traits than one style, masculine interiors fit into many design narratives. For instance, industrial, minimal, and contemporary designs all have masculine elements. The core of these styles works well with the clean-lined aesthetic of the rugged look. Here are the interiors that take man cave design to a whole new level!

Masculine Bedroom Ideas

Masculine interior design for a bedroom by Decorilla designer, Lori D.

Maximizing the strong characteristics of design, masculine bedroom ideas are sure to impress. By sticking to simplicity, these interiors showcase the structure and basic elements of design. Most importantly, these ideas are displaying handsome masculine contemporary bedroom design.

1. Layers of Grey

Masculine bedroom ideas - Maden C.

Whoever said monochrome is boring hasn’t seen masculine bedroom ideas at their best. Light and dark greys paired with white can make an astonishing combination. The secret to keeping these spaces interesting lies in the finishes and materials. In fact, exposed concrete, organic linen, wood panels, stone, and steel can add so much character to an interior. And without decoration to steal the show, these elements can fully display their texture and sheen.

Soft Gray masculine bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer Mladen C.

Balance a cool color scheme and hard materials with soft touches and slim lighting. A cozy rug and comfy bedding, for instance, will add warmth. Additionally, contemporary lighting will contrast the ruggedness of raw materials, like stone.

2. Wood Feature Wall

Masculine decor ideas for a bedroom - Ibrahim H

Masculine interior design can be deeply appealing. The severe clean lines of the style can often feel sculptural but a little cold. To warm such a bedroom, many masculine interiors turn to wood and leather. A wood panel headboard is a great way to add depth and structure. For an even more stately look, opt for vertical wood slats that reach all the way to the ceiling.

Masculine Decor Ideas

Masculine dining room ideas - Mladen C.

When it comes to decorating a masculine apartment or home, décor is bold but simplified. Masculine wall décor, for instance, leans toward quality over quantity. Here a large piece of artwork will have more impact than a dozen small ones, without a doubt.

3. Sculptural Quality

Masculine decor in an industrial interior - Decorilla designer Darya N

As mentioned above, the lines and structural quality of masculine design can result in a sculptural look. For this reason, manly house décor can come in many forms - from accent tables to lighting to mirrors.

Masculine apartment decor

Yet, true sculpture can also feature. Whether big or small, a figure carved in stone is bound to win aesthetic points. Unique architectural features can also increase the sculptural look. This is especially true when paired with strategic lighting to highlight sharp twists and turns.

4. Abstracts & Geometric Features

Masculine wall decor examples

Masculine décor supports its design narrative, focusing on simplicity and vivid form. That’s why abstracts and cubism are favored over realism and sentimental artwork. Pop art and post-modern pieces are also popular in such a bold interior.

Masculine Home Office Ideas

Masculine home offices with ample texture by Decorilla designer, Sharene M.

Owing to their minimal quality, masculine home office ideas are perfect for increasing focus and motivation. By limiting distractions, these interiors might even encourage productivity.

5. Focused on Metal

Masculine home office ideas - Jasmine U.

Any durable metal, like stainless steel, is a great option for a home office. For one, it’s resistant to corrosion and incredibly strong. And for another, it can take on a minimal form while still looking impressive. Manly office décor could complement it too. Table lamps, line art, leather chairs, and a plush rug could do the trick.

6. Dark Wood & Navy

Masculine home office ideas - Mladen C.

Masculine interior design emphasizes a match we know so well - dark blues and warm wood. Moody hues are typically used in small punches or large rooms. However, a small room in a dark hue can be impressive, especially alongside warm wood. Pair this with silver or gold finishes and marble for a memorable look.

Masculine Living Room Ideas

Masculine interior design - Amelia R

Whether industrial chic, rustic boho, or mid-century modern, masculine living room ideas are far from cookie-cutter. That said, they do have a few things in common: controlled color schemes, strong lines, and masculine décor.

7. Clean Lines & Coastal Colors

Masculine living room ideas - Mladen C.

Masculine interior design can also be sophisticated. With a cool color scheme of grey, white, and blues, these interiors can be serene and have a coastal twist. If you want a refined manly look, opt for modern furniture with low profiles and exposed legs. Choose a gold or silver hardware finish for a more upscale look.

Masculine interiors with blue accents

Introducing color into your interior can be simple. Keep walls neutral and include a rich blue sofa to make a statement. Similarly, a few unusual accent tables could add an element of fun to your masculine interior. There’s no need to fuss with dozens of scatter pillows or throws.

8. Leather & Art

Contemporary masculine apartment decor by Decorilla designer Katerina P.

Masculine living room ideas wouldn’t be complete without leather. Moreover, rich, worn leather gives a vital organic and warm touch to these interiors. Their rustic quality also contrasts with the boldness of contemporary artwork.

Masculine interior design with a coastal flare - Darya N

Leather gives any setting a lived-in feel, while statement art provides an edgy look. The combination can certainly make a space feel more robust.

Masculine Bathroom Décor

Masculine bathroom decor - Kristin G

Bathrooms also get their dose of masculinity by taking the less is more approach. Here you’ll find limited décor while fixtures and surfaces take on a more aesthetic role.

9. Veined Stone

Masculine bathroom ideas by Decorilla designer Kristin G

Nothing makes a statement quite as loudly as a waterfall marble wall and floor. Keep in mind that the more pronounced the veins, the bigger the design statement. If a full-scale marble floor is not possible, opt for large-scale tiles or decoration. You can implement the look at home with masculine décor, like a black marble framed mirror and accessories.

10. Cool Contrast

Grey masculine bathroom decor ideas

Whites, greys, and blacks work so well in a masculine bathroom, décor can follow suit. Make a manly interior pop with white or black accents. Incorporate anything from accent lights, a lounger chair to towels.

Need help with your masculine interior design ideas?

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[images: Decorilla Designer, Darya N.]