The History of Realty Associates: A Legacy of Growth and Success

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Image source: Realty Associates When it comes to real estate, one company stands out for its rich history and unwavering commitment to excellence. Realty Associates, an independently owned real estate brokerage, has been serving clients...

Realty Associates Image source: Realty Associates

When it comes to real estate, one company stands out for its rich history and unwavering commitment to excellence. Realty Associates, an independently owned real estate brokerage, has been serving clients in Greater Houston and Southeast Texas since its inception in 1984. Founded by Peter Merritt, a seasoned expert in commercial and property management, Realty Associates has grown to include over 1,600 agents across nine offices.

A Merger that Changed the Game

In 2014, Realty Associates merged with Latter & Blum Inc., a prominent real estate firm based in New Orleans. This strategic partnership allowed Latter & Blum to enter the thriving Houston real estate market, the second largest in the United States. Under the leadership of Broker Peter Merritt, Realty Associates continued to operate as a key player in the Houston region.

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The merger not only provided Latter & Blum with access to the Houston market but also created new opportunities in the Gulf Coast region. With a strong foothold in Louisiana and Mississippi, Latter & Blum became the go-to company for real estate needs in the oil and gas industry. This expansion solidified their position as the best-equipped brokerage to serve clients across the Gulf Coast.

A Legacy of Growth and Expansion

Latter & Blum's journey began in 1916 when two young entrepreneurs, Harry Latter and Joseph E. Blum, founded the company in New Orleans. Initially focusing on commercial real estate, the company later branched out into residential sales. For 70 years, Latter & Blum remained in the Latter family, gaining a reputation as a trusted name in the industry.

In 1986, Robert Merrick, a visionary appraiser and broker, acquired Latter & Blum. Under his leadership, the company experienced remarkable growth and expansion. In 1993, Latter & Blum expanded to the Mississippi Gulf Coast region, and in 1995, they joined forces with C.J. Brown Realtors, becoming the number one real estate brokerage in the Gulf South.

The years that followed witnessed several strategic acquisitions, further propelling Latter & Blum's success. In 2009, they acquired Noles-Frye Realty and ERA Stirling Properties, strengthening their presence in Alexandria and Greater New Orleans, respectively. In 2012, the acquisition of Van Eaton & Romero solidified their position in Acadiana, and in 2014, they expanded into Southwest Louisiana and the Houma market by joining forces with Moffett Realty and Patterson Real Estate, respectively. Later in 2014, Realty Associates of Houston became part of the Latter & Blum family, marking their entry into the Texas market. The company's growth continued in 2017 with the addition of Coldwell Banker Pelican Real Estate and in 2020 with the acquisition of Gardner Realtors, the second-largest real estate company in Greater New Orleans.

Today, Latter & Blum's success has attracted more than 40 real estate companies and 3,800 agents, cementing their position as a regional powerhouse. Their locally owned heritage, combined with their market expertise and a talented team of agents, gives clients a powerful advantage in today's real estate market.

Building a Future Together

When you build something, you create more than just physical structures. You build a life, a place, a business, a legacy, and a future. This is the ethos that Realty Associates and Latter & Blum embody. Their commitment to excellence extends beyond real estate transactions; it is about creating life-changing opportunities and meaningful careers for their agents. They provide training and education that helps individuals achieve personal wealth and success.

Realty Associates - Always Building Image source: Realty Associates

Even after 100 years, Latter & Blum continues to build upon the foundation that brought them to where they are today. They understand the importance of people, places, and the future. The company's unwavering commitment to professionalism, values, and community sets them apart in the real estate industry.

So, whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, remember that Realty Associates and Latter & Blum are always building, always striving to provide their clients with the best service and expertise available. Trust in their legacy of growth, trust in their commitment to you.

Caption: When you build, you make things happen. You create a life, a place, a business, a legacy, a future. Realty Associates and Latter & Blum are always building.