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Small but Perfect: Small Camper Van Interior Ideas

CEO Khai Intela
Are you considering a smaller camper van for your travels? There are plenty of reasons why choosing a compact camper van is a fantastic idea. Not only can you take it anywhere with ease, but...

Are you considering a smaller camper van for your travels? There are plenty of reasons why choosing a compact camper van is a fantastic idea. Not only can you take it anywhere with ease, but compact living also offers a cozy and comfortable experience. However, to make the most of the limited space, you need to be armed with innovative small camper van interior ideas. From clever storage solutions to creative design themes, we've got you covered with inspiration for your bijou camper van.

Swivel Your Seats for Versatility

One of the simplest and most effective changes you can make to convert a small van into a comfortable living space is to replace standard seats with swivel seats. These seats can be positioned for traveling and then easily swiveled to face into the center of the van when you reach your destination. By doing so, you create additional living space without the need for extra seating.

Campervan Swivel Seats Campervan Swivel Seats in Red to Create a Better Campervan Interior

Choose a Bright and Airy Decor Theme

Opting for a bright and airy decor theme can make your small camper van feel stylish and spacious. Consider vibrant sunshine designs, cool retro vibes, or soothing neutrals. Keeping the decor consistent throughout your camper van will create a cohesive and visually appealing space that reflects your personal style.

Bench-Style Campervan Bed A Bench-Style Campervan Bed

Get Savvy with Storage Solutions

Maximizing storage is essential in a small camper van. Look for clever storage ideas such as clip-on storage nets, fold-down shelves, and storage compartments within the bed base. These small camper van interior ideas will help you efficiently stow away beach gear, kitchen utensils, and other essentials.

Camper Van Storage

Utilize Vertical Space

Creating the illusion of space is key in a camper van. Consider adding a pop-top roof conversion to gain extra headroom without sacrificing valuable floor space. This additional vertical space allows you to stand comfortably in the van and opens up opportunities for mezzanine levels or bunk beds.

Campervan with Roof Conversion

Extend Your Living Space Outdoors

To maximize your campsite space, consider adding awnings or extra tents when you pitch up. These additions allow you to create additional functional areas outside your small van. Another clever small camper van interior idea is to invest in pull-out kitchen units or exterior shower attachments that utilize the vehicle's exterior space effectively.

Volkswagen Caddy with Tent Extension

Prioritize Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements

In a camper van, the bed is often the focal point of the interior. When considering small camper van interior ideas, think about innovative sleeping solutions such as bunk beds, fold-out benches, or mezzanine levels. Additionally, make use of the space beneath the bed frame to create storage compartments for bedding, bikes, clothing, and other belongings.

Campervan Platform Bed

Utilize Door Space

Don't overlook the potential of the inside of your camper van's doors. Adding hooks or holders allows you to utilize this otherwise wasted space effectively. Hang your jeans, keep your contact lens case within reach, or even create a makeshift campervan shower using the inside of your doors.

Campervan Interior Doors

Embrace Fold-Down Additions

The humble hinge can be a small camper van's secret weapon. By incorporating fold-down tables, seats, desks, and shelves, you can maximize versatility within your living space. When not in use, these additions can be neatly folded away, providing you with more room for other activities.

Fold-Down Furniture

Personalize Your Interior According to Your Needs

When exploring small camper van interior ideas, it's crucial to consider your personal preferences and travel habits. If you often stay at campsites with toilet and shower facilities, there's no need to sacrifice space for a built-in bathroom. On the other hand, if having these amenities is important to you, confidently dedicate the space accordingly. Tailor your interior to match your lifestyle.

Get Creative with Cooking Facilities

Optimize your kitchen space by getting creative with your cooking facilities. Invest in built-in covers for your hob and sink that double as chopping boards. Consider using a standalone stove that can be moved into an awning for outdoor cooking. If the weather is unpredictable, create a cover using an awning or attachable tent.

Campervan Slide-Out Kitchen

Don't Forget About Technology

In today's digital age, having a well-organized tech station within your small camper van is essential. Create a designated area where power outlets are easily accessible, and chargers and devices can be stored safely. Consider technology that serves multiple purposes, such as using an iPad as a TV or for sending emails.

Maximize Functionality with Multi-Tasking Soft Furnishings

Get crafty with your choice of soft furnishings to maximize their functionality. Use square cushions that can double as pillows at night. Opt for a rug that can be used indoors and outdoors, extending your living space to the great outdoors. Consider versatile Turkish Hamman style towels that can serve as screens, blankets, and more.

Embrace Minimalism

One of the joys of a small camper van is the opportunity to embrace minimalism. You'll be surprised at how little you actually need to create a warm, cozy space. Resist the temptation to clutter your interior with unnecessary items and enjoy the freedom of a more streamlined and clutter-free living environment.

Be Flexible According to the Seasons

Your camper van's interior needs may vary depending on the season. Create a flexible interior design and packing list that allows you to adapt to changing weather conditions and activities. Pack essentials for winter and remove them when summer arrives. By being adaptable, you can make the most of your small camper van all year round.

Follow these small camper van interior ideas to transform your compact vehicle into a comfortable and stylish home on wheels. Let your creativity and personal preferences guide you as you embark on your camper van adventures.

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