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How to Create the Ultimate Greenhouse Interior Design

CEO Khai Intela
Are you looking to transform your greenhouse into a thriving, plant-filled oasis? With the right interior design, you can create a space that not only fosters plant growth but also provides a relaxing retreat for...

Are you looking to transform your greenhouse into a thriving, plant-filled oasis? With the right interior design, you can create a space that not only fosters plant growth but also provides a relaxing retreat for you. Whether you're growing fruit trees, tropical plants, or starting seeds, here are some tips to help you design the perfect greenhouse interior.

Growing Fruit, Vegetables, and Large Plants

If you're aiming to grow large plants that are not cold-hardy, like fruit trees or flowering bushes, a greenhouse is an excellent option. But how should you design the greenhouse for these plants? You have a few options. For mild winters, you can erect a seasonal greenhouse each fall and take it down in the spring. Alternatively, you can rotate seasonal crops in a permanent greenhouse or grow large plants like fruit trees year-round. Just remember to provide adequate ventilation during warm weather.

Plant in the Ground or in Pots?

One of the biggest decisions you'll make when planting in a greenhouse is whether to use pots or plant directly in the ground. While the choice depends on the specific needs of your plants, here are some points to consider. Planting in the ground allows plants to have ample space to grow and fill out. However, if the plant is sensitive to cold, the ground beneath the greenhouse may be too cold for its root system. On the other hand, planting in pots gives you more control over each plant's soil and makes watering easier. It also prevents the buildup of pathogens that can weaken crops when planted directly in the ground.

Plant in the Ground or in Pots in the Greenhouse? Pros and Cons Plant in the Ground or in Pots in the Greenhouse? Pros and Cons

Over-Wintering and Growing Tropical Plants

If you plan to use the greenhouse in winter or grow a collection of tropical plants year-round, careful design is essential. To keep your tropical plants thriving, designate a separate workspace in the greenhouse to prevent the transfer of dirt, debris, and disease. Additionally, consider the watering needs of tropical plants. While overhead shower or misting systems provide the required moisture and humidity, they can also wet the leaves and potentially cause disease. A well-designed drip system is a great solution for watering potted plants efficiently.

Designate a Workspace Designate a Workspace

Seed Starting

Starting seeds in a greenhouse is a classic use of space and offers multiple benefits. Seeds started in a greenhouse can be planted earlier, leading to a better harvest. Greenhouses also provide protection for young, vulnerable plants. Whether you're using natural or artificial light, ensure that each tray is spaced sufficiently to allow for proper light exposure. Consider using wide shelves to hold seedlings, as they retain more humidity and are easier to water and treat for disease.

Seed Starting Seed Starting

Creating a Plant Paradise

If you simply want a greenhouse that's a peaceful retreat filled with beautiful plants, designing the perfect space can be a challenge. Achieve a balance between your comfort and the health of your plants with these ideas:

Find Seating That Stays Dry

Choose seating options like hammocks, woven hanging chairs, or collapsible chairs that dry out quickly in the humid greenhouse environment. Alternatively, consider seating that slides neatly under planting shelves or keep cushions in a container away from moisture.

Give Yourself More Space Than You Think You Need

Ensure your greenhouse has ample space to prevent overcrowding. If possible, choose a greenhouse that includes a shed portion, offering a cozy, dry space for relaxation while admiring the beauty of your plants.

Add Some Creature Comforts

To enhance your greenhouse experience, add a floor or incorporate a path of pavers or gravel to deter bugs from walking areas. For evening enjoyment, install curtains made of mold-resistant material, playful lights, decor, or even a mini-fridge. Sufficient privacy, pleasant lighting, and a floor that separates you from the ground can make a huge difference in your plant paradise.

Add Some Creature Comforts Add Some Creature Comforts

Growing as Many Plants as Possible

If your goal is to maximize plant growth in your greenhouse, optimizing light, air movement, and water efficiency is crucial. Here are some tips:

  • Light: Ensure ample light reaches your plants by using clear or wire shelves and hanging plants from the ceiling. Place low-light plants on the floor under shelves.
  • Air movement: Crowded plants can become damp and prone to rot or disease. Strategically place fans throughout the greenhouse to promote air circulation.
  • Water: The watering method depends on the types of plants you're growing. Mist systems work well for tropical plants, while drip systems are ideal for crowded greenhouses.

Design the Perfect Greenhouse Interior for Your Needs

Remember, a greenhouse is a blank canvas for you to create an interior that caters to your specific goals. Whether you want a space for winter storage, propagation, or simply a serene environment surrounded by plants, there's a perfect greenhouse interior design for you. Consider customizing details like the flooring, potting benches, and additional shelves to meet your needs.

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