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Exploring the Herman Miller Embody Headrest: A Game Changer by OfficeLogixShop

CEO Khai Intela
As we navigate the realities of working from home, there's one question that remains universal - is your chair truly comfortable? An office chair is not just a seat; it's an essential component of your...

As we navigate the realities of working from home, there's one question that remains universal - is your chair truly comfortable? An office chair is not just a seat; it's an essential component of your overall work performance and health. But what about the Embody chair from Herman Miller? Does it come with a headrest?

The answer is no. However, with the introduction of the Herman Miller Embody Headrest by OfficeLogixShop, the game has changed significantly. This aftermarket addition brings an unprecedented level of comfort to your workspace, providing excellent support to your neck and head, reducing fatigue, and improving your focus.

The Importance of a Headrest

You might be wondering, "Is it better to have a chair with a headrest?" In terms of ergonomics and comfort, the answer is a resounding yes. The inclusion of a headrest significantly reduces the strain on your neck and shoulders, which is particularly beneficial if you're spending long hours in your chair. While some people can work comfortably without a headrest, if you're looking for the full ergonomic experience that minimizes physical strain during long working hours, a headrest is a must-have accessory.

Easy Installation and Customization

One of the most outstanding features of the Herman Miller Embody Headrest by OfficeLogixShop is its tool-less installation. You don't need a single tool to set it up. No more hunting for screwdrivers or hammers. Just a few minutes of your time, and you're good to go.

Not only is the installation hassle-free, but this headrest also allows you to swap its colors using special inserts. So, if you love to keep things fresh or simply want your chair to match your mood or workspace, this feature will be a delight.

Unboxing and Installation Guide

Embody Headrest by OfficeLogixShop Congratulations on receiving your Embody Chair Headrest by OfficeLogixShop! Let's dive right in and open up this package that's likely arrived at your doorstep via FedEx or UPS, and set you up for a whole new level of comfort.

The first thing you'll find as you open the box is a set of instructions spanning two pages. Don't worry if you're not a fan of reading instructions. There's a QR code on the second page that'll take you to the Embody Headrest Installation Guide video. Put these instructions aside; you might need them later if you plan on removing and reinstalling the headrest.

Embody Headrest Unboxing

As we delve further into the box, you'll uncover some key parts. First off, you'll find the foam-sleeved top of the headrest—the most vital and comfortable part of this whole setup. Alongside it is a spine component also covered in a protective sleeve. This spine features the tool-less screws and bolts that make the installation process a breeze.

Embody Headrest Components

Don't be alarmed if you find the spine missing a metal gear on its inside left face—it might have just slipped off during transit and ended up in the bag. If that's the case, a gentle shake of the bag should bring it out. Simply align it and slot it back into the spine—it's not glued, so it's an easy one-second fix.

And here's a tip: as you remove the setup from the bag, you might find the bolt loose. If it's not immediately visible, sift through the bag and you'll find it—it's crucial for maintaining the tension bolt. And finally, the cherry on top—or, in this case, the cover that goes on top of it all!

Installation Steps

1. Insert the Protective Film

Let's start with the temporary protective film. Wrap it tightly around right below the Herman Miller logo where the 'antler' stops. It doesn't need to be perfect as this film will be discarded post-installation.

2. Install the Spine

With the film in place, it's time to install the spine. Take note of the rubber hook on the spine. This silicone hook, designed with community feedback in mind, ensures there's no unwanted friction at the chair top. It's soft, easy to clean, durable, and won't affect your chair.

3. Secure the Vertical Backstopper

Remove the bolt securing the vertical backstopper. This piece keeps your spine from sliding up and down. Once it's out, gently push the two prongs at the bottom outwards and slide down the stopper—simple.

4. Attach the Headrest

Align the headrest centered with the Herman Miller logo and loop the tag through the tag and logo hole. Another design feature born out of community feedback. Push the whole spine in until it clicks into place, and secure the spine with the vertical stopper.

5. Assemble the Cushion

The cushion consists of two components: the cushion part and the knob rod. Align the cushion over the spine and secure it with the rod.

6. Adjust the Tension and Angle

Align the four notches on the metal gear with the headrest's four notches and push it through the rod. Ensure the nut is on the cap's end to secure the rod and adjust tension. Finally, align the cap's notches, tighten until you feel some resistance, and your headrest is fully assembled.

Fine-Tuning for Your Comfort

Now that your headrest is fully assembled, it's time to fine-tune it to your liking. Stop the headrest from flopping by loosening it up, align it vertically with the chair's back, and tighten it. Adjust the pivot part to your expected height.

Sit down, lean back, and see how it feels. You might find you need to make a few more adjustments. The beauty of this headrest is that it adjusts to you, not the other way around. Loosen the knobs, adjust the height, and lock it in when it feels just right.

A Final Note of Appreciation

We want to extend our heartfelt thanks for choosing the Herman Miller Embody Headrest by OfficeLogixShop. Your support and trust in our product are greatly appreciated. We believe you'll soon discover the significant impact this ergonomic addition will have on your comfort and overall productivity.

Your opinion matters to us. We encourage and welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have. Your insights help us to continue improving and bringing you products that meet and exceed expectations.

Should you have any inquiries or suggestions, or if you need any further assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Our team is always ready to help you make the most out of your OfficeLogixShop experience.

Again, thank you for choosing our Embody Headrest. We're excited for you to experience the comfort and flexibility it offers. Remember, we're just a call or an email away if you need us.