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A Fashionable Guide To Wardrobe Designs For Bedroom In 2022

CEO Khai Intela
2022's Trendiest wardrobe designs for your bedroom, as decoded by Swati Santani, Design Cafe's VP - Design R&D. Wardrobes have evolved from being purely functional to becoming personal spaces in bedrooms. In the past, simple...

2022's Trendiest wardrobe designs for your bedroom, as decoded by Swati Santani, Design Cafe's VP - Design R&D.

Wardrobes have evolved from being purely functional to becoming personal spaces in bedrooms. In the past, simple wooden cupboards and almirahs were used to store clothes. However, with time, wall-attached wardrobes gained popularity due to their convenience and practicality, providing more storage space. Today, wardrobes have become sleek, modern, and diverse in terms of design and materials used. Their look and finish are now integral parts of bedroom design and decor.

While there is an abundance of information available on wardrobe designs, finding the right one for your bedroom can be challenging. Just like home designs, bedroom decor needs to be refreshed every couple of years. If you're planning a wardrobe transformation in the coming year, let Swati guide you with the latest trends and ideas.

How have wardrobes transformed in the last decade?

According to Swati Santani, organising closets or wardrobes has become increasingly important. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, homeowners now have varied tastes and a larger collection of clothing and accessories. From formal to casual wear, Indian to Western outfits, and a range of accessories, there's a need for intelligently designed wardrobes that offer ample space for storage.

Secondly, with our busy lifestyles, a well-organised wardrobe can save time during morning routines or when dressing up for events. Having easy access to your favorite pieces of clothing and quickly reorganising your wardrobe becomes hassle-free.

What are the most popular bedroom wardrobe designs today?

Swati suggests that contemporary designs are currently the trendiest. These designs can be found in most homes and complement various interiors. Whether it's an all-glass wardrobe with sleek frames or a combination of textures, you can get creative and make your wardrobe an elegant statement piece. However, classical and early modernist designs are also appreciated by those who love a more traditional style.

What sections/ compartments must a wardrobe compulsorily have?

According to Swati, wardrobes should have a few essential compartments while accommodating your personal style. These include a balanced mix of space for hanging shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses, and sarees. There should also be stacking spaces for tees, bulky winter wear, and rolled-up blankets. The choice of mid to long hanging spaces depends on your collection, while small shelves are perfect for casuals. Drawers play an important role, providing easy access to hard-to-reach corners and lower-level storage. Different depths of drawers cater to different types of clothing, and small trays and drawers are designed for accessories and delicates. Finally, having larger drawers for neatly stacked clothes, along with the lowermost drawer for odd storage boxes and formal or party shoes, completes the wardrobe's design.

How convenient is it to have wardrobes with mirror glass finish?

Mirror and lacquered glass finish wardrobes are not only easy to clean and maintain but also make the room appear larger and more contemporary.

Are walk-in closets/ wardrobes still popular? How does one go about designing them?

Walk-in closets or wardrobes are still popular, although their implementation depends on the available space. You can choose between a fully open wardrobe with a door to the walk-in closet or create the perception of a walk-in wardrobe by incorporating closed units in the space.

Are there differences in wardrobe designs based on gender?

Yes, there are wardrobes designed specifically for men and women. Men's wardrobes typically have more space for shirts, trousers, and jackets. They require additional hangers, a few shelves, and a couple of drawers for belts and tees. Women's wardrobes, on the other hand, feature short, medium, and long hanging spaces for sarees, skirts, shirts, and dresses. Hooks or smaller shelves are used for scarves, stoles, and accessories. More drawers are included for storing smaller items.

Now let us talk about top wardrobe trends for 2022. What can we expect to dominate bedroom storage?

According to Swati, a clean, minimalist look is going to define 2022 when it comes to wardrobe designs. Clutter-free and well-organised spaces are becoming increasingly important in home designs. Wardrobes are now being treated as significant spaces that deserve attention. A good wardrobe not only helps you start your day trendy and stylish but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

As Swati's insights suggest, wardrobes will play a crucial role in home transformations in 2022. If you're planning to revamp your home, make sure your wardrobe is a prominent feature. Reach out to Design Cafe for expert guidance and to give your bedroom the perfect style and look.