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Where to Find Free Real Estate Images (Without Leaving Home)

CEO Khai Intela
Most of us understand the importance of high-quality images in creating a captivating property listing that can sell real estate quickly. In fact, the pictures you include with your property listing can often be the...

Most of us understand the importance of high-quality images in creating a captivating property listing that can sell real estate quickly. In fact, the pictures you include with your property listing can often be the main selling point, capturing attention and drawing potential buyers in. If you want to tap into the emotional thought process that leads to a successful sale, getting great pictures should be a top priority.

However, obtaining amazing pictures is not always easy. Hiring a good photographer or arranging a photoshoot can be time-consuming, costly, or simply a hassle. Fortunately, there are a few simple and free ways to obtain reasonably helpful and informative pictures right from your computer. Let's explore some of these options!

1. Google Earth / Bing Maps

Both Google Earth and Bing Maps are powerful mapping services that have continued to evolve and provide stunning images of our world. These satellite images are not only informative but also remarkably beautiful.

Google Earth coastline Google Earth coastline

Google Earth mountains Google Earth mountains

Google Earth neighborhood Google Earth neighborhood

These images can be a valuable addition to your property listing, particularly if your property boasts natural beauty or is located in a picturesque neighborhood. While Google Earth offers more viewing flexibility, Bing Maps provides a unique "Bird's Eye" view from a 45-degree angle.

2. Google Street View

Another convenient tool courtesy of Google Maps, Google Street View, offers a vast database of road imagery (though it is not available everywhere). While the images may not always be visually stunning, they can be a great fit for your property listings, especially if they showcase the property's strong characteristics.

High exposure shot road High exposure shot road

Stream photo Stream photo

While Google Street View may not always produce the most flattering pictures, it is worth investigating for its convenience and cost-effective price tag.

3. GIS Parcel Maps

Including parcel maps in your property listing can be extremely helpful, particularly for vacant land or properties with unclear boundaries. These maps not only help buyers understand the property's shape and size but also its location relative to the surrounding area.

Map 1 Map 1

Map 2 Map 2

Map 3 Map 3

Map 4 Map 4

There are various ways to obtain these parcel maps, such as using data services like DataTree or PropStream, paid subscription services like Parlay or Land id, or exploring county GIS mapping systems. While data services are usually the most convenient, the county's system may offer more detailed and accurate information.

4. Google Image Search

Google Image Search is a fantastic tool to find pictures of a property's surrounding area. However, it is essential to act responsibly and respect copyright laws when using these images. Many images are copyrighted, and using them without permission can lead to legal issues.

To find free and usable images, you can filter your search results based on their usage rights. For instance, Google allows you to filter images under Public Domain or Creative Commons licenses. Public Domain images can be used freely without permission, while Creative Commons images require proper attribution.

Remember that proper attribution is vital when using images from services like Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Street View, or Bing Maps. Include the name of the service and the relevant data provider either within the image or below it.

It's always wise to consult with a legal professional to ensure you adhere to copyright laws and attribution guidelines.

Image Attribution

When using images from the internet for property listings, it's important to go through additional steps to give proper credit to the image owners.

For images in the Public Domain, while you may not be required to provide attribution, it's still recommended to cite the source for transparency.

For Creative Commons licensed images, proper attribution is necessary. Be sure to follow the specific attribution guidelines and only use these images if you're willing and able to attribute correctly.

For images from Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Street View, or Bing Maps, include the appropriate attributions within or below the image. This ensures you give credit to the services and data companies providing the images.

Remember, this article does not replace legal advice, so consult a legal professional if you have any doubts or concerns about using images and attributing them correctly.

Using these free resources, you can enhance your property listings and captivate potential buyers with visually appealing and informative images of the properties you're selling.