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How to Discover Hidden Gems: Finding Commercial Property Owners

CEO Khai Intela
Are you on the hunt for the best commercial real estate deals? Sometimes, the most lucrative opportunities are the ones that aren't readily available on the open market. So, how can you find commercial property...

Are you on the hunt for the best commercial real estate deals? Sometimes, the most lucrative opportunities are the ones that aren't readily available on the open market. So, how can you find commercial property owners and potentially secure your next great investment? Let's explore some strategies that go beyond the traditional listings.

Unearth the Treasures: Strategies to Find Commercial Property Owners

Utilize County Tax Assessors

Start your search by exploring your local tax assessor website. County tax assessors typically maintain a database of commercial property owners, and the best part is, it's completely free. Follow these simple steps to find a property owner by address:

  1. Search for "property tax records for [insert county name]" online.
  2. Open the tax assessor page for your county.
  3. Look for a link labeled "Search Property Records" or "Search Appraisals."
  4. Enter the property address or business name to perform the search.
  5. Review the limited results, including the property's assessment value and LLC owner name.

While this is an excellent starting point, keep in mind that contact information, such as phone numbers, is often not listed. Don't worry; we have other options to explore.

Find_commercial_property_owners Image Source: How_to_find_commercial_property_owners

Search Property Owner Public Records

Looking beyond the tax assessor websites, you can also find commercial property owner information through county recorder/clerk services. Websites like NETROnline offer access to various public records. Although some sites require payment, you can often find property owner names and other useful information, such as bills of sale, mortgages, and tax liens.

Search_public_records Image Source: Search_public_records

Seek Assistance from Title Companies

Another effective method is to reach out to a local title company and request a focused real estate marketing (FARM) list. These lists offer comprehensive property information, including owner names, contact details, property characteristics, neighboring businesses, comparable sales, transaction history, and local demographics. Some lists may be available for free, while others may require payment for additional customization.

Title Company Image Source: Title Company

Leverage Advanced Tools: Reonomy and CoStar

For more advanced search capabilities, consider using online platforms like Reonomy and CoStar. These tools provide extensive property intelligence and valuable insights into commercial real estate. With a wide range of search filters, including address, neighborhood, asset type, zoning, and sales and debt history, you can identify the right properties and access ownership details.

Reonomy goes the extra mile by offering contact information, including individuals associated with LLCs, making it easier to reach out to property owners.

Reonomy Image Source: Reonomy

CoStar Image Source: CoStar

Tap into ProspectNow's Comprehensive Database

ProspectNow boasts one of the most extensive databases of US commercial property owners. With up-to-date data collected from trusted sources, their platform offers over 150 advanced search filters. You can search by address, intersection, zipcode, city, property type, lot size, and even preforeclosures.

Additionally, ProspectNow allows you to search for businesses based on name, number of employees, revenue, and owner status, which can lead you to potential building owners.

ProspectNow Image Source: ProspectNow

Local Insights with PropertyShark (New York Focus)

If you're targeting properties in New York City, PropertyShark is your go-to resource. While they also provide data for commercial properties across the US, their primary focus is the NYC area. With PropertyShark, you can access owner information, property details, sales history, building permits, and more. Their constantly growing database ensures you have access to the latest property and ownership information.

PropertyShark Image Source: PropertyShark

DataMasters: A Valuable Resource

DataMasters offers commercial property owner lists for counties across the United States. Although their service differs from others mentioned above, it's valuable for obtaining owner information on a larger scale. Instead of searching online for a specific property, you can purchase a mailing list for an entire area. While the data may be limited compared to other sources, it provides a quick and easy solution for obtaining owner information in a particular neighborhood.

DataMasters Image Source: DataMasters

Partner with a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Sometimes, the easiest and most effective way to find commercial property owners is by teaming up with a commercial real estate broker. These professionals possess a wealth of contacts and resources, making it easier for them to track down property owners. Additionally, they can handle negotiations, property valuations, and other essential tasks on your behalf.

A trusted commercial real estate broker is a valuable asset to any investor looking to find the perfect property.

In Conclusion

As you embark on your quest to find commercial property owners, remember that traditional listings are not the only path to success. Explore the resources available to you, such as county tax assessors, public records, title companies, advanced search tools like Reonomy and CoStar, ProspectNow's comprehensive database, PropertyShark's local insights, and DataMasters' mailing lists. And don't underestimate the power of partnering with a commercial real estate broker who can navigate the industry with ease.

By utilizing these strategies, you'll be on your way to discovering hidden gems and securing your next lucrative commercial real estate deal.