Feng Shui and Mirrors: Unlocking the Power

CEO Khai Intela
Promoting Good Energy and Harmony in Your Home Have you ever wondered about the relationship between feng shui and mirrors? Are mirrors considered bad feng shui? Let's dive into the world of feng shui and...

Promoting Good Energy and Harmony in Your Home

Have you ever wondered about the relationship between feng shui and mirrors? Are mirrors considered bad feng shui? Let's dive into the world of feng shui and mirrors to separate fact from fiction and understand how to harness the power of mirrors for positive energy flow in our homes.

Common Questions about Feng Shui and Mirrors

Are mirrors bad feng shui? The simple answer is no. Mirrors themselves are not bad feng shui, but their placement can impact the energy in your home. When we refer to "bad feng shui," we mean that your home is not as supportive as it could be. However, fear not! No matter the type of home, you're never doomed.

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Will breaking a mirror bring bad luck? This is purely a myth and superstition. Feng shui is not a superstitious practice but rather an ancient art used by Fortune 500s and everyday people worldwide to improve relationships, businesses, and lives. So, if you accidentally break a mirror, don't fret! It won't bring you bad luck.

3 Do's and Don'ts of Mirrors and Feng Shui

Let's explore the dos and don'ts of mirrors and feng shui, from where to place them to how to enhance their functionality, demystifying any misconceptions along the way.

Mirrors and the Front Door

Many people place a mirror near their front door for quick outfit checks before heading out. While this is perfectly fine, it's crucial to consider the mirror's placement. Avoid positioning a mirror directly facing the front door. This arrangement disrupts the flow of positive energy into your home, as the mirror reflects it back out. If you have a mirror facing the front door and can't remove it, try placing fresh flowers in front or adding a decal to reduce the mirror's reflective effect.

Cracked and Distorted Mirrors

In feng shui, decluttering and eliminating broken or unusable items is essential. Cracked and distorted mirrors fall into this category. They can distort your vision and sense of self. To maintain positive energy flow, it's best to avoid such mirrors.

Reflecting What You Love

Mirrors have the remarkable ability to reflect and amplify the energy of what they face. Let's say you have a mirror positioned to reflect a cherished painting on your wall. The mirror acts as a powerful amplifier, intensifying the energy of the painting.

Take a stroll through your home and observe what your mirrors are reflecting and duplicating. Pay attention to what is being mirrored, as it holds significance in your life. For example, if a mirror reflects a beautiful bouquet of flowers, it enhances their beauty twofold.

A real-life example illustrates this point. One of my clients had a sign hanging in her home that read, "Never mind the dogs, it's the kids." Unbeknownst to her, a mirror doubled the sign's message. Suddenly, her kids became unruly and chaotic. After realizing the mirror's effect, she removed the sign, and harmony was restored.

Ensure that your mirror does not amplify anything negative or unwanted. Instead, let it reflect and amplify what brings you joy, calmness, and nurturing energy.

The Importance of Mirrors

Looking into a mirror goes beyond self-reflection. It's also about understanding what the mirror reflects in your surroundings. Is it pushing positive energy away, or is it welcoming and doubling the goodness in your space?

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