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2022: Astrology of the Year Ahead

CEO Khai Intela
2022’s Astrology: The Big Events 2022 is a year of paradox. On the one hand, chalices brim over, abundance tumbles in, and we’re wooed into a rose-tinted daydream. On the other: eclipses lure us into...

Astrology of the Year Ahead

2022’s Astrology: The Big Events

2022 is a year of paradox. On the one hand, chalices brim over, abundance tumbles in, and we’re wooed into a rose-tinted daydream. On the other: eclipses lure us into the underworld, and our speedboat runs out of fuel in the middle of the River Styx. Here’s what’s on the roster.

1. Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

We begin 2022 in the midst of an underworld trek. Venus will be retrograde in Capricorn from December 19th, 2021, to January 29th, 2022. With 3 conjunctions to Pluto during Venus’ journey through this sign, its retrograde unearths old ghosts when it comes to love, intimacy, and how we bond.

We humans are messy, imperfect creatures. Whoever has abandoned us, neglected us, or injured us: we carry these bruises into future unions. We project our shadows onto those we love. We get jealous. We mistake possessiveness for commitment. And also? We have every ability to turn the gaze on ourselves. To notice our patterns and feel relentless compassion for our struggle, even as we unravel these habits stitch by stitch.

The last time Venus went retrograde in Capricorn was the end of 2013 / beginning of 2014. Comb through old diary entries, emails, and calendars to see what was going on for you then, and what’s coming back around now — especially in regards to matters of the heart and how you were learning to tend to yours.

2. Jupiter in Pisces

The fairy godmother of the cosmos has returned to Pisces with a snorkel, wetsuit, and a sack of gifts. Overflowing chalices are on the house. Jupiter rules the sign of Pisces, which means our Greater Benefic (as the ancients called Jove) is well-resourced to ply us with abundance and ease. Jupiter will dip in and out of Pisces throughout the year, spending the first 4 months of 2022 in this sign and returning for November and part of December. Jupiter won’t come back to Pisces for 12 years, so now is the moment to set out the rain barrels. Gather what falls. Drink in the goodness.

On April 12th, Jupiter will form one doozy of a conjunction with Neptune, the planet of dream, escape, and delusion. Jupiter and Neptune haven’t joined forces in Pisces since the 1850s, and they won’t again in our lifetimes. This is a woozy, dream-laced day to mark on your calendars. Art, fantasy, and divine love will abound.

Working with Jupiter is generally joyous, as the planet of plenty encourages us to get serious about our pipedreams. However, Jupiter in Pisces is more than accumulation or advancement. It’s about trust. About faith. And the wisdom that finds you when you limber yourself up to give, receive, and believe.

3. Lunar Nodes and Eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio

After 18 months of eclipses in the signs Gemini and Sagittarius, the dragon slinks on to Taurus and Scorpio.

On January 18th, the hungry North Node of the Moon enters Taurus, while the South Node sidewinds its dragon tail into Scorpio.

The North Node brings increase, volume, rapaciousness, greed, and striving. The South Node brings decrease, surrender, release, giving away, and letting go.

With the North Node in Taurus, we’ll witness an increase of earthly indulgences, as well as an increase in movements regarding environmental collapse, food production, food and farming technologies, farmers' rights, Indigenous land stewardship, advances in cryptocurrencies, and alternative ways to do business.

On the other side of the wheel, the South Node in Scorpio will usher in a release of shadows, inner ghosts, mysteries, secrets, and power plays. Wherever Scorpio lands in your chart, the following 18 months will bring a period of shedding. Whatever you’ve been holding onto unnecessarily: you’ll find the courage now to set it down.

With the nodes in these signs, the eclipses will land here too. The lights of our Sun and Moon will flicker on April 30th, May 15th, October 25th, and November 8th. These are moments to lay low. To let the emotions wash through you. To sleep it off, sweat it out, or scrub it away in a ritual bath. Whatever comes up around these times of the year: be endlessly patient and loving with yourself. That’s the only way to ride it out.

4. Jupiter in Aries

On May 10th, Jupiter exchanges its wetsuit for biker chaps and a flamethrower. In Aries, Jupiter is bold, brash, brave, and unapologetic. It barrels helmet-first into every endeavor, reminding us that even the most well-established people on the world stage are making it up as they go along. The spirit of Jupiter in Aries is intrepid, enterprising, and entrepreneurial, bringing a flush of fire to the Aries corner of your chart.

Just make sure that you’re taking time to calculate those risks, or at least educating yourself on potential consequences. Jupiter in Aries isn’t known for its prudence, but with practice, that’s exactly what you can bring to the equation. Jupiter will be in this sign from May 10th to October 27th/28th, then again after December 20th.

5. Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars in Gemini is a motormouth and scissorhands. It’s lightning-quick wit and a knife-edged tongue. It’s saying one thing and meaning two. It’s double entendres, word games, and flirting over a game of darts. Normally, Mars spends 2 months in each sign, but Mars will spend 7 months in Gemini (August 20th, 2022, to March 25th, 2023), due to its retrograde between October 30th, 2022, and January 12th, 2023.

With Mars in an air sign, our communications are bound to feel thorny. The pen will indeed be mightier than the sword. So will the “send Tweet” and the words you can’t take back in conversation. Mars also relates to our drive and motivation, so you might simply feel tired around this time, or overwhelmed, or immobilized by a plethora of options or to-dos. All of us will be vulnerable to burnout.

This is a moment to think first, speak later. Save as Draft. Write an enraged letter and determine if you still want to send it 24 hours later. Scribble furiously into your morning pages and let the words metamobilize your furies. Also, it’s a fine time to hone your thinking tools. Whether that involves learning a new skill or language, or playing endless games of Sudoku: there’s a chance we’ll emerge from Mars’ time in Gemini a little sharper and intellectually nimble.

Learn more about how 2022’s astrology will impact you

1. The CHANI app

To learn more about how these astrological moments of the year will impact your chart, check out what placements you have in these signs under the Chart tab of the CHANI app. Learn how these transits are engaging with your chart under the Transits tab. As always, we’ll send you free horoscopes every time a planet enters a new sign.

2. Your 2022 Year Ahead Workshop

You can find your sign’s 2022 Year Ahead workshop in the Workshops section of our app. Your Year Ahead workshop covers all the major astrological moments coming up in 2022 and explores the four main themes of next year’s astrology: abundance, love + desire, clearing, and motivation. It also includes 4 detailed audio readings for your sign and covers the main astrological themes that will show up for your sign in each quarter of 2022, and how they will impact your sign, and how you can make the most of them.

3. Your 2022 Guidebook

Your 2022 Guidebook is a 90+ page digital book that serves as a roadmap and reference guide that you can keep referring to throughout the year. We have a guidebook for each sign, and we highly recommend purchasing and working with the guidebook that corresponds to your rising sign.

Part 1 of your guidebook gives you an overview of the year’s astrology. You’ll get insights into the five astrological moments we mentioned earlier and many more. It contains a list of key dates for transits, ingresses, and retrogrades, along with a detailed breakdown of 2022’s major planetary ingresses and transits. Part 2 of your guidebook will give you a unique astrological forecast for your sign. You’ll get an explanation of the major themes impacting you during each quarter of the year, and how to work with them. Your guidebook will also contain a checklist, homework, journal prompts, and affirmations for each quarter.

Your 2022 Guidebook and your Year Ahead workshop are great companions to one another. You can refer back to them throughout the year and use them in conjunction with all of the horoscopes, weekly workshops, meditations, and other content that we’ll be sharing with you throughout 2022.

Wishing you a very abundant 2022!