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Your Special 2023 Horoscope: Embrace Transformation and Abundance

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Is there anything as hopeful as the start of a new year? In 2023, we are presented with opportunities to reshape how we work together, approach power structures, and find satisfaction. Let's take a closer...

Is there anything as hopeful as the start of a new year? In 2023, we are presented with opportunities to reshape how we work together, approach power structures, and find satisfaction. Let's take a closer look at some of the most notable planetary movements in the coming year.

Embracing Fresh Starts and Shedding Outdated Concepts

Our first significant transit arrives on March 7, as responsible Saturn moves into intuitive Pisces. The powers of Pisces are like fungi, able to transform what's decayed into something new and beautiful. During this transit, Saturn encourages us to shed outdated concepts and unhealthy patterns, and strive to be more accepting of ourselves and others. It's a time to reframe how we operate in the world and make space for fresh starts.

Image Caption: Saturn in Pisces invites us to shed outdated concepts and embrace fresh starts.

Shifting our Relationship with Power and Embracing Revolutionary Ideas

Shortly after, on March 23, transformative Pluto enters progressive Aquarius. This shift in energy urges us to break down barriers and consider what's best for humanity. The last time Pluto moved through Aquarius was during the Age of Enlightenment, a time of radical change and societal transformation. As history repeats itself, we may find ourselves stepping away from the need to conquer and towards a new attitude of liberation, full of revolutionary ideas.

Exciting Opportunities for Growth and Soul's Development

Eclipses always bring about powerful changes, and on April 19 or 20 (depending on your time zone), a solar eclipse in courageous Aries arrives. This eclipse functions like a super-powered new moon, fueling your soul's growth. When faced with significant transitions, it's essential to take a moment to slow down and consider the ramifications of any potential decisions. By doing so, you'll be able to rise to the challenge.

Understanding Our Feelings and Releasing Emotional Crutches

On May 5, a complementary lunar eclipse in honest Scorpio arrives. These emotion-driving events help us better understand our own feelings and shed habits, people, or circumstances that no longer serve us. This lunar eclipse invites us to release emotional crutches and work on becoming more mindful. It's a time for personal growth and self-discovery.

Image Caption: Lunar eclipse in Scorpio encourages us to release emotional crutches and embrace self-discovery.

Manifesting Abundance through Patience and Generosity

In May, lucky Jupiter enters grounded Taurus, offering us the chance to manifest abundance in a new way. Last year, Jupiter encouraged us to create new opportunities for ourselves. Now, in Taurus, we'll make the most progress when we harness our patience, compassion, and generosity. It's important to be happy with what we have and avoid scattering our energy by chasing multiple goals.

Expanding Our Comfort Zones and Discovering Optimism

A second pair of eclipses arrives in October. The first, on October 14, will see the moon shroud the sun in charming Libra. This solar eclipse offers us a chance to get out of our comfort zones and expand our thinking, accepting an optimistic new worldview. Transformations will naturally come to fruition during this time, eliminating the need for forced change.

Discovering Inner Performers and Exercising Self-Confidence

On October 28, a lunar eclipse in security-loving Taurus reveals new insights. This eclipse brings strong emotions to the surface and offers opportunities to let out our inner performers. We are encouraged to embrace self-confidence, creativity, and playfulness. During this transit, listening to our hearts and exploring untapped facets of our personality will lead to personal growth.

Your 2023 Horoscope:

Now, let's take a quick look at your horoscope for 2023:


Looking inward will help you find the success you crave this year. Embrace humility and focus on self-improvement to reach the next level at work. Investing in knowledge and enlightening yourself to the perspectives of others will bring you a richer worldview.


Your social circle could inspire significant changes this year. Take on more responsibility in friendships and explore new creative or business projects together. Communicate your goals for the future in relationships and focus on finding ways to have fun together.


Reinvention is calling you in the coming year. Explore new approaches to your day-to-day schedule and seek out wellness practices that can break you out of any ruts. Listen to your intuition in matters of the heart and prioritize self-love.


Romantic interests may take a shift this year. Connect with someone unexpected, and consider exploring new adventures together. Involve your friends in your wellness goals and focus on soothing your mind, body, and spirit.


Release others' expectations of you and focus on connecting with hidden sides of yourself. Take care of your physical and financial well-being and set off on an adventure to create the oasis of your dreams with the support of loved ones.


Embrace experimentation and learning something new. Involve your loved ones in your activities and revamp your home or living situation to explore your intellectual interests fully.


Gather new perspectives on wealth and find a balance between having fun and spending wisely. Navigate tough subjects with discernment, and make sure you have an outlet for personal growth during this time.


Focus on your foundations and set yourself apart from others as you create your dream space. Establish budgets and financial plans in relationships, and find ways to balance responsibilities with self-care.


Make an impact in your community and focus on the little things to establish a seamless agenda. Move into a more empowering mindset and take care of your responsibilities by simplifying your schedule.


Engage with others and adopt new habits that help you make friends and engage in stimulating conversations. Make time for mindfulness and connect with hidden sides of yourself to fall in love with life again.


Reassess your self-worth and find ways to bring the intangible to life. Explore a fulfilling new career and take better care of yourself from the inside out.


Become more aware of your own mortality and take better care of yourself. Embrace opportunities for communication and short travel, and make the most of meetings and conversations in your professional life.

In 2023, the planets align to bring transformation, abundance, and personal growth. Embrace these opportunities and make the most of the energy that surrounds you. Trust the journey and enjoy the ride!

Bryanna Collier is an astrology and fashion writer. Her work focuses on astrology, personal style, and how the two intersect. Follow her work at The Star Crossed.