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Your Special 2022 Horoscope: Embrace a Year of Transformation

CEO Khai Intela
Prepare for a year of progress and personal growth As we venture into the new year of 2022, it is evident that we are on the brink of a momentous period. The past year confronted...

2022 Horoscope Prepare for a year of progress and personal growth

As we venture into the new year of 2022, it is evident that we are on the brink of a momentous period. The past year confronted us with unprecedented challenges, forcing us to question traditional ideas. Now, we have the opportunity to integrate these transformative changes into our daily lives.

Venus in Retrograde: A Time for Reflection

The year begins with the influence of Venus in retrograde, a celestial cycle that occurs approximately every 19 months for about six weeks. Although this phase ends on January 29, its effects will linger until early March. With Venus in Capricorn, we can expect its impact to be felt in our relationships, finances, and values.

During this time, it is crucial to pay special attention to our romantic partnerships, loved ones, business associates, and friends. While there may be moments of tension, the influence of Capricorn can actually aid in building strong, lasting bonds. Financially, it is wise to exercise frugality and caution, focusing on saving and reducing debts rather than accumulating more.

Jupiter and Neptune: A Creative and Healing Confluence

Throughout much of 2022, the expansive energy of Jupiter and the compassionate aura of Neptune will converge in the healing sign of Pisces. This alignment will foster creativity and offer opportunities for growth, particularly in the realms of art and music. Embrace this harmonious energy to pursue your passions and nurture your artistic pursuits.

Mars in Retrograde: Harnessing Power and Endurance

From October 30, 2022, to January 12, 2023, Mars, the powerhouse of the solar system, will undergo its retrograde phase. This event occurs once every two years and coincides with a surge in passion and the drive to pursue our ambitions. Furthermore, Mars retrograde provides us with the strength and stamina needed to overcome obstacles and achieve our goals. Seize this opportunity to make significant strides in your endeavors.

Mercury's Retrograde Cycles: Resetting Your Plans and Strategies

Mercury, the Master of Strategy, will be the orchestrator of three full retrograde cycles in 2022. Note these important dates in your calendar:

  • January 14 to February 3
  • May 10 to June 3
  • September 9 to October 2

While Mercury in retrograde may bring communication challenges and glitches, it is essential to maintain a lighthearted approach and a sense of humor. These periods offer positive opportunities to revise and reset your plans and strategies. However, it is advisable to avoid making significant decisions or launching new initiatives until Mercury resumes its direct motion.

Lunar Phases: A Time for Reflection and Wishes

Highlight these 2022 dates in your calendar, as they mark the beginning of each 29.5-day lunar month:

  • January 2 in Capricorn
  • January 31 (PT, YT, MT, CT)/February 1 (ET, AT, NT) in Aquarius
  • March 2 in Pisces
  • March 31 (PT, YT)/April 1 (MT, CT, ET, AT, NT) in Aries
  • April 30 in Taurus
  • May 30 in Gemini
  • June 28 (PT, YT, MT, CT, ET, AT)/June 29 (NT) in Cancer
  • July 28 in Leo
  • August 27 in Virgo
  • September 25 in Libra
  • October 25 in Scorpio
  • November 23 in Sagittarius
  • December 23 in Capricorn

During these new moon days, take a moment to reflect, light a candle, and focus on your wishes. These periods symbolize renewal and provide an excellent opportunity to align your aspirations with the rhythm of the universe.

Embrace the Year Ahead

In 2022, allow yourself to dive into that important project you've been contemplating. The celestial movements and energies of the year will provide an encouraging push, filling your heart with optimism and hope. Embrace the transformative power of this year and watch as progress and personal growth unfold before you.

Your Horoscope for 2022


The sky indicates that subtle, gentle processes will lead to your success. Clear away any negative thoughts and embrace relief and empowerment.


Trust your inner wisdom and celebrate your current achievements. Believe in your power to live life on your own terms.


Recognize the ingredients for success that are already present in your life. Explore feasible ideas to boost your confidence, and watch special dreams materialize.


As you leave behind old problems, follow your inner guidance for breakthroughs. Adjust and reorganize, setting yourself on a quick path to success.


Discover true freedom by staying true to yourself and where your heart wants to be. Embrace courage and confidence as life lifts your spirits.


Move positively towards a brighter future. Break old bad habits and refuse to dwell on difficulties. Embrace all that is constructive and inspiring.


Embrace stability and structure for lasting bliss and joy. Focus on uplifting thoughts and ideas that will guide you to your desired destination.


Release your attachment to frustrating situations and trust that progress is happening. Let go and watch as things become sweeter, opening doors to golden opportunities.


Embrace a little wildness, impulsiveness, and unreasonableness. The year ahead encourages experimentation and passion, leading to wondrous outcomes.


Actions speak louder than words. Observe what people do rather than what they say. Embrace your scintillating potential and unleash your true capabilities.


Pursue your desires while balancing practicality. Develop a plan, resist impulsiveness, and continue to be passionate. Your vision will ultimately come to fruition.


Free yourself from burdensome responsibilities and have faith in your potential. Unify your desires and needs as you embark on a year of celebration and fulfillment.

As you navigate the transformative energies of 2022, remember to trust the process, embrace the opportunities that come your way, and celebrate your personal growth and progress. May this year be one of profound transformation and fulfillment.