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What the Stars Have in Store for Your July 4th Fireworks, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

CEO Khai Intela
From a cosmic perspective, the upcoming July 4th celebration holds a special significance. The return of Pluto to the same degree of Capricorn as it was in 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed,...

From a cosmic perspective, the upcoming July 4th celebration holds a special significance. The return of Pluto to the same degree of Capricorn as it was in 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed, highlights the shadows and systemic inequalities underlying the country's foundation. However, as the holiday coincides with a Cancer new moon, the focus shifts towards gathering with friends and loved ones, creating a nurturing and emotional atmosphere.

Astrologer Ellen Bowles explains, "Cancer is the nurturer, caregiver, and emotional provider of the zodiac, and during Cancer season, we can turn our focus to those we care about, holding them close."

Astrologer and psychic coach Alex Caiola adds, "While our sense of passion reaches a fever pitch on July 4th, a harmonious connection between Mars and Mercury will also help us channel this fire into a powerful message."

Now, let's dive into how this astrology may uniquely affect each zodiac sign on July 4th:


With your planetary ruler, Mars, in your sign, you'll be front and center on July 4th. People will look to you to set the tone. Embrace your physical side and plan high-energy activities with family and friends. Friendly competition and game play will bring out the best in you.


The Cancer sun brings out your domestic side. Consider sprucing up your home environment or making changes to feel more emotionally at home. This energy may also lead to breakthroughs in your spiritual practice. Expect new revelations and solutions to personal dilemmas.

Taurus Caption: Embrace the domestic side and consider making changes to feel more emotionally at home.


As the social butterfly of the zodiac, you thrive during high summer. Surround yourself with new energy and engage in activities or gatherings that pique your curiosity. Embrace new connections and prospects. This is a time to expand your social circle.

Gemini Caption: Embrace new connections and prospects and let your curiosity guide you.


It's your season, Cancer, and the sun encourages you to put yourself first. Advocate for yourself on personal and career fronts. Mars and Jupiter support your goals, potentially leading to a promotion or significant achievements. Embrace your passions and take charge.

Cancer Caption: Advocate for yourself and embrace your passions.


As emotions run high during Cancer season, you may need a big release. If you're traveling, expect an action-packed adventure. If you're staying home, use this energy to plan a future epic vacation. Satisfy your wanderlust and let your vibrant energy shine.

Leo Caption: Satisfy your wanderlust and plan an epic vacation for the future.


This July 4th, focus on moving past personal roadblocks. Redefine your relationship with money and power. Cut detrimental cords and prioritize self-love. Take yourself out, indulge in self-care, and embrace your emotions. It's an opportune time for personal growth.

Virgo Caption: Cut detrimental cords and prioritize self-love.


Love and relationships take the spotlight this July 4th. Shed your skin and show up in an extra exfoliated and wonderful way. Pour energy and effort into your close relationships, and you'll receive the same in return. Enjoy the beauty of deep connections.

Libra Caption: Enjoy the beauty of deep connections in your relationships.


Energizing Mars in your sixth house of daily rituals motivates you to engage in exercise and physical activity. Kick-start a new workout routine or try different forms of movement. Set personal records and embrace the physical fire within you.

Scorpio Caption: Embrace the physical fire within you and kick-start a new workout routine.


While Cancer season may weigh heavy on you, July 4th brings helpful energy. Showcase your talents and joys. Host a party and let others bask in your vibrant energy. Embrace your sources of pleasure, like travel. Get out and explore new spots to keep your spirits high.

Sagittarius Caption: Embrace your sources of pleasure and keep your spirits high.


Relationships take center stage for you this July 4th. Profess your feelings or deepen your passion for your significant other. Enjoy one-on-one dates that allow for deep intellectual connections. Embrace the sparks and love in your relationships.

Capricorn Caption: Embrace the sparks and love in your relationships during this July 4th.


Rev up your community spirit and create positive change in your neighborhood. Your voice will carry like a megaphone, so speak up for important causes. Engage in community work or volunteer with local advocacy groups. You'll feel your best when giving back.

Aquarius Caption: Speak up for important causes and engage in community work.


As a highly sensitive person, you absorb the energy around you. Embrace the high-vibe energy of summer and July 4th. Engage in creative activities or hobbies. Create meaningful experiences for the family or spend time outdoors reconnecting with nature. Feel your connection with everything around you.

Pisces Caption: Feel your connection with everything around you and embrace creative activities.

Embrace the cosmic energy of July 4th and let your zodiac sign guide you towards an exciting and fulfilling celebration.