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Things to Know about Period 9 in Fengshui

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Credits: Pexels The Chinese saying "天时地利人和" refers to the alignment of the right time, right place, and right people. In fengshui (风水), time plays a crucial role, categorized by fengshui cycles and periods. Currently, we...

fengshui Credits: Pexels

The Chinese saying "天时地利人和" refers to the alignment of the right time, right place, and right people. In fengshui (风水), time plays a crucial role, categorized by fengshui cycles and periods. Currently, we are transitioning from Period 8 to Period 9 (九运, Jiu Yun). So, what exactly is a period in fengshui, and how does it impact our home fengshui and various aspects of our lives? Let's dive in and find out!

What is the "Period" in Fengshui?

In ancient China, where fengshui originated, Chinese sages extensively studied the movement of planetary stars and how their changing positions affect the energies of our spaces, such as homes, offices, and buildings. This led to the development of a multi-planetary calendar system known as the Chinese lunisolar calendar, also known as the Farmer's Calendar. This calendar became a significant point of reference for fengshui.

In classical fengshui, the "Three Cycles and Nine Periods" [三元九运 ] span over 180 years. The Three Cycles refer to the Upper, Middle, and Lower Cycle, each consisting of three fengshui periods. In total, there are nine periods, corresponding to the 9-grid Flying Stars Chart. Each fengshui period lasts for 20 years and is influenced by a specific Star.

Which Period are We In?

Currently, we are approaching the end of Period 8 in fengshui, which encompasses the years 2004 to 2023. Period 8 is represented by the Gen [艮] trigram of the Earth element. This period is associated with mountains and young men, reflecting the rise of young male entrepreneurs and the success of businesses targeting teenagers and young adults.

With the strong Earth element in Period 8, it's no surprise that land and property prices have been increasing worldwide. Understanding fengshui can unlock opportunities in various aspects of life.

However, if you missed the opportunities in Period 8, here's some good news: transitioning to a new period brings a change in energy across different sectors, potentially affecting crucial aspects such as health, family harmony, career, and wealth.

Period 9, from 2024 to 2043, is fast approaching, and now is the time to prepare and make necessary adjustments in fengshui. What used to work may no longer be effective, including fengshui emblems designed for Period 8 and the positioning of certain furniture. Before you start rearranging your home, here's what you need to know about Period 9.

Things to Know about Period 9 (九运, Jiu Yun)

Period 9 will begin on Lichun [立春] in 2024, specifically on the 4th of February 2024 at 16:37 hours. This new fengshui period will last for 20 years until the 4th of February 2044.

The Rise of Women, Innovation, and New Media

Each period is associated with a specific trigram and influenced by a Star. Period 9 corresponds with the Li [离] trigram of the Fire element, under the influence of the Nine Purple Star. This suggests a rise in fame, innovation, power, middle-aged women, technology, new media, and businesses.

The Fire element symbolizes love, desire, anger, strength, assertiveness, light, and energy. However, one must be cautious to avoid getting burnt. With Period 9 strongly influenced by the Fire element, we can expect increased attention in cryptocurrency and the metaverse. But remember, caution must be exercised.

Digital Disruptions and Unstable Income

Similar to Period 8, Period 9 is influenced by a wealth star, indicating growing fortune and propitiousness. However, the Fire element in Period 9 is not as stable as the Earth element in Period 8. As the world shifts towards modern technology and digitalization, traditional jobs will be replaced by automation, AI, and robotics. To ensure more stable wealth, it's essential to upskill and consider multiple streams of income.

Businesses should also pay attention to the interests and motivations of Gen Z and millennials, who prioritize empowerment and purpose over a blind pursuit of wealth and profits. Thriving industries will include technology applications, robotics, blood and cardiovascular health, beauty, and education.

North and South are the Best Directions in Period 9

As we transition from Period 8 to Period 9, the positive energies of Northeast and Southwest have started to recede. In Period 9, the best directions are North and South. Interestingly, these two directions will be under the influence of the auspicious Eight White and Nine Purple stars in 2023, a year ahead of the start of Period 9.

If your home faces North or South, consider conducting renovations in 2023. Doing so will help you and your household members seize opportunities and create wealth. Remember to keep your home clean, tidy, and well-ventilated to maintain good home fengshui.

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Pay Heed to Mental Health, Heart Diseases, and Cancer

Health equals wealth. In the age of advancing technology, the Li trigram representing Period 9 indicates separation or disconnection, even as technology allows people to be connected beyond time and distance. This will create greater stress among people, leading to a growth in psychological impacts. Hence, it is crucial to prioritize mental health along with physical wellness.

Furthermore, natural energies such as electromagnetic waves can act as triggers for many diseases, weakening the immune system's ability to fight back. Be mindful of the usage of tech devices as they can affect your eyes, brain, heart, and blood in the long run. Taking preventive measures and being mindful of daily habits is essential to combat diseases like cancer, which continue to affect more people.

Improve Your Home Fengshui Today for a Better Tomorrow

Everyone desires a better life. When applied properly, fengshui can have a positive impact on one's health, wealth, career, relationships, and personal growth. If Period 8 hasn't been favorable to you, Period 9 presents an opportunity to improve and thrive.

Period Fengshui provides the foundation for good energy, emphasizing the importance of selecting an ideal residence or office space right from the beginning. With a solid foundation, you can then focus on maintenance with yearly fengshui adjustments.

Check out our to-do list for Period 9 and fengshui your way to good luck and prosperity for the next 20 years ahead!