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The Ultimate Guide for New Real Estate Agents

CEO Khai Intela
Are you considering a career in real estate or have recently become a licensed agent? Look no further! We have created the ultimate checklist to help you launch your new career successfully. This comprehensive guide...

Are you considering a career in real estate or have recently become a licensed agent? Look no further! We have created the ultimate checklist to help you launch your new career successfully. This comprehensive guide will ensure that you don't miss any important steps along the way. Let's dive in!

Pre-License Real Estate Agent Checklist

Before obtaining your real estate license, there are a few essential tasks you should complete. This phase sets the foundation for your future success. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Enroll in state-required real estate courses: Choosing a reputable real estate school is crucial. We recommend AceableAgent, known for its high exam pass rates and user-friendly courses. If AceableAgent isn't available in your state, Real Estate Express is another excellent option.

  2. Pass your real estate exam: After completing your coursework, it's time to take the state exam. Don't stress if you don't pass on the first try; many people need multiple attempts.

  3. Choose a broker: In most states, you'll need a licensed real estate broker to oversee your work. Look beyond commission splits and consider factors such as training opportunities, leads provided, and reputation-building potential.

  4. Create a business plan: Treat your real estate career as a business. A well-crafted business plan will outline your marketing strategies, financial goals, and operations. Don't skip this step; your new business deserves a solid plan.

  5. Get your profile photos taken: Invest in professional headshots for your social media accounts and website. A polished appearance will enhance your credibility.

  6. Write your bio: Crafting a compelling bio can be challenging. Check out our guide on "How to Write a Killer Real Estate Bio" for a template that will help you sell yourself to potential clients.

On Day One

Your first day as a real estate agent may feel overwhelming. However, completing these administrative tasks is essential before you start interacting with clients. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Set up your new email: Don't forget to include a signature block with your contact information.

  2. Set up your new voicemail: Keep your outgoing message simple and professional, providing callers with the necessary information to leave you a message.

  3. Add your profile information to your broker's website: Your broker will guide you on how to update your bio, profile photo, and contact details on their website.

  4. Add business pages to your social media accounts and share them: Create dedicated business pages on the social media platforms you plan to use. Announce your new venture on your personal accounts, encouraging your friends, family, and followers to like and follow your new business pages.

Within Your First Month

During your first month as a real estate agent, focus on building brand awareness and familiarizing yourself with the local market. Here are some tasks to tackle:

  1. Get a CRM (Client Relationship Management) System: Organize your contacts using a CRM to ensure regular follow-ups. This includes not only potential clients but also friends and family who might refer you to others.

  2. Personally contact everyone you know: Reach out to your contacts via email, direct message, text, or phone call to let them know about your new business. A personal approach is more effective than a general announcement on social media.

  3. Establish a daily prospecting routine: Dedicate at least two hours each day to prospecting for new leads. This can involve personal contacts, social media engagement, or blogging.

  4. Set up profiles on real estate syndication sites: Increase your visibility by creating profiles on popular real estate platforms like Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and Realtor.com.

  5. Get to know your market: Stay informed about the local real estate market by reviewing daily hot sheets. Visit properties in person to gain firsthand knowledge of the area.

  6. Order a name tag and business cards: Despite the shift towards online marketing, name tags and business cards are still valuable tools for generating leads and making connections in real life.

  7. Host an open house: Offer to host an open house for a fellow agent as a way to meet prospective buyers and sellers. Open houses serve as valuable networking opportunities.

Within Your First Quarter

Congratulations, you've made it through the first month! Now, let's focus on solidifying your business during the remaining two months of your first quarter. Here's what you need to accomplish:

  1. Launch a website: Having your own website offers numerous benefits, including establishing credibility, generating leads, and building your personal brand. It's an essential tool for a successful real estate career. Consider hiring a web designer, subscribing to a website provider, or building your own site using available resources.

  2. Find a mentor: Seek guidance from an experienced mentor who can provide valuable insights and support throughout your career. Their guidance will prove invaluable.

  3. Establish your Renter-to-Homeowner Program: Stand out from the competition by creating a program that targets first-time buyers in local apartment communities. This unique lead-generating strategy sets you apart from other agents.

  4. Learn more about sales: Cultivate your sales skills to generate and convert leads into clients. There are many resources available, such as books, podcasts, online courses, and real estate coaching. Take advantage of these opportunities to enhance your abilities.

Now, Go Out There and Succeed!

Armed with this comprehensive checklist, you're well-equipped to launch your real estate career successfully. Remember to stay proactive, continuously learn, and adapt to market changes. With the right mindset and dedication, you're bound to achieve great things in the real estate industry. Good luck, and go crush it!