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Love Sign Compatibility: Matches for Aquarius

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Aquarius Love Compatibility

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Love Sign Compatibility: Comparing Venus Signs in Astrology

Zodiac Sign Compatibility: Matches for AQUARIUS

Note: You are likely familiar with comparing sun signs to determine compatibility. It can be much more revealing to compare Venus signs in romantic relationships! Find out your position of Venus by sign here.

Keep in mind that you can use these compatibility interpretations for Sun Signs as well!

If your Venus is in Aquarius:

Love Sign Compatibility: Matches for Aquarius When your Venus is in Aquarius, you don’t want to follow all the “rules” in love, preferring to love in your own way, unfettered by convention or what is “supposed” to be, or usually, done. You are future-minded, a tad unconventional (in love, anyhow), and there’s an unmistakable “free spirit” in you that shows up most obviously in matters of the heart.

This is not to say you cannot—or will not—fall in love. Infatuations happen easily, but true love can be a little elusive for you. When you do make a commitment, you are generally able to stick to it. The commitment you make generally has to be a little different in order to be tolerable to you, and you are proud of that difference. Following the beaten track simply doesn’t sit well with you.

You have an aloof air about you that others find attractive. If they are looking for a commitment from you at a later date, however, what was once considered charismatic might become annoying! It is easy for you to feel claustrophobic in relationships that are too close, too needy, or too demanding of your time. If you have the space to breathe a little, all the better. This is when you are at your best.

You are a curious person and enjoy intellectual stimulation in your relationships. Although you are not someone who would be considered flighty, you do not tolerate stagnation very well. You need to feel like your relationship is heading somewhere. Your ability to detach yourself from a situation, take a step back, and look at it from a unique perspective is a tremendous strength. As willing as you are to stir things up if you are in the mood to enforce change, there is a wonderful calm surrounding you that can be most appealing to others. You are ahead of your time in matters of the heart, and you will be best off finding a partner who values your insight.

(See Venus in Aquarius for more details on the Venus in Aquarius temperament).

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Aries: In most cases, this combination inspires mutual respect and appreciation. Both of you are generally positive in matters of the heart, so optimism is likely the general theme when you are together. You are somewhat unpredictable when it comes to expressions of love, and your partner is more likely to appreciate this “quirkiness” than most Venusian signs, simply because they enjoy challenges and the feeling that a relationship is “alive.” Furthermore, your unconventionality can be quite attractive to your Venus in Aries partner. While others might complain that you are a little too aloof, your lover is more apt to see that trait as a challenge—and rise to it!

The only difficulty with all of this is that your partner’s desires in love are quite variable, and when they’re turned on, they want love and want it right now. If you happen to be off on a tangent, seemingly in another world, your partner can quickly become impatient. However, both of you will give the other enough space to breathe, probably because you each need some independence. With your Venus signs in a sextile with one another, you are likely to appreciate and respect each other, off-moods aside.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Taurus: Both of you are strong individuals with rather fervent ideas of what you want in a partnership, and those ideas clash in many ways! Your partner is more traditional than you are in their view of partnerships. Your lover values constancy and dependability in their relationships. On the other hand, you resist doing things that are tried and true, preferring to forge out a new path rather than traveling along the “beaten track.” Your partner wants their love life to be uncomplicated, sensual, and comfortable. You know how to stick with things, as does your partner, and you aren’t especially attracted to complications as well. However, you don’t find comfort in a partnership that stays the same and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Your partner, on the other hand, seems to be quite content as long as their basic needs are met, and sometimes can even seem complacent.

Ideally, the two of you will find common ground, although it is difficult to predict who is going to budge, as you both can be somewhat stubborn! The only option is to try to learn from each other. Your quirkiness can be fun and even electric. Your lover can remind you how wonderful simple pleasures can be. With effort, your partnership can certainly work.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Gemini: This combination is definitely one of the easier pairings. Certainly, you stimulate each other, enjoy being together, and find plenty of common interests. Both of you love to talk, finding a partnership that is growth-oriented and mentally stimulating a plus. You, more than most people, understand your lover’s tendency to be a bit inconstant. Others might call it flightiness, but you appreciate their changeability, seeing it as really quite natural.

However, you are more stubborn than your partner. Your partner’s moods change quickly, and while you can hardly be labeled predictable, you are not as flexible as your partner is. This can cause a few problems, although if love is strong between you, your partner is most inclined to be the one to make adjustments when needed. Each of you understands that partners need a little space to grow on their own, and the minimal amount of possessiveness and jealousy in your partnership will be appreciated on both sides.

Liveliness, cheerfulness, and plenty of activity characterize your partnership. This is a creative combination, and while your lover works on keeping things fresh, you will help steady things. Mutual admiration is a rare quality, and it is more than likely that you have it.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Cancer: This combination can be a challenging one, simply because your styles and needs in love tend to be at odds with one another.

Your partner craves a relationship that is very personal and committed, while you are more inclined to look for a classic friendship in any love relationship! The powerful initial attraction you may feel to each other is likely due to the fascination with the differences between you. There’s a bit of quirkiness in you both, although yours is a direct and offbeat sort of charm, while your partner’s charm is softer and more intimate.

Your partner might find your behavior unsettling at times, simply because they are looking for a certain measure of security in partnership. You are a freedom-lover, and your love may seem universal and impersonal—the style doesn’t hold the kind of intimacy and attachment that your partner craves. Your partner’s tendency to wrap themselves around a partner is soothing and nurturing for some and is probably attractive and fascinating to you, but can cause a problem if you begin to interpret it as stifling or restricting.

Each of you can learn a lot from each other, as long as you are tolerant of each other’s needs. Love can make it work, although plenty of adjustments are necessary to keep this union moving in healthy directions.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Leo: This is the case of “opposites attract.” Because Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs of the zodiac, you can be intrigued with one another and really quite frustrated as well! In astrology, opposite signs can actually be easier to deal with than side-by-side signs because they work under a similar overall vibration.

You, with your Venus in Aquarius, are most concerned with the greater group process, while Leo places great emphasis on personal and creative expression of the self. You express your feelings of love in a detached manner, and this can certainly frustrate your partner. Your partner has a fight or flight reaction—either they see this as a challenge or run in the opposite direction! You are largely objective, while your partner is subjective.

Both of you like to be special, different, and unique, but your partner wants to be special, where “special” means “the best” in a lover’s eyes. You want to be valued for your uniqueness in terms of the group. Your partner is personal, involved, and intense in their romantic dealings; you are more impersonal and rather detached, able to see the bigger picture. So why, pray tell, do people say opposites attract? Because opposite signs fascinate each other. Each of you expresses a different loving style that holds some answers to what you may be overdoing in your own life. The promise of balance is there, somewhere, and both you and your partner may sense this “shadow” personality in the other.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Virgo: You get off on visions, possibilities, and opportunities. Your partner, on the other hand, is most concerned with making a relationship work. Mentally, you and your partner might have much to share. Both of you enjoy having meaningful conversations with the people you love. What you prefer to talk about may not be compatible, however! Your partner believes their needs are simple, and in many ways they are, although you might consider these needs unnecessarily complicated. Your lover responds best to practical displays of affection, and because their Venus is in an Earth sign, your partner most values your physical presence and attention. A partner who is always running off to see friends, for example, could make your lover feel somewhat insecure and decidedly unloved. You value exactly that freedom, making this an area in your relationship that you both will need to work on.

Your partner’s need for appreciation is paramount. Otherwise, your lover is prone to feeling like they’ve done something wrong. You reveal your love in different ways, and the independence you need, if misunderstood, can lead to a fair share of worrying on your lover’s part. Make sure your partner knows that if they feel comfortable enough to loosen up and be themselves, you will appreciate them all the more. The misunderstanding of each other’s unique and different love natures is what is most likely to divide you. This relationship can be a little more challenging than some, but compassion and understanding can most certainly make it work.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Libra: Each of you places a high value on sharing ideas with your partner, which can be a major source of common ground in your relationship. Communication will be flowing between the two of you! There may be some issues surrounding the definition of your relationship. Whereas your partner values partnerships more than anything, you are more inclined to place the highest value on the friendship first, before the partnership.

Both of you are cooperative souls in relationships, and this fact adds tremendous strength to the opportunity for a flowing and respectful relationship. You can sometimes frustrate love interests with an air of indifference, but your partner is more apt to understand this quality and appreciate it than others. You value peace and not only believe in equality, but you also treat people with equality in practice. This is something that is especially appealing to your partner. Both of you are reasonable people, and this can be a very reasonable union as a result. Conflicts, of course, will occur, but your ability to reason things through (and your partner’s responsiveness in this department) can help smooth over rough edges.

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How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Scorpio: This is one of the more challenging combinations! With love, of course, it can work, but acceptance and understanding are especially vital.

You are likely to be intrigued by your partner’s love nature. It’s intense and personal, and very passionate. While you are able to take a step back from many emotional issues in your partnership, if only to gain perspective and understanding, your partner has the hardest time doing just that. This can be complementary at times but can also be intensely frustrating.

It may not be very easy for your partner to “get” why you are capable of detaching yourself, and they may find it threatening to the basic love bond between you. You may be quite baffled by your partner’s passionate reactions to you, as you tend to feel that getting too emotionally tangled up in problems is counterproductive. You value objectivity and pride yourself on your ability to reason things through. You may be inclined to react to your partner’s more emotionally intense moments by giving them space. This is likely to frustrate your partner more, as they interpret your “stepping aside” as walking away—or, even worse, lack of concern for your relationship.

This relationship can be rather tempestuous at times, but exciting nevertheless. At the very least, you will admire each other’s strength of character.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Sagittarius: Both of you value freedom, growth, and independence in love relationships. As a result, you are unlikely to be a “joined-at-the-hip” type of couple. Each of you appreciates the need for individuality, and neither of you believes that a partnership should act to stifle this basic need.

Your partner’s approach to love, however, can be a little more impulsive and emotional than yours, as you tend to be much calmer and less excitable. When your partner gets excited about something, forging ahead with gusto, your collected demeanor may feel a bit like rain on their parade. If your partner remembers and accepts that they tend to be more expressive than you, and that their reactions to most things are immediate and emotionally-charged, things will run more smoothly between the two of you.

You are more apt to analyze a situation before letting yourself feel the energy of the moment. If you can get beyond this minor incompatibility, and treat it as an opportunity to grow, your partnership has much potential to work well. Both of you are moving forward, disinclined to stifle one another or fall into the ruts that many couples do, and this basic compatibility will most likely lay the ground for a solid yet exciting relationship foundation.

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Capricorn: This is a somewhat odd combination, as your Venus sign position is in a next-door-neighbor sign to your partner’s Venus. In astrology, next-door-neighbor signs generally have a difficult time finding common ground.

Still, there can be quite a bit of intrigue between the two of you. Each of you has a certain aloof quality about you when it comes to romance and love. However, your partner’s manner hides an earthy sensuality and attachment to the person they love. Your aloofness, on the other hand, isn’t hiding much of anything! You are genuinely somewhat detached when it comes to relationships, and commitment is not your primary goal. You enjoy making friends and sharing social activities with your mate, while your partner is usually content to spend more private time with you than spreading themselves around in a social sense. Your partner tends to be more possessive of their partner as well.

Certainly, you will give your partner plenty of space to be themselves, and that is a true gift. However, your partner might be looking for something more substantial. You have a gift of being able to step back from a problem in order to find ways to solve it. Your ability to reason is something most people appreciate, as long as they aren’t threatened by that ability to detach yourself. With love and understanding, this partnership can work. It simply might require more adjustments than either of you may desire.

How You Relate to a Partner who also has Venus in Aquarius: No matter how different your personalities are, you share similar ideas and styles when it comes to relationships. Both of you value a partnership in which there is mental and social interaction. You are not impressed with relationships that are overly traditional or restrictive. As such, you are likely to give each other quite a bit of freedom.

Whenever two people with the same Venus signs come together, the strengths lie in seeing eye to eye, and weaknesses stem from a lack of balance. In the case of Aquarius, intimacy may be wanting, as both of you are naturally inclined to live partnerships in the world of intellect. In the absence of a partner who works on creating emotional bonding and intimacy, you two may redefine partnership altogether. This could suit both of you just fine. Your union could be markedly free and different, perhaps considered unusual by some from the outside looking in.

As both of you can be rather stubborn in love, there can be an imbalance. Even though you are both inclined to give the other freedom of movement and expression, neither of you is especially adaptable in terms of habits and mindsets. Although you are creative individuals, your interactions may eventually lack spunk or seem a little dry. As long as you both work on the intimate side of partnership, you will find that your relationship is progressive and exciting—and decidedly unique!

How You Relate to a Partner with Venus in Pisces: This is an unusual combination. You might find that you both share a universal love of mankind and that you are both very idealistic people. You love to brainstorm with your partner, and in Venus in Pisces, you have found a completely fascinating brain to “pick.” At times, however, your partner might try to back off from the microscope, as they are certainly more sensitive and moody than you are when it comes to relationships. They will gladly go along with your wonderful visions and ideals, but your partner looks for a connection that runs very deep. Although they will happily engage in conversation, and thoroughly enjoy your enthusiasm and your visions, your partner values tender intimacy more than intellectual debate. You might find them a tad too sensitive.

If you are receptive, your partner is more likely than most to be able to infuse your creative, inventive mind with just enough emotion, inspiration, and imagination to really take you places. You can help your partner tap into their own creative wells and do something real with what is pulled out. The two of you can make a very productive pair as long as you can effectively combine the worlds of thought and feelings. Neither of you wants to waste time arguing about petty things, and both of you want to see the best in each other. These attitudes will help smooth your relationship.

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