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Latest Eye-Catching POP Ceiling Designs for Bedroom

CEO Khai Intela
Plaster of Paris (POP) design has become a cutting-edge décor component because it marries fashion and function to provide a magnificent area. Its usefulness resides in its capacity to enhance a space's acoustics and aesthetic...

Plaster of Paris (POP) design has become a cutting-edge décor component because it marries fashion and function to provide a magnificent area. Its usefulness resides in its capacity to enhance a space's acoustics and aesthetic appeal. Every type of decor can be complemented by POP design's style elements, which range from simple shapes to elaborate patterns. It replaces gypsum because of its versatility.

Let's explore the latest eye-catching POP ceiling designs for the bedroom that our interior designers in Bangalore have come up with.

Types of POP Ceiling Designs for Bedroom

Simple geometric POP ceiling design

simple geometric pop ceiling design Simple geometric POP ceiling design

The best way to refresh the inside of the area is with a straightforward geometric POP ceiling design. Any geometric pattern, such as a square and a half-circle shape, can be used in the design. It can be made more attractive by using the right lighting fixtures.

Honeycomb POP Ceiling Design

honeycomb pop ceiling design Honeycomb POP ceiling design

One of the most bizarre designs, the Honeycomb POP ceiling fits any room nicely. This pattern's originality helps the interiors look more contemporary. Because of its adaptability, you can modify it to suit your preferences.

Triangular POP Ceiling Design

triangular pop ceiling design Triangular POP ceiling design

Your decor's ultimate focal point may be a triangular POP ceiling. By incorporating more layers, you can alter this design. Make it the room's visual center by adding backlight to it. This ceiling style is ideal for both a living area and a bedroom.

POP Ceiling with Recessed Light

pop ceiling with recessed light POP ceiling with recessed light

For hall and living room designs, POP ceilings modified with recessed lighting work well. Recessed lighting aids in establishing a classy, understated atmosphere. This kind of lighting aids in creating a tidy appearance and a pleasant atmosphere. To reduce your electricity costs, choose energy-efficient lighting.

3D pattern POP Ceiling Design

3D pattern pop ceiling design 3D pattern POP ceiling design

A 3D design POP ceiling is ideal for giving the ceiling a dramatic impact. POP panels and lighting fixtures are combined to produce the necessary depth and dimension for the 3D impression. This kind of ceiling design is popular with patterns like cubes, waves, and curves. When it comes to designing a room that is both comfortable and useful, POP ceiling works best, says our interior designers in Pune.

Backlit POP Ceiling Design

backlit pop ceiling design Backlit POP ceiling design

A lighting fixture and POP panels are used to create a backlit POP ceiling. LED or fluorescent lights are used to illuminate the design from the back. Depending on your preferences, you can adjust the illumination to be soft or subtle.

Notable Reasons to Consider while Choosing POP Ceiling Designs

  • The height of the ceiling: Before placing a POP ceiling in the room, the height of the ceiling should never be disregarded. Consider a POP ceiling if the distance between the floor and the ceiling is between 8.5 and 9 feet.

  • Lighting devices: POP ceilings provide you the option of illuminating your room in a variety of ways. Generally speaking, track lighting, recessed lighting, and ambient lighting complement POP ceilings well.

  • Pick the proper colors: As per our interior designers in Coimbatore, colors provide the interior, as well as the POP design, vibrancy and freshness.

  • Adding borders and moldings: The corners and edges can be made more attractive by using POP moldings and borders. To emphasize the cornice's attractiveness, you can pick from a variety of possibilities.

  • Additional materials: In order to get the desired texture, depth, and dimension in the POP ceiling, additional materials like wood, glass, fabric, mirror, and others are used.

How Much Will POP Ceiling Design for Your Bedroom Cost?

POP ceilings can cost up to Rs 15,000 for a 10x10 space, making them more expensive than other building materials. The most expensive ceilings are made of artificial wood, which can run from Rs 20,000 to Rs 50,000 for a 10x10 room.

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  1. Which POP design is now popular?

    • Modern false ceiling designs frequently feature tray ceilings with recessed lighting.
  2. What are the advantages of using a POP ceiling?

    • POP ceilings are less prone to fire damage than other forms of ceilings.
    • The POP ceiling aids in distributing light across the space evenly.
    • It can be easily personalized because it can be simply molded into any desired shape.
    • A POP artificial ceiling inside the space balances the room's height with its overall size.
    • Future repairs and remodeling of the design are simple to do if any cuts or cracks occur in it.
  3. How much time is the POP ceiling in effect?

    • A false ceiling made of POP can easily last 15 to 20 years. In the case of POP, one doesn't need to be concerned about longevity.