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House Tour: Experience the Charm of an Interracial Couple's Mediterranean Style Cluster House in Seletar Hills Estate

CEO Khai Intela
Imagine stepping into a traditional Italian kitchen the moment you enter a cluster house in Singapore. The ambiance is filled with faded tiles underfoot and a rustic wooden dining table adorned with candlesticks. This charming...

Imagine stepping into a traditional Italian kitchen the moment you enter a cluster house in Singapore. The ambiance is filled with faded tiles underfoot and a rustic wooden dining table adorned with candlesticks. This charming abode, located in Seletar Hills Estate, is a little slice of the Italian coast right in the heart of Singapore.

A Family's Italian Retreat

This three-storey cluster house is home to a family of four along with their helper. Spread across 3,000 sq ft (278 sqm), the house has been transformed into a Mediterranean villa, reflecting the family's storied history. The couple, Eugenio Accongiagioco and Georgina Soh, wanted their home to exude the essence of their first holiday together in Capri, where they created beautiful memories. Inspired by Eugenio's South Italian roots, they embarked on a journey to create their own Italian retreat in Singapore.

Collaborating with Edge Interior

To bring their vision to life, they enlisted the expertise of Alvin Chua from Edge Interior. Having admired Alvin's previous Mediterranean-style designs, they knew he would understand their preferences. Alvin carefully translated their ideas into captivating design drawings, ensuring every detail was exquisitely executed.

Timeless Elegance and Earthy Tones

The interior design of this Mediterranean villa revolves around creating an airy and relaxed atmosphere. Rounded corners, arched doorways, and a light all-white palette with earthy tones contribute to the overall holiday-home feel. The choice of materials emphasizes durability and longevity, with concrete elements like the TV console, dining bench, and bathtub, ensuring the house ages beautifully over time. Wood and rattan accents add a timeless touch, making the home feel as though it has been there for years.

Treasured Memories

Every piece of furniture in this cluster house tells a story. The couple believes in cherishing memories and preserving their unique journey. From a side table acquired during their honeymoon in Mykonos to a vintage lacquered jewellery cabinet that witnessed their son's Lego adventures, each item holds sentimental value and adds to the overall charm of the space.

Inheritance of Art and Furniture

The house showcases inherited furniture pieces and artwork, including paintings gifted by Eugenio's adoptive mother, who worked with renowned artists, such as Andy Warhol. These precious vintage items are not locked away but rather embraced and well-loved, enriching the heartwarming atmosphere of the home.

A Home that Grows with the Family

Designed with the future in mind, the children's rooms feature loose furniture, allowing the young ones to shape their space as they grow. The neutral color scheme provides a blank canvas for their ever-evolving personalities to shine through. This cluster house truly embodies the notion of a home that evolves alongside its inhabitants.

Intricate Bathroom Tiles

The attention to detail extends even to the bathrooms, with each one boasting fascinating and unique tiles sourced from Hafary. From vibrant tropical prints in the guest bathroom to delicate mother-of-pearl bricks in the daughter's bathroom, the bathrooms reflect the thoughtfulness and expertise of the interior designer.

Captivating Living Room and Alfresco Dining

The living room and terrace are the heart of the home, offering a serene retreat for the family. With a gentle breeze wafting through the space and lemon trees swaying outside, this area provides a charming haven for relaxation and quality time together. Recently, the family even added a pizza oven, allowing Eugenio to showcase his culinary skills and create authentic Italian pizzas.

Whether it's enjoying alfresco dining or embracing the tastefully curated interiors, this Mediterranean-style cluster house in Seletar Hills Estate brings the beauty of Italy to Singapore. With its timeless elegance, cherished memories, and thoughtful design, it serves as a retreat where family and friends can gather, create new stories, and treasure the old.

Art Direction by Nonie Chen. Photography by Phyllicia Wang. This article was first published in Home and Decor in March 2021.