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How to Effortlessly Find Commercial Property Owners & Streamline Your Outreach

CEO Khai Intela
In the competitive landscape of commercial real estate (CRE), connecting with decision-makers is crucial for successful deal-making. However, unraveling the corporate veil of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can be challenging. Fortunately, there are tools...

In the competitive landscape of commercial real estate (CRE), connecting with decision-makers is crucial for successful deal-making. However, unraveling the corporate veil of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can be challenging. Fortunately, there are tools and strategies available that provide valuable information and easier access to finding commercial property owners.

Uncovering Commercial Real Estate Owners by Property Address

One simple and free method to find commercial property owners is by conducting a property search using a specific address. Many public platforms, such as county tax assessor websites, provide this feature. While these sources provide records that include the registered LLC owner, building characteristics, and sales history, the true ownership is often concealed behind the LLC. Further investigation is required to reveal the actual owner.

Running a business search among the records of the secretary of state is another step you can take. This might provide additional information about the legal entity (LLC), such as the date of registration and the agent for service of process. However, this information doesn't always lead to true ownership, as the registered agent is often an attorney or legal representative. Nevertheless, some CRE data providers now offer services that provide more precise contact information, like phone numbers and email addresses.

CommercialEdge, a leading commercial data research platform, allows you to search for a property by address. It generates an in-depth property overview that reveals the registered owner (LLC) as well as the real owner. The platform provides valuable data about the property owner, including the contact person, phone numbers, and the company's corporate headquarters.

Finding Owners of Commercial Properties in Your Target Area by Specific Property Characteristics

Researching commercial properties in a defined area and focusing on specific asset types is essential for effective prospecting. There are various methods you can use, such as exploring commercial real estate listings sites, reading CRE news sites for companies' new deals, or subscribing to commercial real estate data sources. These methods help you compile a list of properties for further investigation.

However, utilizing CRE data providers that offer property lists accompanied by ownership information can give you a significant advantage. CommercialEdge, for example, enables users to run focused searches based on explicit attributes, ensuring a more refined result feed. You can search by property type, building square footage, lease price, or sale price. The platform provides property reports that include the properties' registered owners and their verified contact details.

How to Find an Owner's Complete Portfolio of Commercial Properties

Once you establish the true owner of a commercial property, you may want to identify their complete portfolio. County tax assessor websites often offer an owner name search option, providing a list of commercial properties owned by a specific LLC. However, filtering these results based on asset type, location, or other preferences can be challenging.

A Google search for the company's website might offer an overview of their entire portfolio, but this can be time-consuming and uncertain. Instead, CommercialEdge provides an easy-to-use search tool to find a company's entire portfolio in a specific market or nationwide. By performing a search by owner name, you can access a complete rundown of the owner's assets on a national level. The owner portfolio page includes contact details, property count, square footage, recent acquisitions, and various display formats.

CommercialEdge also offers a portfolio search option, allowing you to explore ownership information in a particular market. This feature displays an overview of the assets owned by real estate owners based on property type, square footage, and portfolio size. You can apply filters, such as property type, asset class, location, and available space, to refine your search. The consolidated list of owners and their portfolios can be immediately exported.

Accurate ownership information is essential for building business relationships and closing deals in the CRE industry. While finding the true owner of a commercial property can be time-consuming, utilizing real estate solutions like CommercialEdge streamlines the process, saving precious time for real estate professionals.

To discover how CommercialEdge can enhance your deal-making process and streamline your operation, schedule a live demo with our specialists. Explore the tools that can boost your efficiency and productivity in the industry.

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