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How Palm Springs is Thriving: A New Wave of Apartments in Central Palm Beach County

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Palm Springs, a charming town in central Palm Beach County, is undergoing a transformative change with the introduction of three multifamily developments. These projects will bring over 400 new apartments to an area traditionally known...

Palm Springs, a charming town in central Palm Beach County, is undergoing a transformative change with the introduction of three multifamily developments. These projects will bring over 400 new apartments to an area traditionally known for its single-family homes. As the population in Palm Springs continues to surge, these apartments will cater to the growing demand for affordable and accessible housing options.

A Growing Town Embraces Change

Over the past decade, Palm Springs has experienced a remarkable 40% population growth, making it the fastest-growing area in Palm Beach County. Previously, this town mainly consisted of single-family homes, but the recent influx of families from Latin America and the Caribbean has led to a shift in the housing landscape. As rents and home prices rise, multifamily projects have become a necessity to accommodate the evolving needs of the community.

Mayor Bev Smith acknowledges the importance of these new apartment buildings in meeting the demands of essential workers, blue-collar employees, and those working in the service industries across the county. With the rising unaffordability of single-family homes, these projects will provide working-class families with the housing they need.

Palm Springs Residences: Revitalizing the Former YMCA Site

Palm Springs Residences Caption: The Palm Springs Residences will bring new life to the former YMCA site.

One of the exciting developments coming to Palm Springs is the Palm Springs Residences, a project by Mast Capital. Situated on 18 acres along Congress Avenue and Lillian Road, the development will feature 264 apartments across 11 three-story buildings. With a variety of one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units, the Palm Springs Residences will cater to diverse housing needs. The design focuses on "garden-style apartments," where green spaces surround low-rise buildings. Residents will also have access to community amenities such as a pool, a clubhouse, a playground, a dog park, and a man-made lake. This project marks Mast Capital's first venture in Palm Beach County, bringing new opportunities to the area.

The Lakewood Apartments: A Revolution in Construction

Lakewood Apartments Caption: The Lakewood Apartments offer a unique building system designed for longevity and resilience.

The Lakewood Apartments, also known as the "Lego Project," is an innovative multifamily complex developed by Renco USA. Located on Lakewood Road, this 96-apartment development is constructed using a revolutionary building system. Made of renewable composites that are 23 times stronger than concrete, the material known as Renco is designed to withstand hurricanes and has a projected lifespan of 250 years. The construction process involves stacking molded blocks on top of each other, much like Lego bricks, creating an impermeable structure. This groundbreaking technique reduces construction time by half, allowing for quicker completion. With 48 two-bedroom and 48 three-bedroom units, the Lakewood Apartments provide a sustainable and resilient housing option.

Village of Valor: Honoring Our Veterans

Palm Springs is proud to introduce the Village of Valor, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing housing for veterans. Located along Lake Worth Road, this development will feature 54 apartments tailored to the needs of veterans. The two- and three-bedroom units will be available as workforce and low-income housing, ensuring accessibility for those who have served our country. The Village of Valor aims to create a supportive community that includes housing, classroom spaces, and offices for the nonprofit. By removing barriers and offering affordable housing options, this project seeks to empower veterans as they reintegrate into society and regain their independence.

Embracing Change for a Better Future

The multifamily developments in Palm Springs exemplify the town's commitment to growth and inclusivity. By diversifying the housing options, Palm Springs welcomes new residents and supports the needs of its existing population. These projects not only address the rising demand for affordable housing but also contribute to the overall development and vibrancy of the community. With Palm Springs leading the way, central Palm Beach County is set to become a more dynamic and thriving area.

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