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Capricorn Season 2023: Embracing CEO Energy for a Transformative Start to the Year

CEO Khai Intela
Capricorn season is here! According to astrologers, this unique cosmic transit is setting the stage for a rare and transformative experience. This is the perfect time to tap into your CEO energy and make bold...

Capricorn Season Capricorn season is here! According to astrologers, this unique cosmic transit is setting the stage for a rare and transformative experience. This is the perfect time to tap into your CEO energy and make bold moves in all areas of your life. So, what can you expect from Capricorn season 2023? Let's dive in!

When is Capricorn season 2023?

Capricorn season begins on the evening of December 21, when the sun moves into the ambitious and tradition-loving zodiac sign of Capricorn. It lasts until the morning of January 20, when the sun shifts into Aquarius’s realm. During this time, you'll feel the determined, go-getter energy of Capricorn inspiring you to take bold steps forward in every area of your life.

Overall mood and energy of Capricorn season 2023

Capricorn CEO If the zodiac had a CEO, it would be Capricorn. This season is the perfect time to focus on your priorities and pour energy into your work. Capricorn has a determined, hard-working nature that provides us with the diligence we need to see the current year through and begin the next with a refreshed understanding of our goals and life purpose. It's a soulful turning point filled with renewal and reverence.

There’s something unique about the vibes surrounding this Capricorn season. Capricorn's ruler, Saturn, moving through dreamy Pisces, will add an empathetic and intuitive softness to the season. It's not only a time to boss up and get things done; it's also an opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments from the past year and honor the hard work you’ve put in to get to this point. This year's Capricorn season brings a different feeling, especially for those experiencing it for the first time. The influence of Saturn in Pisces hasn't been felt in 30 years, making it a super reflective period.

Moreover, as we enter 2024, all planets, except for Uranus, will be direct, providing us with a forward momentum that heightens the excited, ambitious energy of the new year. This seamless alignment will make people feel that new year energy more intensely than ever before.

Key transits affecting every sign during Capricorn season 2023

Planetary movements

As Capricorn season begins, we might find ourselves unable to make significant progress due to Mercury retrograde and Jupiter's ongoing retrograde. However, as December comes to a close, we'll gain traction when Jupiter goes direct on December 30 and Mercury follows on January 1.

With Jupiter ending its retrograde, you may find yourself yearning for growth, fueled by hope and optimism. This timing is fantastic, as New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. As we enter 2024, all planets (except Uranus) will be transiting in a direct motion, generating considerable momentum for personal progress.

On January 14, Venus, the planet of love, forms a supportive trine with the north node, bringing positive energy and possibly introducing new romantic connections or reconnections with significant individuals. However, be cautious towards the end of Capricorn season, as a tense square between Venus and Neptune on January 19 could spark relational difficulties. Trust your instincts, take words and actions with a grain of salt, and be mindful of mixing money matters with others during this period.

While January 20 is widely considered to be within Aquarius season, it's worth noting as we prepare for the new year. On this day, a conjunction between the sun and Pluto, known as a Pluto cazimi, occurs. This powerful aspect provides an opportunity for personal growth and transformation by letting go of things that no longer serve us. This moment, happening just before Capricorn season ends, holds the potential to reveal structural changes in our lives and society that we've been moving through for the past decade. It may also lead to a greater sense of confidence and empowerment.

Lunar transits

On December 26, a full moon in nurturing Cancer invites us to be fully present in our home life, making it especially apt for the holiday season. This lunation coincides with the asteroid Chiron shifting direct, creating a powerful moment for healing and extending comfort to ourselves and others.

As January 11 approaches, a new moon in Capricorn provides an opportunity to envision future successes and achievements, as well as identify the steps necessary to reach them. This is a time to reflect on what may be holding you back and consider how to invest your resources more effectively to achieve your goals.

Understanding how Capricorn season 2023 will affect you based on your birth chart

The impact of Capricorn season will vary for each zodiac sign, as it corresponds to a different area of the birth chart for each sign. To get an accurate peek into how Capricorn season will affect you, read the horoscopes for your rising sign, not just your sun sign. Your rising sign reflects how you present yourself to the world and determines the house over which Capricorn governs. Understanding where Capricorn falls in your birth chart sheds light on which area of your life will be most affected during this season.

Now, let's dive into what each zodiac sign can expect during Capricorn season 2023:


Capricorn season is a time for you to put in work, Aries. Reflect on your creative self and consider expanding your creativity in the realm of your work. This is also a period for healing, as you gain a better understanding of past experiences that have shaped your personal narratives. Embrace your authenticity and fight for what you want.


Now is prime time to set new goals, Taurus. Focus on your philosophy, long-distance travel, and higher learning. Use this season to tap into a renewed sense of purpose and the energy to move forward with your life aims. It's all about finding your place in the world and simplifying your life through organized daily rituals.


Focus on your connections with others and yourself, Gemini. Contemplate the subconscious patterns that may be hindering your alignment with your goals and values. Embrace vulnerability and deeper commitments, and seek clarity in your relationships. Break through intimacy blocks and invite more play into your life.


Nurture your relationships and alliances, Cancer. Further understand with whom you feel alignment and how you can strengthen those relationships. Reflect on the two-way street of your most treasured relationships and find a balance between holding onto loved ones and giving them the space they need.


Let your body talk this season, Leo. Focus on your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Organize your daily rituals to simplify your life and welcome the new year with a streamlined approach. Pay attention to the small habits that may be holding you back and make incremental changes for impactful results.


Romantic and creative energy is at your side this season, Virgo. Embrace your inner child, let loose, and step outside your comfort zone. Engage in creative activities and invite more play into your life. Flex your creative muscles and rediscover the joy of artistic expression.


Focus on family, ancestry, and your sense of home, Libra. Reflect on who and what makes you feel at home and strengthen your relationships. Embrace a cozy and feel-good vibe while reminiscing about the past and creating memories with your loved ones.


Embrace new learning opportunities, Scorpio. Engage in activities that expand your knowledge, such as reading, podcasts, or documentaries. Focus on communication and connecting with others on a deeper level. Translate your inner world into words and use them as a connection point.


Dig into your financial habits and stability, Sagittarius. Focus on your resources, invest them wisely, and cut back on unnecessary expenses. Use this time to improve your financial situation and boost your self-esteem. Embrace a renewed sense of buoyancy, enthusiasm, and positivity.


It's time to focus on your self-image and how you present yourself to the world, Capricorn. Adopt a different attitude or change up your sense of style. Embrace a makeover energy and celebrate the personal growth you've experienced over the past decade. Own your personal power and confidently embrace your accomplishments.


Go inward and connect with something bigger than yourself, Aquarius. Embrace solitude as an opportunity for self-reflection, healing, and connection to your ancestors. Although it may feel unsettling at times, use this period positively to confront your inner feelings and prepare for the fundamental changes that lie ahead.


Embrace friendships and community, Pisces. Make more public appearances and connect with others. Establish boundaries and create a structured schedule that allows for social engagements. This season provides an opportunity to find your roots and rediscover what "home" means to you.

Capricorn season 2023 is an exciting and transformative time for everyone. Embrace your CEO energy, focus on your goals, and make the most of this unique cosmic transit. Happy Capricorn season!