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9 Awesome FREE Real Estate CRM Software To Close Deals In 2023

CEO Khai Intela
As a real estate agent, your clients are your most prized connections. So, why not utilize a free real estate CRM (customer relationship management) software to efficiently manage your potential, present, and past clients? It...

As a real estate agent, your clients are your most prized connections. So, why not utilize a free real estate CRM (customer relationship management) software to efficiently manage your potential, present, and past clients? It can be a game-changer in securing deals and streamlining your business operations.

CRM software is widely used across various industries, but before investing in a premium solution, it's essential to understand your specific requirements and preferences. Luckily, there are excellent free real estate CRM options available that can cater to your needs.

What exactly is a CRM?

A CRM, or customer relationship management, suite is designed to track prospective leads and manage customer touchpoints. In the real estate industry, a reliable CRM solution enables you to effortlessly view and organize customer relationships, contact information, and marketing strategies.

While not all CRM solutions are tailored specifically for real estate, you can still find all-encompassing options that fulfill your requirements. Some solutions integrate seamlessly with sales and marketing suites, while others are comprehensive all-in-one platforms.

9 Best Free Real Estate CRM Systems

9. HubSpot

Best for: Real estate professionals seeking a free CRM backed by marketing expertise and excellence.

HubSpot CRM, although not specifically designed for real estate, offers a free, customizable customer relationship management suite that can be tailored to your needs. Backed by the power of HubSpot, a leader in marketing and sales, this CRM system is ideal for aggressive lead generation. It includes features such as pipeline management, automatic sales activity logging, and lead timelines.

A man working on a laptop with a CRM concept in the foreground Image: A man working on a laptop with a CRM concept in the foreground.

8. Insightly

Best for: Real estate agents in need of a robust platform with automated features.

Insightly not only provides a CRM solution but also offers a complete marketing platform. While you may come across different pricing tiers on their website, the platform remains free for up to two users, making it perfect for real estate agents. With features like lead routing, workflow automation, and email tracking, Insightly ensures efficient lead management and scoring.

7. IXACT Contact

Best for: Real estate agents looking for an all-in-one CRM tool that includes social media marketing.

IXACT Contact is a dedicated real estate CRM solution suitable for both residential and commercial professionals. With features like contact organization, email connectivity, agent website management, social media marketing automation, and team coordination, IXACT Contact covers every aspect of your real estate business. The platform also offers a concierge service to help you get started quickly.

Someone pushing a CRM button concept Image: Someone pushing a CRM button concept.

6. Zoho

Best for: Real estate professionals seeking a best-in-class CRM solution that manages everything at once.

Zoho CRM is renowned as the "gold standard" for customer relationships. With features like salesforce automation, predictive sales, team collaboration, mobile app management, and more, Zoho offers one of the most advanced CRM solutions available. While the free edition provides access to leads, documents, and mobile apps for up to three users, the paid version offers even more advanced features and starts at just $14/user/month.

5. Freshworks CRM

Best for: Experienced CRM users or those looking for an advanced all-in-one solution.

Freshworks CRM is highly rated in the industry, offering robust app integration options, contact management, telephony, deal management, email integration, and more. The free version supports mobile app usage, built-in chat, email, phone, contact lifecycle stages, and account management. Upgrading to the paid version unlocks additional features such as multiple sales pipelines, AI-powered insights, chat campaigns, and WhatsApp business support.

4. Agile CRM

Best for: Real estate agents requiring an all-in-one tool to support lead management and sales processes.

Agile CRM is not just a CRM solution; it's an all-in-one customer relationship management package that can turn a single real estate professional into a full-fledged real estate company. With features like contact management, social media management, websites, email, scheduling, and more, Agile CRM acts as both a CRM solution and a personal assistant. It's an ideal mobile solution for real estate agents on the go.

Someone working with a free real estate CRM system on a tablet Image: Someone working with a free real estate CRM system on a tablet.

3. RealOffice360

Best for: Real estate agents seeking a CRM specifically designed for the real estate industry.

RealOffice360 is targeted exclusively at real estate agents, offering a simple and easy-to-use CRM platform. With RealOffice360, you can build a client database, track follow-ups, view reports on prospective leads, and streamline your real estate operations through an elegant and streamlined mobile CRM solution. The platform is primarily designed for solo agents, making it perfect for individual practitioners and small businesses.

2. Bitrix 24

Best for: Real estate agents requiring a CRM solution that integrates well with social media and marketing features.

Bitrix 24 is a free CRM solution that supports an unlimited number of users. It focuses on lead and demand generation, providing features like sales funnel and pipeline management, data analytics, and automation. With Bitrix 24, you can leverage social media platforms for marketing purposes and automate your pipelines for easier management. While the free version includes most features, premium versions offer additional marketing support, online documents, sales intelligence, HR management, administrative support, and more.

A free real estate CRM concept with a businessman in the background Image: A free real estate CRM concept with a businessman in the background.

1. SalesRabbit

Best for: Real estate agents seeking a simple and easy-to-understand free CRM solution.

SalesRabbit is a free, real estate-focused CRM solution available for both iOS and Android. With unique features such as visual lead mapping, status sorting, and appointment scheduling, SalesRabbit simplifies lead generation and management. It provides real estate agents with essential tools like appointment reminders and route planning. While SalesRabbit may not offer the advanced features of a traditional CRM solution, it is perfect for agents who prioritize simplicity and user-friendly functionality.

FAQs on Free Real Estate CRM

Is it better to purchase a CRM solution?

While free real estate CRM solutions may not have all the features you desire, premium solutions typically offer better integration and more advanced feature sets. However, the decision ultimately depends on your specific needs. If you don't heavily rely on marketing, big data, and AI, a free solution can be sufficient.

How can you find the best CRM solution?

Most CRM solutions offer free demos, which are perfect for determining whether a particular solution suits your requirements. Take advantage of these demos to evaluate features, user interface, and overall compatibility with your real estate business.

In conclusion, these nine free real estate CRM systems offer a range of features and functionalities to help you streamline your business processes and close more deals. Select the CRM solution that aligns with your needs and preferences, and boost your real estate success in 2023!