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The 2004 Zodiac: A Legendary Championship Game

CEO Khai Intela
In the realm of competitive sports, there are few moments that captivate us quite like a thrilling championship game. Such was the case in 2004 when the Zodiac Championship unfolded before our eyes. The clash...

2004 Zodiac

In the realm of competitive sports, there are few moments that captivate us quite like a thrilling championship game. Such was the case in 2004 when the Zodiac Championship unfolded before our eyes. The clash between Capricorn and Libra had all the elements of a legendary showdown.

A Rollercoaster Battle

The match started with Capricorn taking a commanding lead of 8-1. The odds seemed stacked against Libra, but they rallied with undying determination. In a stunning turn of events, Libra scored eight consecutive points, taking the lead at the half with a score of 9-8. The intensity only grew in the second half as Libra continued their dominance, securing a hard-fought victory with a final score of 17-15. It was a match that left spectators on the edge of their seats, a testament to the spirit of competition.

Pool Games and Final Standings

The Zodiac Championship featured several compelling pool games. In the upper tier, Libra showcased their strength by defeating Aquarius and Gemini, while Capricorn battled fiercely and secured victories against Aries and Cancer. Ultimately, the final standings revealed the true warriors of the Zodiac Championship:

  1. Libra (pure)
  2. Capricorn
  3. Cancer
  4. Pisces
  5. tie: Aquarius (pure)/Scorpio (pure)
  6. tie: Gemini/Aries
  7. Taurus (pure)
  8. tie: Virgo (pure)/Sagittarius
  9. Leo (pure)

Capturing the Moments

Dion (Libra)

The 2004 Zodiac Championship was not just a display of athletic prowess but also a celebration of camaraderie and shared memories. Dion, a member of the victorious Libra team, captured the essence of the tournament through the lens of his wife's camera. These pictures serve as a visual testament to the passion and joy that filled the air.

Cheers and Slogans

No championship is complete without cheers and slogans that echo through the hearts of the competitors. The Taurus team, in their spirited clashes against Virgo and Leo, crafted unique chants that livened up the atmosphere:

Taurus vs. Virgo

(tune of Ave Maria)

Virgo the virgin You really wanted to win Virgo the flowered You met the bull and were devoured It's not that your throws were ineffective Your guys, while attractive, were slightly defective Your girls, who normally never fade Thought too much of how to get laid Virgo the lonely, You'll find love eventually.

Taurus vs. Leo

(tune of Eleanor Rigby, Beatles)

We look at all the Frisbee people We see that it's the hairy Leos Leo the lion Roaring about, but lays out where the ground's really rough Reality's tough Leo the lion Showing their pride, big long strides, puts the disc in the air But who is that there? Taurus, Taurus, Taurus Where did you all come from? You wish you could ignore us The bulls have all the fun

Aquarius to Pisces

(tune of Copa Cabana)

You are the Pisces, you played so nicely Your hucks were thrills, you ate our swill, and you really did the drill We're water bearers and also swear-ers Playing against Pisces is all very nice, but in the end, we'd rather win...

Aquarius to Libra (Sunday slagging)

(Our finest) It took you three years to finally beat us Your team is SO NOT HOT We shagged your mothers, significant others And they're NOT SO HOT [Chanting] You were at the party NOT NOT NOT We were at the party HOT HOT HOT We're HOT, You're NOT, We're HOT, You're NOT [Singing] We will be drinking while you're still stinking That was NOT SO HOT While you are losing, we will be boozing We are HOT HOT HOT! [o lay o lay] You're lame, you're lame, you're fing lame You're lame, you're lame, you're fing lame...

Uniting the Zodiac Teams

The Zodiac Championship not only showcased fierce competition but also brought together individuals from different walks of life. Let us take a moment to honor the teams and those who made the 2004 Zodiac a resounding success:

  • Aquarius
  • Aries
  • Cancer
  • Capricorn
  • Gemini
  • Leo
  • Libra
  • Pisces
  • Sagittarius
  • Scorpio
  • Taurus
  • Virgo


The 2004 Zodiac Championship will forever be etched in the annals of sporting history. It was a battle that tested the limits of strength, skill, and teamwork. From stunning comebacks to fierce rivalries, the championship exemplified the essence of competition. As we bid farewell to this memorable event, let us cherish the camaraderie, the cheers, and the spirit of the Zodiac that brought us all together.