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Wyoming King vs. Alaskan King vs. Texas King: Exploring the Differences

CEO Khai Intela
Are you looking for a mattress that offers more sleeping space? Look no further than the oversized mattresses named after three massive states in the United States: Wyoming, Alaska, and Texas. These mattresses, known as...

Are you looking for a mattress that offers more sleeping space? Look no further than the oversized mattresses named after three massive states in the United States: Wyoming, Alaska, and Texas. These mattresses, known as the Wyoming King, Alaskan King, and Texas King, are larger than the standard sizes, providing ample room for a comfortable night's sleep.

Oversized Mattress Dimensions

Let's take a closer look at the dimensions of these oversized mattresses:

Wyoming King Texas King Alaskan King
Width (Inches) 84 inches 80 inches 108 inches
Width (CM) 213.36 CM 203.2 CM 274.32 CM
Length (Inches) 84 inches 98 inches 108 inches
Length (CM) 213.36 CM 248.92 CM 274.32 CM
Recommended Room Size (Feet) 12 feet by 12 feet 12 feet by 14 feet 16 feet by 16 feet
Recommended Room Size (CM) 365.76 CM by 365.76 CM 365.76 CM by 426.72 CM 487.68 CM by 487.68 CM
Mattress Shape Square Rectangle Square

These oversized mattresses are not readily available in regular stores, both brick and mortar and online. You will need a spacious master bedroom to comfortably accommodate these larger beds.

Wyoming King: The Smallest Oversized Mattress

The Wyoming King is the smallest among the oversized mattresses. Measuring 84 inches by 84 inches, it is as long as the California King size mattress but 12 inches wider. This additional width is perfect for accommodating an extra sleeper without making them feel cramped.

Compared to a standard King size bed (76 inches by 80 inches), the Wyoming King is 8 inches wider and 4 inches longer, making it a great option for families who feel cramped in regular-sized beds.

Wyoming King Image: The Wyoming King

Average Price: $1500-$3000


  • Spacious for large couples
  • Can accommodate a child for comfortable co-sleeping


  • Small for large families who want to co-sleep with more than two children
  • More expensive than the largest standard-sized beds

Alaskan King: The Largest Oversized Mattress

As the name suggests, the Alaskan King is the largest oversized mattress available. Measuring 108 inches by 108 inches, this ginormous mattress provides abundant space for you and your entire family to sprawl comfortably.

The square-shaped Alaskan King is 24 inches longer than the California King size mattress, making it the perfect choice for accommodating very tall sleepers without the risk of dangling feet. Moreover, the spaciousness of the Alaskan King allows for motion isolation, making it suitable for couples with different sleep schedules.

Alaskan King Image: The Alaskan King

Average Price: $2500-$5000


  • Comfortable for large families co-sleeping with more than two children
  • Perfect for very tall sleepers
  • Convenient for couples with different sleep schedules


  • Requires a huge room to accommodate the largest oversized mattress
  • Most expensive in the oversized mattress segment

Texas King: The Tallest Oversized Mattress

Named after the second-largest state in the USA, the Texas King measures 80 inches by 98 inches, making it narrower than the Wyoming King. However, it compensates for this by offering an additional 14 inches in length.

While the Wyoming King may be a better choice for accommodating more sleepers, the Texas King is perfect for taller individuals who require extra legroom. It is an excellent option for those who don't have large enough rooms for an Alaskan King.

Texas King Image: The Texas King

Average Price: $2000-$3500


  • Perfect for tall families who don't have rooms large enough for an Alaskan King
  • Offers a huge sleeping area without being as expensive as an Alaskan King


  • Narrowest of the oversized mattresses
  • Uncomfortable for large families who want to co-sleep with children

Differences Between the Oversized Mattresses

The choice of the best oversized mattress for you depends on the number of people in your family, their physical build, and the available space in your bedroom. It is recommended to leave at least 2 feet of space on all three sides of the bed for optimal sleeping ambiance.

Keep in mind that an overcrowded room may lead to sleep disruptions. Consider the area you'll need for walking space and furniture when deciding on the size of your mattress, such as side tables, floor lamps, or dressers.

Where Can You Buy Oversized Mattresses

Oversized Mattress Image: Oversized Mattresses

Finding oversized beds in regular mattress stores can be challenging. Your best bet is to research online and find companies that specialize in custom-sizing mattresses. Some boutique bedding brands are willing to work with you to create a personalized oversized mattress. You can even customize the mattress type, such as latex, memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid.

Where to Find Foundations and Bedding Accessories for Oversized Mattresses

One common drawback of oversized mattresses is their incompatibility with most bedding accessories and foundations. While some manufacturers offer compatible foundations, bed frames, and bedding accessories, you may need to have them specially made. Alternatively, you can place your oversized mattress directly on the floor.

If you have trouble finding sheets that fit, consider getting your flat and fitted sheets tailor-made. When buying or ordering a comforter or duvet, remember the 12-16 rule: it should be 16 inches wider and 12 inches longer than your oversized mattress to cover all three sides properly.


These oversized mattresses, commonly known as family beds, are ideal for large families who enjoy co-sleeping. With their ample space, you can easily change sleeping positions without disturbing others. The spaciousness of these beds also makes them perfect for couples with different sleep schedules. So, if you crave extra sleeping space, consider the Wyoming King, Alaskan King, or Texas King for a truly luxurious sleep experience.