Unlocking the Mysteries: Bella Hadid's Zodiac Sign

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In the glimmering world of high fashion, the Hadid sisters have emerged as global icons. Both Gigi and Bella Hadid have made their indelible mark on the modeling industry. Today, let's turn our attention to...

In the glimmering world of high fashion, the Hadid sisters have emerged as global icons. Both Gigi and Bella Hadid have made their indelible mark on the modeling industry. Today, let's turn our attention to Bella Hadid and delve into her intriguing personality through the lens of her zodiac sign.

Bella Hadid, A Libra Amongst the Stars

Bella Hadid, born on October 9th, falls under the captivating sign of Libra. Libras, as an air sign, are known for their unwavering dedication to fairness and justice. People born under this sign are a joy to be around due to their easygoing and fun-loving nature. Bella epitomizes these qualities, making her a delight to interact with both on and off the runway.

Bella Hadid | Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com

Bella's Celestial Fascination

Interestingly, Bella Hadid is not only admired for her captivating looks but also holds a keen interest in astrology. Vogue France revealed that Bella frequently engages with astrology-related content from Moon Omens, a platform that offers astrological reports and advice. It seems that Bella's curiosity about the stars adds another layer to her already enchanting personality.

Unveiling Bella Hadid's Rising Sign

Astrology enthusiasts understand that to gain a deeper understanding of a person's character, their birth chart must be explored. As Bella has shown a genuine fascination with astrology, her fans would surely appreciate uncovering her "big three."

Bella's sun sign, as mentioned earlier, is Libra, aligning with her birthday. According to Astrology.com, it's no surprise that Bella possesses striking beauty. As a Libra woman ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Bella naturally emanates a captivating allure, even if it defies conventional standards.

A closer look at Bella Hadid's birth chart reveals that her rising sign, or ascendant sign, is Virgo. The rising sign, along with other signs, is determined by the birth time and location. In Bella's case, she was born at 4:19 am in Washington DC, USA.

Cosmopolitan sheds light on the traits of Virgo rising signs, highlighting their reserved nature and initial aloofness. Valuing security, these individuals rarely take impulsive or reckless steps in various aspects of their lives, showcasing a steadfast approach to decision-making.

The Story Behind Bella Hadid's Moon Sign

Bella's moon sign also aligns with Virgo, mirroring her rising sign.

While the rising sign illuminates how others perceive an individual, the moon sign delves into their emotional side. Although we don't claim to be astrology experts, Stars Like You provides a glimpse into the moon sign of individuals with Virgo as their chosen constellation:

"Born with the Moon in Virgo, you are likely to have an innate need to improve or refine the circumstances around you - combining practical know-how with the analytical quality necessary to achieve specific results."

The Ageless Beauty: Bella Hadid's Stellar Journey

Born on October 9, 1996, Bella Hadid currently stands at 26 years old, captivating the fashion world with her timeless allure. Although she was born in Washington DC, Bella mainly grew up in Santa Barbara, California, alongside her siblings Gigi and Anwar Hadid. Following a decade-long residence in their Santa Barbara ranch, the family relocated to Beverly Hills.

For her 26th birthday celebration, Bella Hadid shared a joyous day with her boyfriend, Marc Kalman. Starting with a delightful brunch among friends, the festivities continued into the evening, as family and friends surprised Bella at a charming restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.

As Bella Hadid continues to mesmerize the world with her striking beauty and magnetic personality, her zodiac sign provides a glimpse into the depths of her character. With Libra as her sun sign, Virgo as her rising sign, and Virgo as her moon sign, Bella showcases a harmonious blend of charm, refinement, and a drive for perfection.