Welcome to Cabinet Bed Store: Your Ultimate Guide to Murphy Cabinet Beds

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About Cabinet Bed Store Cabinet Bed Store is committed to providing exceptional customer service to ensure a seamless Murphy Cabinet Bed buying experience. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may...

Welcome to Cabinet Bed Store

About Cabinet Bed Store

Cabinet Bed Store is committed to providing exceptional customer service to ensure a seamless Murphy Cabinet Bed buying experience. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have about our beds. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions on our website. We believe that buying a new Cabinet Bed should be a fun and exciting experience, which is why we provide detailed information, including in-depth descriptions and informative videos, to help you make an informed decision.

When you shop with Cabinet Bed Store, you enjoy free shipping and guaranteed lowest prices. We offer a wide selection of cabinet beds from top brands like Night and Day Furniture and Arason. Whatever your style, we have a bed that will match your taste!

What is a Cabinet Bed?

Cabinet Bed

Cabinet beds are a modern version of the traditional Murphy bed. Unlike traditional Murphy beds, cabinet beds are designed to seamlessly blend in with your existing furniture. They provide an easy and convenient way to add an extra sleeping space to any room in your house. No longer do you have to dedicate an entire room for guests. Cabinet beds can be placed in your home office, family room, living room, or even your workout room. The best part? Your guests won't even realize it's a bed until you show them! The ability to disguise the murphy cabinet bed so well is what makes these beds more versatile than traditional Murphy beds.

How Does a Cabinet Bed Work?

All the cabinet beds we offer are designed to be completely self-contained. The mattress, pillows, sheets, and comforter all sit neatly inside the unit, making it incredibly easy to pull out and put back together without any hassle. Our collection includes a variety of brands with similar functionality. Each brand offers some type of underneath storage drawer for pillows and sheets, with the larger portion of the cabinet housing the Full or Queen Size Tri-Fold mattress.

Night and Day Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed Example of the Night and Day Clover Murphy Cabinet Bed

Transforming the cabinet into a queen-size bed can be done in a matter of seconds! Here's how:

  1. Pull out the underneath storage drawer, which varies depending on the brand.
  2. Unhinge the top portion/front panel of the bed.
  3. Let it down gently to the ground and flip it out a second time.
  4. Pull out the mattress.
  5. Make the bed!

It's as simple as that. Once you've done it a couple of times, it will take you less than 30 seconds to have a Queen-Size Cabinet Bed ready for you or your guests to sleep on. Even your guests will be able to figure it out in no time at all. The only exception to these steps are the Night and Day Cube Cabinet Beds, which have a different design but are just as easy to use.

Features of Cabinet Beds

Solid hardwood construction Solid hardwood construction

When it comes to quality, our Cabinet Beds are second to none. Here are some notable features that set our beds apart:

  • Solid hardwood construction: All our Cabinet Murphy Beds are constructed using solid hardwood, ensuring durability and longevity. We only offer brands that stand behind their products with excellent warranties. There is no particle board used in any of the beds we offer. Each bed is a high-quality piece of furniture made to last for years.

  • Easy to move: Cabinet Murphy Beds are much easier to move than traditional Murphy beds. Since they don't require wall anchoring, you won't have to pay extra for installation or worry about damaging your walls. This makes them more versatile if you decide to rearrange furniture or move to a new home.

  • Simple setup: Setting up our beds is a breeze. With the exception of the cube cabinet bed, which comes in a flat box, the top portion of each cabinet bed is fully assembled. This means all you have to do is attach the drawer/base, and the bed is ready to go. Assembly typically takes about 30-40 minutes. Our cube beds come with thorough and easy-to-follow instructions, and they take about an hour to assemble. Rest assured, we have assembled numerous Cube cabinet beds without any issues.

  • Convenient top storage: Most of our cabinet beds feature a stationary top panel that allows you to display decorations or even a TV. It's a convenient storage option that adds to the versatility of our beds.

  • Underdrawer storage: Our Arason and larger Night and Day Murphy Cabinet beds come with a built-in drawer for extra storage. This eliminates the need for extra closet space, as you can store pillows and sheets within the bed itself. The cube cabinet bed, although without a drawer, still provides storage space above the mattress when closed. However, when the bed is fully pulled out, you won't have access to the drawer. Regardless, our beds are designed to offer optimal storage solutions.

Sleeping on a Cabinet Bed

Comfortable mattress Comfortable mattress

We understand that comfort is of utmost importance when it comes to sleeping on a bed. Rest assured, the mattresses we offer are carefully selected for their comfort. We have tested all the mattresses provided by Night and Day Furniture, Arason, and Cabinet Bed Inc. Each brand offers 6-inch gel-infused memory foam mattresses that are both comfortable and convenient to fold up and fit inside the cabinet.

What to Expect When Purchasing from Us

Quality is our top priority when it comes to furniture. That's why we only offer cabinet beds made with the highest quality materials. Our Murphy cabinet beds are constructed using solid hardwood or layered plywood. Unlike cheaper alternatives, we do not use particle board or MDF, which are prone to water damage and bubbling. Our beds are resilient and built to withstand the test of time.

Furthermore, our cabinet beds feature high-quality wood veneer or paint, providing a natural wood look that cheaper laminates cannot replicate.

Our Cabinet Murphy Bed Collections

We offer a variety of collections to suit different tastes and styles:

Brussels Collection

The Brussels Cabinet Bed Collection by Arason features elegant circles and half circles for a sophisticated and cozy look. It comes in classic white, cool charcoal, and trendy ash finishes.

Clover Collection

The Clover collection by Night and Day Furniture offers a timeless design that fits beautifully in any home. It comes in cherry, dark chocolate, and white finishes, and includes a USB module, underneath drawers for storage, and a 6” Memory Foam Gel Mattress.

Creden-ZZZ Collection

The Creden-ZZZ collection by Arason offers a simple design and is available in a full-size in addition to queen size, making it perfect for smaller spaces.

Cube Collection

The Cube Cabinet Bed is an affordable and compact option from Night and Day Furniture. It doesn't include underdrawer storage but still provides an easy-to-use solution at a great price. Choose from cherry, dark chocolate, stonewash, and white finishes.

Daisy Collection

The Daisy collection features the unique Buttercream cabinet bed, which has a slatted front for a natural wood farmhouse look. It's especially popular in beach houses.

Essex Collection

The Essex Murphy Cabinet Bed collection complements Arason's Brussels collection. It features a crisscrossed diamond design and comes in ash, black, and white finishes.

Poppy Collection

The Poppy Cabinet Bed collection by Night and Day Furniture offers beautiful finishes like Poppy, White Bark, Blizzard, and Driftwood. The beds feature horizontal slatted boards on the front, making them a true masterpiece and a popular choice.

Sagebrush Collection

The Sagebrush collection has a modern look with sleek silver hardware. It comes in dark chocolate and stonewash finishes, and includes a USB module and fold-up trays.

Discover the perfect Cabinet Murphy Bed for your home from our wide range of collections!

At Cabinet Bed Store, we strive to provide the best customer experience. We offer high-quality cabinet beds, exceptional service, and competitive prices. Shop with us and transform any room into a comfortable sleeping space with style. Visit our website or contact us today!

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