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Building a Stunning Waterfall Framed 60" Rectangle Coffee Table

CEO Khai Intela
Why I Built This Coffee Table I recently built a similar console table and a 52" version (pictured below) that left me captivated by their sleek yet rustic design. The allure was irresistible, and I...

diy shiplap fireplace coffee table build

Why I Built This Coffee Table

I recently built a similar console table and a 52" version (pictured below) that left me captivated by their sleek yet rustic design. The allure was irresistible, and I knew I had to complete the set by constructing a matching coffee table.

Pottery barn folsom console

This entire collection is undeniably beautiful!

Watch the Console Table Build Video

Although I didn't film the coffee table build, I did capture the process of constructing the matching console table. The steps involved are quite similar, so I highly recommend watching that video to get a comprehensive understanding of the build.

How I Built This Coffee Table

Building this coffee table was quite a challenge, but I thoroughly enjoyed pushing my skills and creating something I'm immensely proud of. I must emphasize that this project should only be attempted by individuals with the right tools and a solid foundation in building. It is an advanced endeavor.

coffee table building steps

To begin, I utilized lumber that went through the table saw to create square edges. The 1x12s ended up measuring 11-1/8" wide, so ensure uniform widths for all your 1x12 boards. Additionally, I ripped the 1x3s from 1x6 boards to achieve the desired square edge.

cutting with a miter saw

After testing my saw, I proceeded to cut the face frame boards first. Employing a 10" sliding compound miter saw, I meticulously executed the bevel cuts. However, the 1x12s tended to shift during the process, making it a bit trickier than anticipated. Be sure to double-check your cuts for straightness.

face frame boards for coffee table

Next, I drilled 3/4" pocket holes on the ends of the shorter face frame boards, taking great care to prevent any pocket holes from showing on the side edges. I then clamped the face frame boards and attached them using 1-1/4" pocket hole screws.

kreg jig face frame

It is crucial for the two face frames to match perfectly.

Moving on to the 1x12s, cutting their 45-degree bevels proved to be quite a challenge. The boards wanted to shift during the process, so accuracy and attention to detail were essential. Make sure your cuts are straight across the entire length.

pocket holes joining panels

I then joined the two top pieces by drilling pocket holes and attached them to the face frames. The same process was repeated for the two side panels.

attaching panels to face frame

Completing the assembly, I attached the second face frame and secured the corners with 1-1/4" brad nails. For added strength, I added 1x2 supports underneath the top and bottom spans of the coffee table.

inside side panels

The inside pieces consist of pocket-holed 1x12s that are set in place. I needed the help of a screw to pull the panel back in place during the setup, but I later removed the screw. The inside panels were then securely nailed using 1-1/4" brad nails.

unfinished coffee table

With construction completed, I proceeded to fill any nail holes and small gaps with wood filler. I then meticulously sanded the entire surface using 120-grit sandpaper, following the direction of the wood grain.

stained coffee table

For the finish, I stained the entire project using "golden oak" by Varathane. However, the result was not as expected, so I decided to add a watered-down layer of white paint.

whitewashed stained wood

Wiping the white paint in a light layer, the final result was much more appealing.

To protect the finish and make it easy to clean, I applied a layer of clear Polyurethane.

finished coffee table photo

All in all, this coffee table was definitely not an easy undertaking, but the final outcome was unquestionably worth it. It took me around 8 hours and $150 in lumber to complete this stunning piece. I couldn't be prouder of the results!

Free Plans to Build This Coffee Table

If you're inspired to take on this project, I've provided free plans to guide you. We would love to see your work, so please send us a photo of your finished coffee table!