Using Transom Windows: Maximizing Natural Light at Home

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Interior transom windows and clerestory windows: Simple architectural details with a big impact French doors and interior transom windows can transform any room The Power of High Windows Sunlight is a crucial element in home...

Interior transom windows and clerestory windows: Simple architectural details with a big impact

kitchen with french doors and interior transom windows French doors and interior transom windows can transform any room

The Power of High Windows

Sunlight is a crucial element in home design. Before the era of electricity, windows served a greater purpose than just providing a pretty view. Interior transom windows, positioned above doors, and clerestory windows, placed within walls above eye level, offer privacy while allowing natural light to flood in.

Today, artificial light may make our lives easier, but it can't compare to the warmth of sunlight and the mood-lifting benefits it provides. Discover how Sweeten homeowners have used transom and clerestory windows to enhance their living spaces and brighten their lives.

Connecting with Nature

White tile walk-in shower with transom window Transom windows in the bathroom offer natural light and privacy

For one Southampton homeowner, clerestory windows were a must-have during their renovation. These windows were strategically placed in bathrooms to ensure maximum light and privacy. Now, the homeowners and their guests can revel in private moments of nature observation while enjoying a relaxing bath.

Restoring Light to Unused Spaces

transom windows Transforming a windowless powder room with salvaged clerestory windows

In Meredith's townhouse, the original master bathroom was transformed into a powder room and kitchen pantry. However, this change left the powder room without a window. To solve this problem, the homeowner installed a decorative salvaged window from Olde Good Things as a clerestory window. Now, the powder room is flooded with natural light from the adjacent pantry.

Brightening Hallways

interior transom windows Interior transom windows bring light into hallways

Nazli and Larry's master suite and home office were separated on opposite ends of the top floor of their brownstone. With a sunroof streaming light into the hallway between the two spaces, transom windows were a perfect addition. The office, previously a bathroom, now benefits from the influx of natural light. Continuing down the hall, transom windows run above the half bath and master entry, amplifying the brightness.

A Small Bedroom Solution

transom window A transom window brings natural light into the kitchen

Chris and Amber needed a second bedroom for their growing family and found the perfect solution in a dining nook off the kitchen. However, building the new room meant sacrificing the kitchen's only window. To make the small bedroom feel more spacious, they installed a transom window above the doorway. This clever placement ensured that the kitchen would still receive a healthy dose of natural daylight.

Adding Flair to Entrances

white glass panelled doors to kitchen with brown floor after renovation A transom window adds elegance and architectural flair to a doorway

Deborah's kitchen renovation called for a simple rip-and-replace. However, her Sweeten contractor took it a step further and widened the doorway, crafting a set of French doors to match the ones in the living room. To add a touch of architectural grandeur, a transom window was added. The result is a stunning entrance that brings in an abundance of natural light.

Transforming Bedrooms into Light-Filled Sanctuaries

master bedroom Interior transom windows flood bedrooms with natural light

Lexi's Greenwich Village loft renovation aimed to create a gallery-like space with bright white walls and black steel accents. To achieve this, her Sweeten general contractor strategically placed interior transom windows along the bedroom walls. The result is a room filled with natural light and an airy atmosphere.

Illuminating Spaces Between Spaces

transom windows interior transom windows Clerestory windows bring light into the newly created space without sacrificing privacy

Idalee and Danny faced a tight deadline as they transformed their one-bedroom into a two-bedroom before their baby arrived. During this process, a window had to be sealed off. To preserve the natural light, clerestory windows were added to the kitchen and living room walls, ensuring a continuous flow of sunlight between the spaces.

When you're ready to embark on your own home remodel, discuss the possibilities of incorporating these window types with your general contractor. Let Sweeten's carefully selected professionals guide you from start to finish.

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