Unveiling the Allure of Industrial Architecture Interiors

CEO Khai Intela
When you mention "industrial," what comes to mind? Perhaps it's images of grungy factories and backbreaking work. However, in today's design landscape, the term "industrial" has taken on a new meaning. It now evokes a...

When you mention "industrial," what comes to mind? Perhaps it's images of grungy factories and backbreaking work. However, in today's design landscape, the term "industrial" has taken on a new meaning. It now evokes a sense of elegance and a touch of chic. Industrial style has become a sought-after interior design aesthetic across various settings, from cafes and hospitality spaces to workplaces and urban residences. This design movement embraces raw materiality, exposed inner workings, and the concept of adaptive reuse.

The Casing Boutique, Adele McNab

The Casing Boutique Architect Adele McNab created a warm and inviting space for The Casing Boutique, a natural sausage casing business. Located in a warehouse in Marrickville, Sydney, the workspace features an open layout, a kitchen, product displays, a sausage-making room, and a refrigerator.

Bicycle Thieves, Pierce Widera

Bicycle Thieves Inspired by the 1948 movie "Bicycle Thieves," this light-filled eatery in Melbourne's Northcote suburb pays homage to Italian neorealism. The café combines modern tonality, textures, and a revitalized narrative to transport patrons to the Italian treasure.

Park House Food Merchants, Alexander & Co

Park House Food Merchants Alexander & Co. transformed an old motel with 70s coastal and retro vibes into a loft-style art warehouse. This venue, with its expressive and curated design, caters to heavy traffic and its coastal location, offering an unforgettable experience.

Pentolina, Biasol

Pentolina Design studio Biasol brought together the ancient city of Rome and contemporary Melbourne in the design of this restaurant on Little Collins Street. The shared passion for design, food, and culture is reflected in the captivating ambiance.

Crone Architects’ Office, Crone Architects

Crone Architects' Office With its massive space and fully glazed north-facing façade, Crone Architects' studio at Sydney's World Square is a stunning metaphor for the renewal of this architectural practice. It stands out among other offices, exuding a sense of cultural shift.

Project 281, Splinter Society

Project 281 Splinter Society's Chris Stanley transformed a printing factory warehouse and a heritage Victorian terrace into a captivating space. The design celebrates the history of the printing processes, incorporating textures, cut-outs, and exposed steel structures.

DCM Office, DCM

DCM Office Denton Corker Marshall's move to a single open studio space in Sydney resulted in a stripped-back and honest fit-out that aligns with their way of working and designing. This minimalist approach sets them apart from traditional office aesthetics.

Woods Bagot New York, Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot New York Drawing inspiration from the architectural history of the building and Woods Bagot's global aesthetic, the New York studio showcases a pared-back and gritty design. The use of raw materials, stained concrete floors, and pre-finished black MDF creates a unique atmosphere.

High St Society, Ricci Bloch Architecture + Interiors

High St Society Ricci Bloch Architecture + Interiors transformed a compact 60sqm corner shop in Randwick into a bustling café. Situated across from the Randwick Public Hospital, this space showcases a modern, functional, and visually stunning interior.


Bentwood Sydney and Melbourne's coffee scenes are known for their friendly rivalry. In this case, Melbourne takes the spotlight with its soulful and heritage-filled cafes. Bentwood captures the essence of Melbourne's artful city with its unique atmosphere.

These nine interior design projects pay homage to the industrial style revolution. They showcase how the concept of industrial chic has transformed spaces, elevating them from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it's a converted warehouse or a newly designed space, the allure of industrial architecture interiors continues to captivate and inspire.