Top 3 Realtor Key Lock Boxes for 2022

CEO Khai Intela
Realtor key lock boxes have become an essential tool in the arsenal of busy real estate agents. They offer a combination of safety and convenience that is unmatched. However, not all lock boxes are created...

Realtor key lock boxes have become an essential tool in the arsenal of busy real estate agents. They offer a combination of safety and convenience that is unmatched. However, not all lock boxes are created equal, with varying levels of quality among manufacturers. In this article, we will explore the top qualities to look for in a lock box and review the top three realtor key lock boxes for 2022. Additionally, we will reveal a secret to elevate your real estate sales using lock boxes with automated showing home feedback software.

What are the top qualities to seek in realtor key lock boxes?

Experienced realtors know that a good lock box possesses certain qualities. A superior lock box is user-friendly, intuitive, and reasonably priced. Most importantly, it must be tamper-resistant and durable. Before we dive into the top models available on the market, let's explore the five essential qualities to seek in a lock box.

1) Superb Durability

Durability is crucial when evaluating realtor key lock boxes. Look for lock boxes made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant metal housing. Top-quality lock boxes feature zinc alloy construction and a weather-resistant coating. These durable materials help deter thieves and ensure the longevity of the lock box.

2) Electronic Design

Leading models of lock boxes have features that set them apart. They possess an electronic design that allows control over who enters a home and the hours during which they can enter. Electronic lock boxes also prevent key copying and unauthorized access, adding an extra layer of security.

3) An Intuitive Design

While complex locks may deter thieves, it's important to invest in a lock that is easy to operate. The best real estate lock boxes have an intuitive design that allows realtors to quickly master their operation. Some even include companion apps for added convenience, eliminating the need to remember complicated combinations.

4) Stellar Customer Ratings

One of the most reliable indicators of a lock box's quality is consistent five-star reviews from realtors. When comparing realtor key lock boxes, take the time to read online reviews from verified buyers. Look for reviews outside of the manufacturer's website, as they are more likely to provide genuine feedback.

5) Industry Recommendations

Realtor key lock boxes recommended by professional organizations like the National Association of Realtors (NAR) are often a safe bet. These organizations conduct extensive evaluations, testing, and comparisons before recommending a model. Consider their recommendations when making your decision.

What are the signs of a poor quality lock box?

Knowing the signs of a dependable lock box is crucial, but it's equally important to recognize the signs of a poor-quality lock box. Poorly constructed lock boxes leave homes vulnerable to break-ins and theft. Here are some signs to watch out for:

1) A price that is "too good to be true"

Lock boxes with suspiciously low price tags are often easier to break and offer little protection to homeowners. Cheap lock boxes can be broken into within seconds, making them an easy target for experienced thieves.

2) Use of a basic combination lock

Lock boxes with basic combination locks are a cheap and quick solution, but they make homes an easy target for savvy thieves. Cheap combination locks can be easily compromised, and thieves can obtain the combination by posing as real estate agents.

3) No warranty

Products without warranties should raise a red flag. Beware of unproven models sold by overseas manufacturers or on re-seller marketplaces. Not only do you risk receiving a defective product, but you also have no recourse to recoup your money.

What are the top realtor key lock boxes on the market?

As we head into 2022, there are numerous lock boxes available on the market. In addition to considering the aforementioned factors, it's essential to consider industry recommendations, convenience, and your budget. Here are the top real estate lock boxes available to realtors:

1) Supra iBox

Supra's lock boxes are renowned for their durability, security, and excellent customer support. The Supra website offers useful tools for organizing lock boxes, viewing scheduled showings, and assigning lock boxes to properties. The iBox BT LE is a digital model that offers several benefits:

  • Users receive communication through their mobile devices via Low-Energy Bluetooth technology.
  • Realtors receive instant notifications via email or text when someone enters a property.
  • Users can control access to the lock box based on scheduled showing times.
  • The Call Before Showing (CBS) option prompts showing agents to contact you for a 7-digit code.
  • No additional hardware is required for use with the latest iPhones and iPads.

2) SentriLock

As the official lock box of the NAR, SentriLock's electronic lock box provides a higher level of security than mechanical lock boxes. It is resistant to extreme weather conditions and features a double steel vault. Here are some unique advantages of SentriLock's lock box:

  • Ability to record, store, and report key data from each showing.
  • Elimination of unauthorized showings.
  • Real-time notifications of showing start and end times.
  • Long battery life of up to 4 or 5 years.
  • Illuminated keypad for easy access in low-light conditions.

3) The KeyGuard SL-500

The KeyGuard SL-500 is a favorite among many realtors due to its attractive price and ease of use. Unlike some state-of-the-art lock boxes, the SL-500 only requires a four-digit code to unlock and holds up to five keys. While it may not have all the advanced features of other models, its simplicity and functionality make it a popular choice.

Realtor Key Lock Boxes Realtor Key Lock Boxes

What is the secret to success with realtor key lock boxes?

Realtor key lock boxes are powerful tools that can greatly enhance your real estate business. Many realtors have yet to discover the secret to maximizing their success with lock boxes: using them in conjunction with a proven home feedback system.

Gathering feedback using lock box information is a strategy used by the most successful realtors. By understanding the buyer's mindset through feedback, realtors can better respond to their needs and improve their communication with sellers. Implementing a feedback system is simple with trusted industry experts. Our automated showing feedback software is easy to set up and use.

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