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Top 10 Portland, Maine Interior Designers Near Me

CEO Khai Intela
If you're searching for expert interior design in the heart of Portland, Maine, you've come to the right place! We have curated a list of the top interior designers near you who are ready to...

If you're searching for expert interior design in the heart of Portland, Maine, you've come to the right place! We have curated a list of the top interior designers near you who are ready to turn your dream home into a reality. Whether you're looking to transform a single room or express your personal style throughout your entire home, these experienced professionals have the skills and expertise to make it happen. So, let's meet the best Maine interior designers!

Interior Design in Portland, Maine

Living room by one of the top Portland Maine interior design firms - Caity H

Maine interior designers draw inspiration from the rich history and traditional New England style of the area. They pride themselves on blending traditional elements with contemporary techniques to create unique and captivating designs. Whether you prefer a classic or modern aesthetic, there's a Maine interior designer who can turn your vision into a reality.

Tip: Find Your Style with an Interior Design Quiz

Before diving into your search for the perfect Maine interior designer, take a moment to discover your individual style. Taking an interior design style quiz can help pinpoint your preferences and guide you towards the designer who best aligns with your personal taste and aesthetic.

Best Maine Interior Designers

Living room by one of Decorilla's interior designers near me, Sharene M.

Portland, Maine, is home to some truly remarkable interior design firms that know how to bring out the beauty in any space. From bold colors to natural designs, these designers have mastered the art of creating meaningful and captivating rooms. Whether you're looking for online kitchen design inspiration or planning a luxurious renovation, these experts have got you covered.

Tyler Karu

Tyler Karu is a passionate designer who celebrates the intimate relationship between people and their environments. With a diverse team of experts, Tyler brings unique perspectives and innovative solutions to each project. With a background in construction, Tyler creates dynamic and tailored homes that honor the natural surroundings while meeting the needs of her clients.

Bedroom by one of the leading Portland Maine interior design firms - Tyler Karu

What We Love: Tyler's creative and thoughtful approach that delivers transformative spaces.

Decorilla Portland Maine Interior Designers & Decorators

For unparalleled project finishes, Decorilla's best Maine interior designers are the go-to experts. With their experience and creativity, they can bring your vision to life with finesse. Whether you're looking for in-person or online design services, Decorilla offers a wide range of customized packages to suit your specific taste and needs.

Bedroom by one of the best Maine interior designers, Courtney B

Decorilla provides easy access to leading local interior designers, allowing you to create personalized designs from the comfort of your own home. Their packages include photorealistic 3D images to give you a sense of your future space and custom shopping lists to take advantage of trade discounts on furniture and decor. With their white-glove concierge service, the entire design process is streamlined and hassle-free.

Kitchen by one of Decorilla's Maine interior designers near you, Rene P.

What We Love: Decorilla's diverse and highly functional approach that consistently delivers top-notch results. Plus, they are the most accessible of all the interior design firms in Portland, Maine, allowing you to start your project right away!

Brett Johnson

With 17 generations in Maine, Brett Johnson has a deep understanding of how interiors impact our local lives. His design process combines a classic approach with practicality, shaping each space to fit today's lifestyle without excessiveness. From interior design in Portland, Maine, to a decor store in Bath, Brett and his team cater to each client's unique aesthetic preferences.

Dining room by one of the Maine interior designers - Brett Johnson

What We Love: Brett's ability to create timeless and functional spaces that prioritize the form-follows-function principle.

Tracy A. Davis

Urban Dwellings, led by Tracy A. Davis, is one of the best interior design firms in Portland, Maine. Tracy's signature style blends style and function to reflect her clients' intimate connection with their homes. With her extensive travel experience and active membership in the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) for over 15 years, Tracy brings a unique and eclectic perspective to her designs.

Top Maine interior designers, Tracy A. Davis

What We Love: Tracy's boutique shop, which offers exquisite elements for homes in Maine and beyond.

Bronwyn Huffard

Bronwyn Huffard and her team of all-female Maine interior designers combine time-honored classics with contemporary designs to create inviting and stylish spaces. With a focus on thoughtfulness and functionality, Bronwyn ensures that each space is highly functional and reflects the unique style and personality of her clients.

Top Maine interior designers, Bronwyn Huffard

What We Love: Bronwyn's keen eye for color and exceptional sense of lighting.

Emily Ennis Mattei

As one of the best Maine interior designers, Emily Ennis Mattei specializes in crafting sophisticated residential and healthcare spaces. With over a decade of successful projects under her belt, Emily's designs showcase her love for the great outdoors and the seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Her interiors provide both beauty and practicality, creating homes that provide security and comfort.

Bathroom by an interior decorator in Portland Maine - Emily Ennis Mattei

What We Love: Beautiful and practical homes that blend elegance and functionality.

Abigail Shea

Abigail Shea is an acclaimed interior decorator in Portland, Maine, known for her mastery of layering timeless and modern design. By building on classic foundations, Abigail creates spaces that can easily adapt to changing trends over time. Her interiors reflect the personalities of their occupants and use natural colors, materials, and textures to convey an organic feel.

Home by interior designers near me - Abigail Shea

What We Love: Abigail's ability to create timeless and inviting spaces that exude warmth and comfort.

Jeanne Handy

Jeanne Handy has a passion for creating joyful spaces that unlock her clients' potential. With a background in Maclin Design, Jeanne established her own interior design firm in Portland, Maine, where she helps homeowners and business owners find their dream spaces. Her signature approach blends quirky chic with timeless and functional design.

Jeanne Handy, interior decorators Portland Maine

What We Love: Jeanne's ability to infuse timeless and functional spaces with a dash of quirky chic.

Edith Smith

Renowned as a master of layering timeless and modern design, Edith Smith is an accomplished interior decorator in Portland, Maine. She believes in creating evergreen spaces that can evolve over time through subtle touches and accents. Edith sources locally in Maine to limit the environmental impact of her designs.

Bathroom by one of the top Maine interior designers - Edith Smith

What We Love: Edith's ability to create timeless interiors that exude inviting warmth and comfort.

Jacqueline McGee

Led by Jacqueline McGee, one of the leading interior designers in Maine, this Portland-based firm creates beautifully branded spaces across America. With over a decade of international experience in architecture and interiors, Jacqueline has been part of remarkable projects, including collaborations with iconic hotels and residences. Her designs strike the perfect balance between refined and unconventional.

Interior by one of the top interior designers near me - Jacqueline McGee

What We Love: Jacqueline's attention to elaborate detail and her ability to keep interiors refined and unconventional.

Looking for the Top Maine Interior Designers Near You?

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