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The Top 10 Best Patio Furniture Brands

CEO Khai Intela
Quality varies vastly when it comes to outdoor patio furniture brands. As with everything in life, manufacturers have different standards of quality control, attention to detail, and customer service. These are among some of the...

Quality varies vastly when it comes to outdoor patio furniture brands. As with everything in life, manufacturers have different standards of quality control, attention to detail, and customer service. These are among some of the factors that were used to compile this list of the Top Rated Outdoor Furniture Manufacturers. The ability to be comfortable and remain stylishly in fashion has evolved. In the past, manufacturers seemed to struggle with creating concepts that could take a beating from Mother Nature while retaining a sound architectural design and cool, timeless style. This is no longer the case, as these outdoor furniture companies have gone above and beyond all expectations! In this article, we will go over our current top 10 patio furniture brand picks, some past honorable mentions, and some quick buying tips. Enjoy!

Table Of Contents

  • The Top 10 Patio Furniture Brands Today
  • Honorable Mentions
  • Who Makes the Best Outdoor Furniture?
  • Where to Find the Best Patio Furniture

To view a complete list of the manufacturers we carry, be sure to check out our patio furniture brands page, with over 30 of the top names including Sunset West, Harmonia Living, Homecrest, Woodard/Mallin, Polywood, and more!

The Top 10 Patio Furniture Brands Today

Let's just dive into it, shall we? Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 10 outdoor furniture brands. This list may change quarterly, so be sure to check back in the future for our updated selections!

1. Brown Jordan - Best of the Best

The Oscar Collection by Brown Jordan - fantastic quality, effortlessly stylish. It’s no surprise Brown Jordan graces this top 10 list with its premier outdoor furniture presence. Based in Pasadena, California, Robert Brown and Hubert Jordan first started the company in 1945 to make exclusive luxury-quality all-weather outdoor furniture that encompasses “The Good Life.” Brown Jordan is noted as being the innovator who introduced tubular aluminum and vinyl designs, called “Leisure.”

With over 30 unique collections, Brown Jordan is the “best of the best” when it comes to patio furniture. They use only the best materials to make their classic furniture, including teak wood which resists rot and mildew. They’ve distinguished themselves from other patio furniture brands by continuing to produce sharp, award-winning designs that boast innovation and quality. The pricing for these products will be a bit on the high side, but Brown Jordan is a recognizable brand that is guaranteed to meet all expectations. As of this writing, Brown Jordan is primarily a “showroom-only” brand, so alas, you will not find them on our website.

2. Castelle - Best Artisanal Craftsmanship

Castelle produces incredible aluminum furniture made to look like wood, such as this Berkeley Collection outdoor dining set

What We Love

  • Beautiful handcrafted frame work with unique details
  • VERY customizable and stylish
  • Gorgeous paint finishes
  • Long lasting construction
  • Aluminum experts

What We Don't

  • Almost too customizable - a lot of options that need to be configured
  • One of the highest price points among all brands

Castelle was founded around 40 years ago and quickly established something of a “ten-ton gorilla” reputation for themselves as leading manufacturers of high-quality, artisan-influenced aluminum patio furniture that spares no expense for the sake of style. Today, Castelle is among the outdoor furniture industry’s most iconic brands - so much so, in fact, that it caught the eye of Brown Jordan. Castelle was acquired by Brown Jordan in 2019, so now these two brands comprise an absolute powerhouse of a patio furniture company.

Castelle has its manufacturing facility in Cartago, Costa Rica, which helps set it apart from most other brands you find today (which are typically made in China or Vietnam, and sometimes Mexico or the USA). Castelle has on staff true artisans who craft all their furniture by hand; a typical all-aluminum lounge chair or sectional takes nearly 18 hours, from start to finish, to create. Then, it is inspected and quality assured by expert craftspeople; all in all, nearly 45 sets of hands touch a single piece of furniture. The result is something beautiful, unique, incredibly high-quality, and with a human story to tell. No wonder Castelle is in such high demand today!

3. Harmonia Living - Best Bang for Your Buck

The Avion Curved Sectional Set by Harmonia Living - Artful design meets durable construction.

What We Love

  • Eye-catching designs
  • Great Materials
  • Exceptional Value
  • Comfortable
  • Lots of fabric options
  • Most pieces are fully-welded, no assembly needed!
  • Best brand for quick ship

What We Don't

  • A few dated collections
  • Some collections are not recommended for commercial use / hospitality
  • While fabrics are customizable, finishes aren't.

Since 2007, Harmonia Living has successfully achieved their vision of creating a “middle ground” for the patio furniture world. They provide a middle-of-the-road option for customers by selling comfortable, high-quality outdoor furniture at prices that aren’t through the roof. Harmonia Living offers a variety of different collections and beautiful designs, perfect for fitting anyone’s outdoor living vision. They’re dedicated to utilizing only the highest grade materials in their manufacturing process, including heavy-duty powder-coated aluminum frames, High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) wicker, and performance fabrics like Sunbrella, Outdura, and Revolution. The brand is best known for their HDPE wicker furniture designs and construction techniques, which generate products that are durable, scratch-resistant, and won’t fade in the sun. Harmonia Living is a trusted brand and a pioneer of high-end, affordable outdoor furniture!

4. Sunset West - Impeccable Sense of Style

Coronado patio set

What We Love

  • Great, award-winning collections in partnership with esteemed furniture designers
  • Very high-quality construction
  • Good value
  • Deep seating collections are very comfortable

What We Don't

  • Some collections are not very comfortable, there is some inconsistency here between collections
  • Lead times can be long and unreliable

If unique styles and designs are on your mind when searching for outdoor furniture, Sunset West has got you covered. This brand is deeply rooted in the furniture industry; it has been passed down through 3 generations and continues to be a family-owned business. Craftsmanship is no stranger to them; each piece of rope and wicker furniture is handwoven, while aluminum frames are polished by hand or detailed with hand-applied finishes. Their teak collections are also built for longevity and style; the naturally mildew and pest-resistant wood goes through a multi-step finishing process to ensure a quality seal. Sunset West offers deep-seated designs, many of which are aptly named after iconic locations in the Southwestern city of San Diego. Their customer service is superb, and their knack for design is equally impressive!

5. Woodard/Mallin - Intertwined Brands with Premier Furniture

Mallin Casual Furniture and Woodard Furniture - excellent brands under the same roof

This spot on the list belongs to a double feature of two premier, intertwining brands. Woodard has manufactured classic and modern outdoor furniture for over 150 years now, meaning they are by FAR the oldest brand on this list. Woodard excels at creating new designs that encompass both modern and classic styles. Their extensive experience and time in the patio furniture world have shaped their manufacturing process to be of the highest quality and precision, an attention to detail most noticeable in their expertly crafted frames. As many as 50 pairs of hands work in their Michigan-based manufacturing facility to craft, finish, and test each product before it is shipped out. All of their furniture is constructed with the highest grade materials as well, including hand-formed iron (using solid iron stock), rustproof aluminum, and all-weather HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) woven wicker.

Woodard signed a deal to acquire Mallin in 2018 and has since integrated the brand into its processes. Mallin has been a huge addition to Woodard’s outdoor furniture arsenal, offering an array of casual and comfortable outdoor pieces. Mallin has “only” been in the patio furniture industry for a little over 50 years, so compared to Woodard, they’re quite the fledgling company, but they still hold seniority over most of the other brands on this list.

Versatility is a huge focus for this brand; their casual chairs, outdoor chaises, and dining sets are ready-made for a variety of scenarios, including formal environments and playful backyard patios. Their craftsmanship is also on par with the top dogs of patio furniture. Mallin’s durable frames and top-of-the-line performance fabrics can survive any form of weather and wear. With additional options like sling, cord, trim, and fringe, you can customize to your heart’s content! Rest assured, Woodard and Mallin are great choices when it comes to the best furniture brands today.

6. Ebel - Eco-Friendly Impact and Top-Quality Designs

The Ebel outdoor furniture MIA Collection

What We Love

  • Strong eco-friendly commitment and recycled materials
  • Coordinated color palette across all collections for easy mix & match
  • Highest-tier overall quality
  • Curated fabric assortment is spectacular
  • Love their padded wicker for comfort and easy care

What We Don't

  • Higher price point than most brands

The first thing you’ll notice when you start browsing this brand is its tightly unified color story and polished presentation. This attention to top-quality design and style makes Ebel one of the most sought-after brands for outdoor furniture. Made with fully-welded, rustproof aluminum furniture frames, quick-drying reticulated foam, tough recycled plastic wicker, and fade-resistant fabrics, these products are also patio-ready.

The company was founded in 1988 by Anne Ebel, who started out selling resin benches in Virginia Beach. Now headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Ebel Inc. carries on the tradition of forging strong relationships by partnering with furniture dealers and communities worldwide. Bonus: For each Ebel product you purchase, Trees for the Future plants one tree!

7. Polywood - Best Composite Wood in the Business

The Nautical Curveback Adirondack Chair by Polywood - Fun, affordable, and as low-maintenance as it gets.

What We Love

  • Absolutely bulletproof furniture
  • Sustainable, recyclable materials
  • Made in the USA
  • Super long 20-year residential frame warranty
  • Good value for the price

What We Don't

  • Exposed hardware
  • Fit and Finish not as good as higher-end poly brands
  • Certain finishes have a certain sheen that makes them look a little plastic-y in direct sunlight

Wooden outdoor furniture looks great and blends with many different outdoor patio settings, but it can be prone to fading, chipping, rotting, and more. If you want the look of natural wood without the maintenance headache, then Polywood is the way to go! Polywood was founded in 1990 and was the first brand to create outdoor furniture from recycled plastic materials (a process that, today, has many, many imitators). This material is commonly called “composite wood” or “poly lumber” today. While this brand also manufactures durable, powder-coated aluminum frames, all-weather wicker, and all-weather slings, their main attraction is their composite lumber furniture. To this day, they recycle an average of 400,000 milk jugs each day to make their famed HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) “Polywood Lumber.”

This poly lumber features all-season weather resistance, UV inhibited pigments for coloring throughout the lumber, and stain resistance, making it easy to clean and low-maintenance. Many of Polywood’s outdoor seating options are available in realistic wood-like finishes, but unlike wood, this material won’t splinter, crack, chip, or rot. And because it is a hybrid of recycled plastic resin and wood fiber, the lumber can be dyed during the manufacturing process to be any color you want! This results in a deep, rich hue that won’t fade, and if you chip or scratch the material, it will be the same color throughout - no unsightly white spots under a surface-level topical dye. You can shop our composite wood patio furniture, including Polywood products, in our “Shop By Materials” catalog.

8. Ratana - Timeless Style for the Social Media Age

Ratana patio furniture - beautiful statement pieces

What We Love

  • Design and style that is simply to die for
  • Great mix of materials
  • Artisanal craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Commercial-grade construction for unbeatable longevity
  • Very on-trend finishes and fabrics, a great assortment

What We Don't

  • High price point

With its timeless styles, unique designs, and excellent social media presence, Ratana continues to impress. Ranging from traditional to transitional and contemporary, Ratana’s collection styles can quickly accommodate anyone’s desired outdoor experience. The company uses only the highest grade materials in their manufacturing process, including durable, non-rusting aluminum frames, weather-resistant rope and cushions, stylish resin wicker, and their take on synthetic wood furniture called “Durawood”. Polywood may be the big name in the composite wood space, but Ratana's Durawood performs exceptionally well, with its relative pros and cons.

Ratana’s online presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook also gives customers, commercial buyers, and outdoor furniture industry heads a more in-depth look at their newest products and favorite collection lines in action - they’re a brand that really knows its customers and knows where and how they like to shop.

9. Homecrest - Trend-Driven Designs and Innovation

The Homecrest AIR Collection - cool, comfortable, super plush patio deep seating from a top outdoor furniture brand

What We Love

  • Lots of finish & fabric options - very customizable!
  • High-quality craftsmanship means these sets will last a long time
  • Made in the USA
  • Dreamcore cushions are fabulously comfortable

What We Don't

  • Designs are fairly plain, not much style innovation
  • Long lead times (often due to customization)
  • High price point

Modern design and style is the name of the game for Homecrest outdoor furniture! Founders Mert Bottemiller and Al Engelmann began their Homecrest legacy in 1953 by trying to outperform their vendors with a better hassock (now known as an ottoman). They’ve since expanded their USA-made outdoor furniture collections to accommodate everyday shoppers, international customers, and commercial buyers. Their quality furnishings can be found in resorts, restaurants, and healthcare organizations worldwide!

Longevity is a key attribute of Homecrest. They test the durability and strength of each piece of furniture multiple times before it’s shipped to ensure a long product lifespan. They also promote “green living”; all of their durable aluminum, steel, and wrought-iron frames can be recycled. Overall, Homecrest’s rigorous manufacturing requirements, trend-driven designs, and efficient marketing distinguish them as one of the leading brands in the outdoor furniture industry.

10. Berlin Gardens - Amish Craftsmanship with Modern Materials

Berlin Gardens Patio Dining Furniture Comfo-back Collection

What We Love

  • LOVE their natural finishes; looks just like real wood!
  • Attention to details that other brands skip over
  • Made in the USA
  • Excellent quality with 20-year residential warranty

What We Don't

  • Priced higher than other composite lumber brands

If you want to support a small family-owned business that knows its craft, Berlin Gardens is your brand. Located in Ohio, this Amish-owned manufacturer pairs advanced machinery and modern materials with traditional Amish values and handed-down craftsmanship skills to create some of the finest composite furniture in the industry. Made with 95% recycled plastic, Berlin Gardens’ proprietary PolyTuf Lumber is one of the highest grades of poly lumber on the market. Because their products are made with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), they are all-weather, durable, and virtually maintenance-free.

What sets Berlin Gardens furniture apart is their attention to detail, both with products and customers. Whether you’re looking at outdoor dining tables, Adirondack chairs, or plush deep seating, nearly all collections come with durable, all-weather protections, exceptionally smooth textures, and unique, customizable finish options. They’ve got something for everyone, and they will go above and beyond to craft it for you! Shopping with Berlin Gardens will make you feel like you’re a part of the community.

Honorable Mentions - Brands Previously Featured on this List

Here are some other brands that previously featured on this list but just didn’t quite make the cut this time. Some are no longer in business, while others simply are no longer quite “top ten” material. Still, they are worthwhile brands that are worth looking at while you quest for the perfect patio furniture brands for your outdoor living space!

  • Tropitone (formerly top tier for their Commercial Patio Furniture expertise)
  • Forever Patio (formerly top tier for Mid-Range Pricing, Excellent Quality)
  • Gloster (formerly “Best Teak Furniture”)
  • Alfresco Home (formerly a top choice for Great prices & Quality Furniture)
  • Hospitality Rattan (formerly a top choice for general All-Weather Furnishings)
  • Klaussner Outdoor (formerly the top Experts in Outdoor Upholstery and Composite Materials)
  • Zuo Modern (formerly our top pick for Contemporary Styling)

Who Makes the Best Outdoor Furniture?

What constitutes the “best” patio furniture is going to come down to several major factors, including but not limited to:

  • Quality (durability of materials, quality of construction, and product warranty)
  • Aesthetic (entirely subjective and dependent largely on the space you are trying to fill)
  • Value (relative affordability of the furniture, or, “bang for your buck”)

So, unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for us to tell you what the de-facto “Best” patio furniture brand is. But our top 10 list is updated at least once per year, and while the “top 10” is not necessarily in order of rank from highest to lowest quality, we generally try to feature what we truly believe the “best” brands are closer to the top of the list. So use that as a starting point.

But keep in mind the best brand for you will vary so much on your own personal needs. In most cases, you can tell whether the set you are considering will withstand the test of time by looking for a few key elements.

I’d recommend these buyers guides to anyone shopping for outdoor furniture this Spring (or Summer, Fall, or Winter). This will help you become familiar with some of the key terms and features to look for to find the best patio furniture for YOU.

Where to Find the Best Patio Furniture

You might think that you can find outdoor furniture of the same level of quality as those brands listed in this article at your typical Big Box stores, but that’s not the case. The quality of these brands simply can’t be found in generic outlets and instead must be sourced from smaller specialty stores that know their product inside and out. Put simply, you don’t find high-end clothing & apparel at JC Penny. You’d have to go to Dolce & Gabanna or Neiman Marcus for that. Likewise, for top-quality patio furniture, you can shop boutique, curated online stores like Patio Productions - or, pay a visit to your local small business patio furniture specialists! Not only will they be able to connect you with the perfect furniture for your needs, but they will be far more knowledgeable about the product as well, and most offer additional services that you just don’t get with “jack of all trades” big box retailers.

But don’t just take it from us. Home design experts say the same!

“Some of the stores that I don’t recommend shopping at are some of the big hardware chains or big box retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot because the quality of these pieces don’t enable them often to withstand bad weather and to be able to stay outside year-round…You want fabrics that are not going to bleach out over time and you want a wood that is heavy like a teak wood, any kind of wood you can keep outside.”

-Jennifer Litwin, Home Expert at Yahoo

We are admittedly a bit biased, but we think the best place to shop the best patio furniture brands is right here on Patio Productions - furniture experts and national retailers, with a few small local stores as well where you can come “kick the tires” and see these great products for yourself.

  • View The Best Outdoor Wicker Furniture Brands -

Patio Productions is an online and brick-and-mortar retailer delivering high-end outdoor furniture directly to your front door, free of charge. One click is all it takes to rediscover the beauty hidden within your patio! Or, stop by one of our showroom locations, or our headquarters in San Diego:

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About the Author This post was authored by Cheryl Khan. Cheryl is able to lend insight on this topic after spending years in the design field. She has learned that all outdoor furniture is not the same and always advises clients to seek the very best patio furniture from brands on this list. She’d never make a recommendation that she wouldn’t use in her own home!