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The Modern Day Appliance Garage - 4 Tips for Creating a Sleek and Functional Kitchen Space

CEO Khai Intela
The secret to a clean and organized kitchen lies right on your countertops. A cluttered kitchen with too many items scattered around can be overwhelming. That's where the concept of an appliance garage comes in....

The secret to a clean and organized kitchen lies right on your countertops. A cluttered kitchen with too many items scattered around can be overwhelming. That's where the concept of an appliance garage comes in. As part of our stunning kitchen remodel, we added two appliance garages to keep our kitchen clean and tidy. Let's dive into the details and discover four tips on how to create your own flawless appliance garage.

Modern Day Appliance Garage Image Source: saigonintela.vn

The Modern Day Appliance Garage - Practical and Beautiful

The modern-day appliance garage is both practical and beautiful. It offers hidden storage that keeps your appliances out of sight while ensuring easy accessibility. When designed appropriately for your space, it seamlessly blends in and enhances the overall visual appeal of your kitchen. As the design experts at Moments with Karen suggest, organic design optimizes simple clean lines with functionality in mind.

However, it's important to note that an appliance garage may not be suitable for every kitchen. If you have limited counter space or if the layout doesn't allow for convenient placement, it may not be the right choice. Consider these factors before deciding.

Modern Appliance Garage Inspiration Inspiration for our modern appliance garage

1. Ensure the Right Size

Before building your appliance garage, meticulous measurements are crucial. Imagine the frustration of completing the garage only to discover that none of your appliances fit inside! To avoid this, measure your appliances precisely and add an additional 1-2 inches of space on all sides. This extra space accounts for plug/cord clearance, air flow, and the appliance handles. Don't forget to consider the overall design aesthetics and create a seamless look that complements your kitchen.

Sloped Appliance Garage Our sloped appliance garage adds character and dimension to our kitchen

2. Ensure Enough Edge Counterspace

When designing your appliance garage, take into account the amount of countertop space you'd like to have when the garage is closed. It's practical to have enough clearance to place cups, bowls, or small plates on the countertop even with the garage door shut. This way, you can still utilize the countertop while benefiting from the hidden storage provided by the garage.

Counterspace Clearance Clearance for countertop essentials even with the garage closed

3. Use High-Quality Hardware

As the appliance garage is heavily used, it's crucial to invest in high-quality hardware that ensures long-term functionality. Consider using doors and related hardware that provide smooth and quiet operation. The Blum hydraulic soft-close lift system is an excellent example. The lift system allows the door to open from below and slide up parallel, providing a sleek and convenient experience. Opt for appropriate-length and durable door hardware that complements your overall kitchen design.

Smooth Honey Bronze Cabinet Pull Smooth honey bronze Kinney pull for a stylish touch

4. Make it Seamless

To ensure that your appliance garage seamlessly integrates into your kitchen, pay attention to the overall style and design cohesion. While it doesn't necessarily have to match the color of the rest of your kitchen, it should harmonize with the overall style. If you have Shaker cabinets, consider either a Shaker-style appliance garage or a complementary style like a flat design.

If you're building the appliance garage under your existing cabinetry, ensure that the cabinet is repainted entirely, hiding any seams and making it look like one full piece. Replicate any upper cabinet trim pieces on your appliance garage for a cohesive and polished appearance.

Seamless Design Seamless integration with matching trim and design

In conclusion, an appliance garage can be a game-changer for a well-organized and beautiful kitchen. Before embarking on this project, evaluate your kitchen space, counter area, and layout to ensure it's a suitable addition. Follow these four tips to create a flawless appliance garage that combines practicality and style seamlessly.

Have any questions or need further guidance on kitchen design or general design concepts? Feel free to reach out, and I'll be more than happy to help!

Stay tuned for our upcoming articles covering topics like hardware selection, faucets and sinks, paint choices, and kitchen storage and organization tips to create a clean and tidy kitchen space.

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