The Best Countries for High Rental Property Yields

CEO Khai Intela
Last updated April 7, 2022 Nomad Capitalist always stresses the importance of internationalizing your assets to protect them from any single country. One of the best offshore assets to hold is foreign real estate. Whether...

Last updated April 7, 2022

Nomad Capitalist always stresses the importance of internationalizing your assets to protect them from any single country. One of the best offshore assets to hold is foreign real estate. Whether it's a home, apartment, or land, owning property outside the United States has the advantage of being a non-reportable offshore asset class.

While the housing market in the United States faces challenges such as high inflation, interest rates, geopolitical uncertainties, and low inventory, there are still several countries that offer great opportunities and attractive rental property yields.


best options for rental property yields With its stable government and a free market, Panama is one of the top countries for high rental property yields.

Panama is a popular expat destination for many reasons. Strong property rights, ease of access for Americans, and a free-market economy make it an attractive choice. Additionally, Panama offers appealing second residency options.

Ranked sixth in the world, Panama had a gross rental property yield of 6.68% in 2015. Unlike some other countries, Panama's stable government and other attractive elements make it a safe bet for investment.


best options for rental property yields When thinking about investing in and renting real estate, Jordan offers lots of benefits, especially with rents paid in advance.

Highly ranked on the Global Property Guide lists for both "long-term investment rating" and gross rental property yields, Jordan offers a 5.92% gross rental yield. The advantage of rents being paid one year in advance makes property ownership in Jordan much easier and stress-free. Additionally, property prices in the country are relatively low.

Situated at the convergence of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Jordan offers stability and favorable laws for those interested in starting a business. It is a great international base for expats.


best options for rental property yields If you're looking for a second passport and a place to invest, Colombia might be a good fit for you.

Colombia is an increasingly popular country for expats and investment. With one of the freest economies in South America, it is also a growing tourist destination for Americans. While property valuations may currently be low, they are expected to rise. Moreover, Colombia offers a great second passport program for real estate investors.

The rental property yields in Colombia range from 6.4% to 9.6%, depending on the location. It is not only an attractive investment opportunity but also a top place to consider moving to.


best options for rental property yields As Georgia becomes more westernized, it presents excellent investment opportunities for those who know where to look.

With one of the most pro-business economies in the world, Georgia is an unheralded country with numerous attractions. Foreigners can invest in any type of real estate, except for agricultural properties. Construction and land prices are incredibly cheap.

As the country rapidly westernizes, rental properties become just one of the many accessible opportunities for international investors. Creative marketing strategies can lead to huge returns in Georgia.


best options for rental property yields Although not wealthy, Moldova offers high yields for experienced entrepreneurs willing to experiment.

As the poorest country in Europe, Moldova often gets overlooked by international investors. However, it is a massive mistake to do so. Average rental property yields for medium-sized apartments in the capital city of Chisinau reach as high as 12%, and sometimes even 20%.

Moldova is relatively stable, making it a viable option for those considering investments in Eastern Europe. Renting out apartments in Moldova can lead to enormous payoffs.

This list only scratches the surface of the massive returns on investment that can be achieved by looking beyond conventional places and considering properties in other countries. To find the location that suits your needs and desires, it is recommended to purchase the Foreign Real Estate Guide.

Remember, the less you pay in taxes, the more you can invest at high yields. Increasing investable cash through legal offshore tax reduction is often the first step towards increasing property yields, surpassing the pursuit of the absolute highest yield alone.