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The Enchanting Patio: A Stylish Oasis for Entertainment and Relaxation

CEO Khai Intela
Are you ready to witness the transformation of a simple patio into a captivating space that will leave you in awe? The finished patio, with its exquisite tile, has become a place of pure joy...

Are you ready to witness the transformation of a simple patio into a captivating space that will leave you in awe? The finished patio, with its exquisite tile, has become a place of pure joy and delight. It's now the perfect spot to sit, relax, and entertain your friends and family.

A Refreshed Look for Editorial Appeal

After the initial styling with 100% Target products, we wanted to take it up a notch. House Beautiful.com caught wind of the story and we wanted it to look even more editorial and styled out. The lemon/lime trees didn't pop as much as we had hoped, so we decided to plant them in the garden and bring in stunning climbing roses and flowering trees instead.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_2 The patio with its gorgeous tile, beautifully designed to create a stunning visual impact.

A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

While most of the furniture remains from Target, we switched out the dining chairs for a fresh look. The loveseat, known for its exceptional comfort and easy cleaning, remains a favorite. We brought out a couple of indoor pillows, including the black and white with tassels from Target and a round blush linen from Canvas Home. To add a touch of elegance and coziness, we borrowed a stunning throw from Lost and Found LA.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_5 The beautifully styled patio with comfortable seating and elegant touches.

Perfect Accents to Enhance the Atmosphere

The copper stool adds a touch of sophistication and accentuates the blue/taupe/black and blush color scheme. Although it is intended for indoor use, we couldn't resist placing it on the patio. Its allure enhances the overall ambiance of the space.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_6 The stunning copper stool, the perfect accent to complement the color scheme.

Adding Vintage Charm to the Patio

A French marble table was discovered just before the shoot, and its antique elegance breathed life into the patio. This table, which was initially borrowed, has now become an integral part of the space. Its functionality as a food/buffet table and the additional counter space it provides make it a valuable addition.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_8 The antique French marble table, an enchanting addition that brings vintage charm to the patio.

Stylish Dining and Relaxation Spaces

We initially used matching club chairs for the first shoot but decided to switch things up for a more edgy and cool vibe. The black Windsor chairs and peacock chairs brought a unique touch to the space. However, we eventually went back to the comfort of the club chairs, reserving the black Windsor chairs for dinner parties due to their stackable nature and easy storage.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_10 The club chairs providing comfort and a classic touch to the dining area.

Whimsical Elements to Delight the Senses

The wood bird sculptures add a touch of whimsy to the patio. Despite their price, they were a must-have to create a heavy dose of whimsical charm. These whimsical elements, combined with the natural surroundings, set the tone for a truly enchanting outdoor experience.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_13 The whimsical wood bird sculptures, adding charm and delight to the patio.

Creating a Lived-in Feel

The table was styled with a combination of items already owned, such as the pitcher/vase and lantern, along with a few additions to give it a more lived-in look. The copper shaker from Nickey Kehoe, the runner from Lost and Found, and the black and white blanket and wood beads from Target all contribute to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_21 The beautifully styled table with a combination of items to create a warm and inviting feel.

Magical Tile for Effortless Style

The tile proves that investing in one high-impact element, such as tile or wallpaper, can make decorating the rest of the space a breeze. By choosing the right style for your house, you can easily incorporate affordable and big-box pieces that still maintain a special and distinctive look. Wallpapering or adding an amazing pattern can truly transform any space.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_14 The impressive tile that sets the stage for effortless style in the patio.

A Bar Cart for Effortless Entertaining

The bar cart finds its place on the patio with grace and style. Accessorized with a basket from Heath, lanterns from Target, an antique vase, a colander from Nickey Kehoe, and an array of pretty bottles of wine, it stands as a symbol of effortless entertaining. The cute mushroom ornaments add a playful touch to the overall design.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_15 The inviting bar cart, a perfect addition for entertaining and displaying your favorite beverages.

Luscious Blooms to Delight the Senses

The floral arrangements created for the patio combine the elegance of peonies with vibrant wildflowers and sweet peas. A soft color palette is punctuated with darker flowers to create a visually stunning display. Beautiful stone pots from Lincoln Avenue Nursery house the climbing roses, shrubs, and vines, adding a touch of natural beauty to the patio.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_18 Beautiful floral arrangements and stone pots, creating a tranquil and picturesque atmosphere.

A Space for Culinary Delights

While plans for a built-in BBQ are in the works, this summer calls for a temporary solution. Either the BBQ will be pulled up to the patio or the cooking will take place directly in the garden. Whichever option is chosen, delicious meals and outdoor feasts are guaranteed.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_23 The patio, a perfect spot for culinary delights and outdoor cooking.

Happy in the New Space

Here I am, looking as happy as can be in my new space. The patio has truly become a place of relaxation and joy. For more information on the tile used, please refer to this post. And if you want to see the patio furnished with 100% current Target products, head over here.

Emily-Henderson_House-Beautiful_Courtyard_Tile_Modern_English_Country_25 An ecstatic me, enjoying the new space and cherishing the delightful patio.

A Special Thank You

A special thank you to Erik and Emily, my incredible styling assistants who went above and beyond, from planting rose bushes to taking care of every other essential task around the house. And, of course, a big shoutout to Tessa Neustadt for capturing the beauty of the patio even on a dark and gloomy day.

If you'd like to see the House Beautiful feature, check out their site. And if you want to witness the patio in action before the tile was added, watch the video above. To recreate the look, find the products below.

  1. Pink Napkins
  2. Table Runner (similar)
  3. Rose Gold Flatware
  4. Wingback Chairs
  5. Dining Table
  6. Windsor Chairs
  7. Copper String Lights
  8. Black and White Striped Blanket
  9. Wooden Beaded Garland
  10. Tile
  11. Pink Square Pillow
  12. Black and White Tassel Pillow
  13. Pink Round Pillow
  14. Black and White Striped Lumbar Pillow
  15. Blue Water Glass
  16. Pink Tall Glass
  17. Metal Serving Tray (similar)
  18. Ceramic Colander
  19. White Pitcher (similar)
  20. Lantern Sconce
  21. Wine Glass
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  23. Ceramic Appetizer Plate (similar)
  24. Scalloped Small Plate (similar)
  25. Marble Top Small Table (similar)
  26. Footed Vase (similar)
  27. Lidded Vase
  28. Cement Mushrooms
  29. Round Cutting Board (similar)
  30. White Bowl (similar)
  31. Gray Stripe Table Cloth
  32. Gray and Cream Striped Napkin (similar)
  33. Copper Bottle
  34. Blue Turkish Hand Towel (similar)
  35. Marble and Wood Cheese Board
  36. Bar Cart
  37. Woven Basket (similar)
  38. Tall Copper Lantern
  39. Short Copper Lantern
  40. Black Planter (similar)
  41. Stone Urn Planter (similar)
  42. Loveseat
  43. Copper Side Table
  44. Blue and White Striped Blouse
  45. Blue Throw Blanket (similar)
  46. Woven Pouf
  47. White Jeans
  48. Sandals

Photos By Tessa Neustadt