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The Best Pillar Designs for Your New Home

CEO Khai Intela
It is often said that the most reliable and powerful elements of any structure are its pillars. In a home, these pillars not only provide support but also hold the entire house together. Therefore, it...

It is often said that the most reliable and powerful elements of any structure are its pillars. In a home, these pillars not only provide support but also hold the entire house together. Therefore, it is crucial to design these pillars with both aesthetics and quality in mind.

Throughout history, pillars have been made from various materials. In ancient India, stone pillars were popular, while marble pillars gained prominence during the Nizam's reign. In ancient Greece, marble and stone were commonly used, while wood was more prevalent in Europe. Over time, pillars have become more versatile and can now be created using different materials, ranging from simple designs to highly decorative ones.

modern pillar design Image: Modern pillar design

However, when it comes to designing homes, many people tend to overlook the importance of pillar design. The focus is often on interior design, furniture, and other elements, while pillars are left plain and uninspiring, creating a distraction in the overall design.

To truly create a seamless and visually appealing home, it is essential to pay attention to pillar design from the very beginning. Here, we present seven pillar designs for home interiors for you to consider when designing your house:

1. Round Pillar Design

The round pillar design is the most popular and widely used design in India. With its historical roots and cultural significance, this design evokes a sense of comfort and security. Round pillars can be created using materials such as cement, brick, stone, or a combination of these. Incorporating various designs and patterns can enhance the overall appeal and create an open and airy atmosphere within the space.

round pillar design Image: Round pillar design

2. Stone-Based Pillar Design

The stone-based pillar design not only focuses on the material but also on the raw and strong look it brings to a home. This design is ideal for houses with a grounded and rustic vibe. The use of stone, known for its durability and elegance, adds a touch of timelessness to any structure. Stone-based pillars are commonly found in temples and ancient structures, standing as a testament to their enduring beauty.

stone-based pillar design Image: Stone-based pillar design

3. Brick-Layered Pillar Design

Brick-layered pillar design offers a combination of aesthetics and contemporary appeal. By using bricks as the primary material, the design exudes a vintage yet modern look. Stone bricks can be used for added durability and rustic charm. This versatile design allows for different combinations, making it more authentic and visually appealing.

brick-layered pillar design Image: Brick-layered pillar design

4. Pillar Wall Design

The pillar wall design is both innovative and functional. It not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also acts as a partition or wall within your home. By converting a pillar into a wall, you can create a sense of increased space and openness. Careful planning is required from the early stages of home design to seamlessly incorporate this unique and space-saving design.

pillar wall design Image: Pillar wall design

5. Carved Patterns and Designs in the Pillar

For those with a penchant for artistic patterns and designs, incorporating carvings into pillars adds a unique and authentic look to your home. These patterns and designs can be tailored to match the overall theme and style of your home. Talented artists can be engaged to create intricate designs, combining patterns and paintings to achieve a truly captivating aesthetic. This design can also be used in confluence with the interior design of your living room, creating a harmonious blend.

carved designs pillar Image: Carved designs pillar

6. Checkered Pillar Design

The checkered pillar design offers a modern and contemporary look that is suitable for modern homes. Its symmetrical and structured appearance is particularly striking at the entrance of a house. It can be created using materials such as marble and stone, or in combination for a visually appealing palette. This design also works well with false ceilings, known as ceiling pillar design.

ceiling pillar design Image: Ceiling pillar design

7. House Pillar Design with Tiles and Other Materials

This modern pillar design is gaining popularity among the current generation. Using tiles or other materials to cover the pillars adds a layer of smoothness and finesse to the overall design. The glossy look created by tile-covered pillars complements the decor and interior design of the house. Granite frames can also be used for a unique and rarely seen pillar design.

house pillar design Image: House pillar design

When it comes to pillar design, creativity knows no bounds. These designs are just a glimpse of the possibilities available. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preferences and needs. Building a home is a significant undertaking, and careful research and planning are crucial.

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1. How Do You Style a Pillar?

There are several ways to style a pillar in your house:

  • Cover the pillar with wood materials
  • Transform the pillar into a bar or dining spot
  • Decorate the pillar with plants and other decor items
  • Use marble or granite stone to add a glossy look
  • Convert the pillar into a wall or room divider to enhance the style of the house

Vintage and traditional patterns and designs can also be applied to give the pillar an authentic and traditional look.

2. How Do You Decorate a Pillar Wall in a Living Room?

Here are some suggestions for decorating the pillar in your living room:

  1. Use wall art or decor items to adorn the pillar.
  2. Install a wall lamp or sconce on the pillar.
  3. Decorate the pillar with a suitable-sized wall mirror.
  4. Leave the pillar unfinished or partially finished for an industrial and rustic look.
  5. Paint the pillar in two-tone colors for a fresh and modern appearance.

3. How Do You Design around Pillars?

Designing around pillars requires careful consideration and planning. The design around the pillars should be in harmony with the pillar design to avoid any visual discrepancies. The color palette used around the pillars should complement the pillar's paint color. Moreover, the decor should be chosen to complement the pillar design, ensuring a cohesive and pleasing overall look. For example, if you have an industrial pillar design, the decor should have industrial and raw vibes, creating a unified aesthetic.

4. How Many Pillars Should Be in a House, as per Vastu?

According to Vaastu, it is believed to be auspicious to have an even number of pillars in your house for prosperity and peace. If your house has an odd number of pillars, it is recommended to add one more to make the count even. This belief is widely followed by homeowners and architects across the nation.

Building your dream home is a unique experience, and the design of the pillars plays a significant role in its overall appeal. Consider these pillar designs as inspiration and turn your house into a stunning and harmonious living space.