The Best Interior Designers in Austin: Unveiling Austin's Eclectic and Stylish Design Scene

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Austin, the eclectic and rapidly growing city, is renowned for its slogan "Keep Austin Weird." But amidst the weirdness, there lies a group of exceptionally talented interior designers who bring a touch of freshness, style,...

Austin, the eclectic and rapidly growing city, is renowned for its slogan "Keep Austin Weird." But amidst the weirdness, there lies a group of exceptionally talented interior designers who bring a touch of freshness, style, and modernity to this vibrant city. These designers seamlessly blend the natural elements of Texan history with contemporary aspects, delivering unique and visually stunning spaces. Whether it's residential or commercial projects, they possess the expertise, creativity, and vision to create remarkable designs that have garnered local, regional, and even national recognition.

Allison Burke Interior Design: Collaborative Designs with a Warm Personal Touch

One of Austin's top interior designers, Allison Burke, has built a remarkable reputation with her collaborative approach and warm personal touch. After honing her skills and style at renowned firms such as Nicole Hollis Interior Design and Michael Hsu, she established her own studio in Austin in 2013. Specializing in both residential and commercial projects, her designs have been featured in prestigious publications like Dwell, Tribeza, Food & Wine, and Luxe.

Project by Allison Burke Interior Design Project by Allison Burke Interior Design

Allison's notable work includes the transformation of the Three Courts Residence in collaboration with A Parallel Architects. By maximizing the layout and introducing ample natural light, she successfully revitalized the space. A palette of white and grays, balanced with patterned rugs and plush furniture, created a harmonious and vibrant ambiance. Her talent also extends to restaurant design, as seen in the contemporary interiors of Suerte in East Austin. Food & Wine named it one of the Best New Restaurants of 2019, further showcasing Allison Burke's exceptional design skills.

Allison Jaffe Interior Design: Collaborative, Integrity-driven Design

Integrity and smart design are the cornerstones of Allison Jaffe's approach to interior design. With an interior design degree from Texas State University and registration with the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners, Allison ensures her designs meet the highest standards of health and safety. Her firm has won numerous interior design awards, and she has been recognized as an "Austin Under 40" finalist. Allison's work has been featured in acclaimed publications like Austin Woman Magazine and Legacy of Design Awards.

Project by Allison Jaffe Interior Design Project by Allison Jaffe Interior Design

One of her exemplary projects is the Josephine-Soft Contemporary Living and Dining Rooms, featured in Austin Woman Magazine. Inspired by the Nordic philosophy of "hygge," the space exudes a cozy and calming vibe with its calming colors, luxurious fabrics, and warm light fixtures. Another remarkable project is the Weston Lane kitchen remodel, which won a 2012 ASID Design Excellence Award. The contemporary design incorporated unique barstools, a custom backsplash, and expansive windows to create a stunning and functional kitchen.

Blair Burton Interiors: Creating Refuge and Growth

For Blair Burton, homes should be a refuge and a place to grow. With a belief in the power of good design, Blair opened her own firm in 2004. Her love for design blossomed from her upbringing in a family deeply involved in the building and floral arts industries. Her designs seamlessly integrate traditional elements with modern concepts, creating spaces that exude warmth and harmony. Blair has designed homes in Houston, Austin, and even London.

Project by Blair Burton Interiors Project by Blair Burton Interiors

Blair Burton's work shines in projects like the cozy cabin along the Frio River and the Lake Austin Overlook project. In the Frio refuge, the design revolves around a dramatic reclaimed wood arched ceiling, creating intimate spaces filled with textural moments. The Lake Austin Overlook project takes a modern approach to the Texas Hill Country style, incorporating shiplap, stone, solid wood beams, and stunning hardwood floors. The result is a harmonious blend of elegance and rustic charm.

Evensen Design: Renovations and New Construction with Clean Lines and Luxurious Details

Evensen Design, a boutique interior design firm, specializes in renovations and new construction projects throughout Texas. Under the leadership of Principal Erica Volkmer, the firm delivers clean lines, bright spaces, and luxurious details. From historical renovations to modern penthouses, Evensen Design ensures superior quality and workmanship in every project. The firm has been recognized as one of Austin's Top 10 Designers by Austin Architects and Culture Map.

Project by Evensen Design Project by Evensen Design

One of Evensen Design's remarkable projects is a stunning Tarrytown home. The design incorporates a crisp, white palette, allowing wooden and iron accents to shine on various furnishings. Extensive storage space cleverly hides clutter, while open shelving provides space for display. A cozy reading nook and a modern kitchen complete this beautiful and functional space. Another notable project is the Gaston residence, featuring a light blue-tiled kitchen with a gray granite countertop. Unique light fixtures and elegant white cabinetry create a one-of-a-kind look.

Heather Scott Home & Design: Classic, Chic, and Serene Designs

Heather Scott Home & Design has gained fame locally and nationally for its classic, chic, and serene designs. Founded by Heather and Scott Harkovich in 2006, the firm's philosophy centers around creating living spaces that exude elegance and tranquility. With a team of talented designers, the firm has won numerous awards, including recognition from the Austin Parade of Homes and the American Association of Interior Designers (ASID).

Project by Heather Scott Home & Design Project by Heather Scott Home & Design

One of their notable projects is the design of Wendy Wells' retail storefront. Heather Scott Home & Design transformed an old rented bungalow into a vibrant space, incorporating cost-conscious options and upcycled pieces. The design features a mix of E-glass, marble furnishings, and punchy colors for an eclectic feel. Another exceptional design is their work on a Southern Living Showcase lakeside retreat, which won the Best Southern Living Showcase Home in the country. The design reflects the home's lakeside placement, with a palette of sand, greens, and blues creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.

Laura Roberts Design: Seamlessly Integrating Traditional and Modern Concepts

Laura Roberts, an interior designer since 2002, is known for her ability to seamlessly integrate traditional elements with modern concepts. Trained in classical art and fabrics at the Art Institute of Chicago, Laura brings textures, textiles, and classic design to the forefront of her projects. After heading her own practice for 15 years, she joined forces with Clayton & Little in 2017. Her designs have been showcased in prestigious publications like AIA Austin Homes Tour, Traditional Home, and Luxe.

Project by Laura Roberts Design Project by Laura Roberts Design

Two notable projects by Laura Roberts Design are Mount Barker and Northwest Hills. Mount Barker showcases a neutral color palette, warm wood accents, and intricate wooden and ironwork, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Northwest Hills, a complete remodel, incorporates the client's collection of vintage and contemporary elements, resulting in a modern yet timeless design. From modern kitchen furniture to captivating reading nooks, Laura Roberts Design showcases her talent for creating stunning and functional spaces.

Marcus Mohon Interiors: Graceful Elegance and Juxtapositional Elements

Specializing in design with graceful elegance and distinct geometry, Marcus Mohon Interiors is led by Marcus and Autumn Mohon. Their designs beautifully juxtapose elements such as elegance and humility, urban and rural, and refined and rough. Marcus's background in economics and interior design provides a unique perspective, influenced by Texan aesthetics and classical design principles. The firm has been featured in luxurious publications like Architectural Antiques, Milieu, and Veranda.

Project by Marcus Mohon Interiors Project by Marcus Mohon Interiors

Their featured project, Villa Romanza, takes inspiration from the picturesque Texas Hill Country landscape. The interior design reflects the meandering ridge on which the house is situated, incorporating diverse Spanish antiques and modern artwork. The opulent design perfectly balances authenticity and elegance. Another remarkable project is the renovation of an extravagant home in South Texas, extensively featured in Luxe Magazine. The design captures the essence of Mediterranean villas, with exquisite details and classical elements.

Maureen Stevens: Well-Edited and Immensely Functional Designs

Maureen Stevens, a leading interior designer in Austin, has a passion for design and styling that began at a young age. Her services range from space planning to full design and renovations, with a focus on high-end residential design. Maureen's design philosophy centers around creating well-edited and immensely functional spaces. She has worked with and her own home has been featured in prestigious publications like Austin-American Statesman and Make It Over.

Project by Maureen Stevens Project by Maureen Stevens

Maureen's design of trial attorney Brian Claypool's Austin condo showcases her bold and fun design style. With a vibrant magenta and navy palette, the living room exudes energy and personality. Unique lighting fixtures, plush velvet seating, and a marble-topped coffee table create a vibrant yet dramatic space. She also designed a home with a color therapy-inspired design, incorporating colors that resonate with the homeowner's energy. The result is a living area adorned with accents of dark blue and purple, promoting a sense of serenity and harmony.

McCray & Co.: Creating Living, Breathing Spaces

McCray & Co., led by partners Chris McCray and Grace Hall, is an Austin-based design studio specializing in interiors. With a focus on responsible and unique designs, they aim to create living spaces that inspire and breathe. Chris's background in industrial design, coupled with Grace's creative vision, make them one of the most creative and inspiring teams in the local design industry. Their work has been featured in Tribeza, Edible Austin, Dwell, and more.

Featured Projects

Project by McCray & Co. Project by McCray & Co.

McCray & Co. is known for their exceptional restaurant interiors, like the transformation of Picnik, a brewpub and bakery. Inspired by iconic films like "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "Annie Hall," the design incorporates French pink accents, picnic benches, and tennis racquet-themed light fixtures. Another standout project is "Casa Cartel," an Instagram-worthy Airbnb property. McCray & Co. worked with the owner to refurbish and furnish the entire space, resulting in a truly unique and inspiring environment. With their creative minds and fresh design perspectives, McCray & Co. continues to leave a lasting impression on the Austin design scene.

Natalie Howe Design: Transforming Kitchens with Elegance and Efficiency

Natalie Howe, the founder of Natalie Howe Design, is known for her expertise in transforming outdated and inefficient kitchens into attractive and efficient spaces. With an interior design degree from Texas A&M University and the UCLA Interior Design School, Natalie's talent has been recognized with numerous awards. Her firm has been featured in, the Austin American Statesman, Texas Home and Living, and more.

Project by Natalie Howe Design Project by Natalie Howe Design

Natalie's design of a newly renovated lake house in Horseshoe Bay showcases her knack for creating bright, colorful, and sophisticated spaces. Using traditional and contemporary finishes, she transformed the space while maintaining its original footprint. The entryway welcomes guests with a fun pop of pattern, while the serene master bedroom features a carved-out reading nook and beautiful wool and viscose rugs. Another remarkable project is a farmhouse kitchen remodel in Austin. By opening up the space and introducing crisp white cabinets, Natalie created an elegant and efficient farmhouse kitchen.

Rachel Horn: Spanish Colonial Style with a Nomadic Twist

Rachel Horn, fascinated by the classic stone buildings of San Miguel de Allende, has become one of Austin's top interior designers for Spanish Colonial style. Her designs flirt with American and international aesthetics, combining elements from her travels and her roots. Her work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Luxe, and the New York Times, solidifying her reputation as a sought-after designer.

Project by Rachel Horn Project by Rachel Horn

Rachel Horn's design of the Crockett residence in Bouldin Creek showcases her expertise in the Spanish Colonial style. The modern farmhouse design features a predominantly black and white color palette, accentuated with unique textiles and cowhide rugs. Each room boasts captivating light fixtures and a harmonious blend of gray, black, and cream tones. Another noteworthy project is Rachel's personal 1969 Airstream trailer, which was featured on the cover of the New York Times Home section and Town & Country. The Moroccan-themed interior, with its mirror-polished exterior and unique metal accents, perfectly embodies her nomadic design style.

Veronica Koltuniak: From Hollywood Set Decorator to Masterful Interior Designer

Veronica Koltuniak's journey as an interior designer began as a set decorator in Los Angeles, creating character-driven living spaces for film and commercials. She later opened her design studio, MILDRED, in 1992, focusing on furniture design and window treatments for A-list celebrities. Since moving to Austin in 2001, she has expanded her expertise to residential and commercial interiors, with a particular passion for restaurant design. Veronica's work has been featured in publications like Harper's Bazaar, Kinfolk, and Apartment Therapy.

Project by Veronica Koltuniak Project by Veronica Koltuniak

Veronica's restaurant interior designs have garnered widespread acclaim. Easy Tiger, a brewpub and bakery, draws inspiration from "The Royal Tenenbaums" and "Annie Hall." The design incorporates a French pink bakery counter, picnic benches, and tennis racquet-themed light fixtures. Another remarkable project is Irene's, which pays homage to one of the owner's grandmothers, a true Southern woman. Vintage accents, old airplane panels, and a pinewood bar create a vintage charm that transports guests back in time.

These 12 interior designers in Austin bring their unique styles and expertise to create spaces that epitomize the city's eclectic and stylish aesthetic. From collaborative designs with a warm personal touch to interiors inspired by Spanish Colonial charm, each designer offers a fresh and distinct perspective. Whether you're seeking a cozy cabin, a serene retreat, or a vibrant restaurant, these designers have the skill and creativity to transform your space into something truly extraordinary.