The Best IKEA Chaise Lounges for Napping

CEO Khai Intela
Introduction Are you in search of the perfect chaise lounge for those blissful afternoon naps? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top IKEA chaise lounges that are not only comfortable but...


Are you in search of the perfect chaise lounge for those blissful afternoon naps? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top IKEA chaise lounges that are not only comfortable but also stylish additions to your home. So, grab a cup of tea and get ready to discover your ultimate nap spot.

What Makes a Great Chaise Lounge?

Before we dive into the recommendations, let's discuss what makes a chaise lounge truly exceptional. Of course, comfort is paramount, but there are a few other practical considerations to keep in mind:

With or Without Armrests?

While in a reclining position, armrests may not always be necessary, but they do provide an extra sense of security for those afraid of rolling off or for snuggling into the corners.

Should It Attach to a Regular Sofa?

IKEA offers sofa bed models that can be converted into a bed, but for the sake of brevity, we will focus on actual single seater chaise lounges in this list.

How Long is Long Enough?

The length of the chaise lounge is an important aspect to consider, especially for taller individuals who don't want their legs dangling off the edge.

Now that we have our parameters set, let's explore the top IKEA chaise lounges for napping ranked by optimum napability.

Äpplarö - 5/10 Snuggles

IKEA Äpplarö chaise lounge IKEA Äpplarö chaise lounge in a relaxing patio setting.

A deck chair can serve as a chaise lounge, and the Äpplarö Sun Lounger is a perfect choice for the warmer months. With an adjustable backrest, it allows you to find the perfect position for a peaceful afternoon on the patio. Though it may lack thick padding for extended naps, it offers a delightful space to enjoy a short power nap while basking in the sun. Just don't forget the sunscreen!

Stocksund - 6.5/10 Snuggles

IKEA Stocksund chaise lounge in a cozy living room.

The Stocksund chaise lounge combines traditional English roll arm style with charming sofa legs. With its pocket springs and the perfect backrest height for sitting up and watching Netflix, it offers exceptional comfort and versatility. Its gathered fabric armrests may not be to everyone's taste, but its overall design is undeniably lovely.

Norsborg - 7/10 Snuggles

IKEA Norsborg chaise lounge IKEA Norsborg chaise lounge in grey slipcovers in a cozy living room.

What's better than one chaise lounge? Two! The Norsborg range provides both a regular chaise lounge and a two-seater option, offering ample space for you to spread out or nap alongside a loved one. The generous cushions and high armrests create a cozy environment, allowing for a delightful afternoon snooze.

Ektorp - 8/10 Snuggles

IKEA Ektorp chaise lounge IKEA Ektorp chaise lounge in grey slipcovers in a living room.

The Ektorp chaise lounge remains an eternal favorite among enthusiasts. Its modern classic design with roll arms and a long skirt exudes elegance and versatility. Whether you opt for the left or right configuration, or the standalone version, this chaise lounge fits seamlessly into any space. Consider pairing two left and right chaise lounges together for a super-sized nap haven or simply indulge in a solitary reading nook.

Kivik - 9/10 Snuggles

IKEA Kivik chaise lounge IKEA Kivik chaise lounge in white slipcovers in a living room.

At the top of our list is the Kivik chaise lounge, a personal favorite for its exceptional comfort and spacious design. With no armrests, it offers ample room for relaxation, allowing you to fully stretch out. Its memory foam top layer ensures an indulgent and rejuvenating nap experience. Whether for yourself or for two children sharing comfortably, the Kivik chaise lounge is the go-to choice for ultimate napability.


If your nap station is in need of an upgrade, these IKEA chaise lounges are the perfect solution. From the Äpplarö sun lounger to the cozy Ektorp and the spacious Kivik, there's a chaise lounge to suit every preference. So, treat yourself to a cozy new throw, supportive cushions, or fresh covers, and elevate your nap experience. Happy napping!