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The 5 Most Liked Zodiac Signs: Discover Who Tops the List

CEO Khai Intela
Astrology has a way of capturing our imagination, regardless of whether we are Boomers, Zoomers, or Millennials. We find ourselves intrigued by the most liked and least liked Zodiac signs. Just think about your closest...

Astrology has a way of capturing our imagination, regardless of whether we are Boomers, Zoomers, or Millennials. We find ourselves intrigued by the most liked and least liked Zodiac signs. Just think about your closest friends and favorite family members - what signs are they? And then consider those individuals who rub you the wrong way - could they possibly belong to the bottom signs on our lists?

At PsychicWorld.com, our in-house experts embarked on a quest to determine if certain Zodiac signs are more popular than others. We conducted a sentiment analysis of up to 180,000 tweets on Twitter, aiming to uncover which signs received the highest percentage of positive sentiments. Alongside our research, we consulted renowned psychic Inbaal Honigman for additional insights into why certain signs are more favored than others.

The Fascinating Findings

Here are five intriguing findings about the most liked Zodiac signs and the least liked:

  1. Aries reigns supreme with 62.30% of Twitter sentiments being positive.
  2. Sagittarius (59.67%), Leos (53.41%), and Libras (51.91%) are among the most loved star signs.
  3. All Earth signs - Capricorns (50.64%), Taureans (50.19%), and Virgos (47.61%) - rank together in the middle of the list.
  4. Scorpios are the least liked Zodiac sign, with only 44.29% of Twitter sentiments being positive.

Without further ado, let's delve into the breakdown of the top five most liked Zodiac signs.

1. Aries: The Adventurous Trailblazer

Aries takes the crown as the most liked Zodiac sign. Known for their liveliness, Aries can make anything seem exciting. With 62.3% of tweets being positive, they surpass the average sentiment rate of 48.10% across all 12 signs. Although their energy can be intense, words like "openness" and "determination" describe them, making Aries the least disliked sign, with only 11.95% of tweets being negative.

5 most liked zodiac signs Image: The 5 most liked Zodiac signs

2. Sagittarius: The Infectious Adventurer

Hot on the ram's heels is Sagittarius. Their love for life is infectious, drawing people towards them effortlessly. It's no wonder they are among the most liked Zodiac signs on Twitter. With their kindness, sense of humor, and cool demeanor, Sagittarius instantly makes others feel comfortable. Over half of the analyzed tweets about this sign were positive, while only 14.99% were negative.

3. Leo: The Popular and Confident Leader

Completing the top three is Leo, the final fire sign known for its popularity. Leos have a special quality that brings out admiration in people. Our research confirms this, with 53.41% of tweets about this sign being positive. Their outgoing nature and confidence make them popular, although they can occasionally rub some people the wrong way. Only 13.61% of tweets were negative, while 32.98% were neutral.

According to Inbaal Honigman, a renowned psychic and expert healer, fire signs are often favorites among many: "Everyone's favorite signs are fire - outgoing, funny, the life and soul of the party; they clearly have their fans. They're extroverted and don't hold anything back."

4. Libra: Bringing Balance and Beauty

Ranked fourth, Libra brings balance to the list. "Weighing" is one of the most common sentiments associated with this sign. Libras take their popularity seriously, and they'll be thrilled to know that the word "beauty" is positively associated with them. With 51.91% of tweets being positive and only 13.82% being negative, Libras' social nature and desire for likability shine through.

Inbaal explains, "Libra is the one air sign that's doing much better than the other air signs. Libras are the peacekeepers of the zodiac, so they are always needed to referee the others."

5. Pisces: The Selfless and Popular Psychic

Next up is Pisces, the sign often associated with psychic abilities. It is in their nature to help others, which makes them quite popular. With 51.68% positivity on Twitter, Pisces strike a balance between being sociable and cherishing their solitary moments. A significant portion of tweets (33.09%) remained neutral, with only 15.22% being negative.

Now, let's explore the five least liked Zodiac signs.

5 least liked zodiac signs Image: The 5 least liked Zodiac signs

8. Cancer: Devoted and Controversial

In eighth place, we have the extremely devoted Cancer. Nearly half of the tweets (49%) expressed positive sentiments, indicating a strong opinion about this water sign. However, 20.71% of tweets were negative, the second highest among all 12 signs. While Cancer may not be everyone's cup of tea, many people appreciate the Cancerians in their lives.

9. Virgo: The Unapologetically Meticulous

Virgos, known for their critical nature and fussiness, take the ninth spot. Only 47.61% of tweets about this sign were positive, suggesting that they are not the most popular Zodiac sign. With 15.19% negativity and 37.19% neutrality, Virgos may polarize individuals. However, as Inbaal notes, "All the Earth signs are bunched together right in the middle, and that's so Earth! Those signs are dependable, stable, and calm; they don't care what others think of them!"

10. Gemini: The Complex Dual Personality

Geminis often have a mixed reputation, with some perceiving them as two-faced. With 45% of tweets being positive, it's fair to say they can be polarizing. Geminis thrive on popularity and are typically described as social beings. However, they also have one of the highest percentages of negative tweets (over 20%). Despite this, a significant number of tweets (over 34%) remained neutral.

11. Aquarius: The Wacky yet Wise

Aquarius personalities can be hit or miss. Some either love their dedication to thinking outside the box, while others find it tiresome. Unfortunately, with just 45.19% positivity on Twitter, it seems that most people fall into the latter category. On the bright side, Aquarius has the highest percentage of neutral tweets (41.09%) across the whole Zodiac, indicating that many people are indifferent towards this sign.

12. Scorpio: Seeking Intense Connections

According to our tweet analysis, Scorpio ranks as the least liked Zodiac sign on Twitter. Instead of trying to make friends with everyone, Scorpios prefer focusing on building intense relationships with a select few. This preference may explain the limited number of positive tweets (44%). However, over 33% of tweets remain neutral, while 'sexy' is one of the most common adjectives associated with the sign.

As you can see, there are favorites and less favored signs among those who express their opinions on Twitter. While everyone has their personal preferences, these findings shed light on the overall sentiment towards each Zodiac sign. So, whether you find yourself drawn to the extroverted and lively Aries or have a soft spot for the popular and confident Leo, the world of astrology never ceases to fascinate us all.