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The 3 Evolutionary Stages Of Each Zodiac Sign

CEO Khai Intela
Astrology is more than just knowing your Sun sign. It holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of our life path and personal growth. Our natal charts evolve as we learn, grow, and mature. Each...

Astrology is more than just knowing your Sun sign. It holds the key to unlocking the mysteries of our life path and personal growth. Our natal charts evolve as we learn, grow, and mature. Each zodiac sign goes through three distinct stages of life, symbolized by different symbols associated with that sign. Understanding these stages can provide insight into our personal journey and give us hope for the future.

What are the 3 stages of zodiac signs?

First stage of zodiac signs

At birth, we start in this stage, where we rely on others to define us. We feel limited and seek answers outside of ourselves. However, as we grow, we outgrow these limitations and begin to find our own path.

Second stage of zodiac signs

This phase is marked by crisis and turmoil. It's a period of becoming, the space between who we were and who we will become. Challenges and tests from the universe push us to confront our truth and discover our true selves. It's a time of deep introspection and transformation.

Third stage of zodiac signs

In this stage, we step into our true identity and find peace and wisdom. We have faced our inner demons and acquired valuable life lessons. It's a time of self-acceptance and living life on our own terms. While challenges may still arise, we have reached a level of maturity and understanding in our birth charts.

Understanding these stages of life not only helps us gauge where we are but also gives us hope for the continuing journey ahead.

3 stages of Aries: The Ram, The Shepherd, The Reborn Sun

The Ram

Passionate and fierce, Aries represents beginnings and the potential within us. However, as we go through life, we may feel like we are constantly fighting battles. We fight to be ourselves, to be seen, and to be successful. Eventually, we exhaust ourselves and surrender to life, leading us to the next phase.

The Shepherd

In this phase, we learn wisdom and discernment. We become more selective in our battles and let go of what no longer resonates with our truth. This period often involves healing and trusting ourselves on a deeper level. Once we emerge from this phase, we are transformed into a new version of ourselves.

The Reborn Sun

This stage represents acceptance, peace, and growth. We embrace the beginning of a new phase, similar to the arrival of spring after a harsh winter. It is a time of rebirth and shedding old patterns. We trust that the inner work we have done will align with our outer life. We no longer waste energy on futile fighting but instead embody a steadfast strength that comes from knowing what is meant for us will always be ours.

3 stages of Taurus: The Bull, The Minotaur, The Demigod

The Bull

Taurus symbolizes strength and determination. In the first stage, we rush forward without much contemplation, often encountering obstacles and difficulties. We try to force our will upon others, only to realize that life doesn't always bend to our desires. This leads us to the next phase, where we face our darkness.

The Minotaur

The Minotaur represents the consequences of our behavior. We may feel lost in darkness, unaware of the impact we have on those around us. Betrayal and challenges teach us valuable lessons. As we emerge from this phase, we learn to let go of control and trust in the process of life.

The Demigod

In this stage, we embrace acceptance and peace. We harness our inner strength and qualities for good. We become conscious of our purpose and live our lives with a deeper understanding. We no longer need to exert our will upon others, as our presence alone is impactful. We have transformed ourselves and our lives, finding beauty in the imperfections.

3 stages of Gemini: The Twins, The Ship, The Stars

The Twins

In the beginning, life is an adventure for Gemini. The Twins seek novelty and new experiences but struggle to settle on anything for long. However, as they pause and reflect, they begin to question if there is more to life than constant exploration. This phase is marked by searching for meaning.

The Ship

The Ship phase represents the journey of self-discovery and determining our own truth. Gemini's perspectives and priorities may shift during this time. The challenge lies in letting go of previous beliefs and embracing the unknown. Through faith and resilience, Gemini moves closer to their inner wisdom and light.

The Stars

As the Stars, Gemini embodies wisdom and light. They have learned to navigate rejection, life changes, and natural endings with grace and positivity. They no longer seek validation from external sources but trust their inner compass. Gemini guides others with their unique insights and experiences, embracing the interconnectedness of all things.

3 stages of Cancer: The Crab, The Hydra, The Peacock

The Crab

Cancer begins life in a protective shell, cautious and dependent on others. They tend to accept less than they deserve and meander through life without a clear direction. However, this phase teaches them the value of self-worth and setting boundaries.

The Hydra

The Hydra represents the vengeful and overpowering nature that Cancer can possess when hurt. This phase often involves betrayal and deep pain, leading to self-isolation and emotional turmoil. But through this darkness, Cancer learns the importance of healing and letting go of destructive patterns.

The Peacock

As the Peacock, Cancer embodies love, grace, and compassion. They have transformed their pain into wisdom and use their lessons to help others. Cancer embraces their true self and lives authentically, spreading their light throughout the world. They understand the cyclic nature of life and find beauty in both joy and challenges.

3 stages of Leo: The Lion, The Warrior, The King

The Lion

Leo begins life with a confident and passionate nature. They believe they can conquer anything that comes their way. However, their confidence can turn into rage and self-destruction when others question them. This phase challenges Leo to learn self-worth and resilience.

The Warrior

In this stage, Leo faces the importance of self-worth. They strive to prove themselves to others and seek external validation. But as they delve deeper, they realize that true worthiness comes from within. Leo learns to embrace their spirit and rise above vanity and impatience.

The King

As the King, Leo embodies strength, grace, and understanding. They no longer need to demand power; their presence speaks for itself. Leo accepts criticism with grace and uses it as an opportunity for growth. They lead with love and compassion, acknowledging that imperfection is part of their divine nature.

3 stages of Virgo: The Maiden, The Dark Maiden, The Queen

The Maiden

Virgo begins life with youthful innocence and intelligence, seeking to help and fix others. They often see the best in everyone and believe they can change the world. However, this idealistic phase leads to disappointment and betrayal. Virgo learns the importance of self-care and boundaries.

The Dark Maiden

In the Dark Maiden phase, Virgo faces their own darkness. They often feel lost, hurt, and unable to make sense of their pain. This phase brings questions of why bad things happen or why love doesn't always last. Through healing and acceptance, Virgo emerges stronger and more understanding.

The Queen

As the Queen, Virgo embodies wisdom and acceptance. They understand the ebb and flow of life and embrace both joy and challenges. Virgo's deep sense of love and understanding guides them in making wise decisions. They live their truth and inspire others to do the same.

3 stages of Libra: The Scale, The Blindfold, The Manifesto

The Scale

Libra strives for fairness and justice, often considering multiple options before making decisions. However, this phase can lead to codependency and a tendency to mold themselves to fit others' expectations. Libra learns the importance of self-reliance and finding inner balance.

The Blindfold

In this phase, Libra abandons the pursuit of fairness and makes decisions based on personal desires. They may go through a period of disillusionment, seeing only the negative aspects of life. But once Libra realizes the importance of listening to their inner compass, they begin to rise above their pain.

The Manifesto

As the Manifesto, Libra finds true freedom and balance. They no longer fear being misunderstood and embrace their unique perspective. Libra's presence brings harmony and inspiration to those around them. Their focus is on what truly matters, using their time and energy wisely.

3 stages of Scorpio: The Scorpion, The Eagle, The Phoenix

The Scorpion

Scorpio begins life in survival mode, always on guard against potential hurt. They may adopt a retribution-based approach, seeking to inflict pain on others. But as they realize that this cycle of pain doesn't lead to happiness, Scorpio enters the next phase of self-discovery.

The Eagle

In this phase, Scorpio isolates themselves to protect against further hurt. Loneliness becomes a common experience as they learn to trust again. Scorpio discovers the power of vulnerability and the importance of taking risks. They rise above their pain, transforming into a stronger version of themselves.

The Phoenix

As the Phoenix, Scorpio undergoes a powerful transformation. Their pain becomes a source of rebirth and renewal. Scorpio embraces their inner strength and rises above their past experiences. They understand that their happiness is not dependent on external factors and exude resilience and grace.

3 stages of Sagittarius: The Archer, The Arrow, The Centaur

The Archer

Sagittarius begins life idealistically, believing they are guided by the universe. They embark on new adventures and constantly seek novelty. However, they may struggle to find true fulfillment. This phase teaches Sagittarius the importance of learning from their experiences rather than just aiming for success.

The Arrow

In this phase, Sagittarius becomes determined to achieve their goals. They focus on winning and achieving external recognition. However, they learn that true success lies in the lessons learned rather than the outcomes. Sagittarius shifts their perspective and embraces the beauty of life's journey.

The Centaur

As the Centaur, Sagittarius embodies wisdom, freedom, and strength. They have mastered discipline and patience and know what truly matters in life. Sagittarius acts from a place of abundance and shares their inner wisdom with others. Challenges become opportunities for growth, and they live in alignment with their soul.

3 stages of Capricorn: The Goat, The Cave, The Horn of Plenty

The Goat

Capricorn begins life dependent on others' expectations and responsibilities. They work hard to achieve success but sometimes feel overwhelmed. This phase teaches Capricorn the importance of self-discovery and finding their own motivation and purpose.

The Cave

In this phase, Capricorn retreats into isolation, prioritizing work over personal relationships. They believe they can control their own success but struggle to find fulfillment. However, as loneliness sets in, Capricorn begins to understand the value of love and relationships.

The Horn of Plenty

As the Horn of Plenty, Capricorn finds balance and abundance in all areas of life. They have learned the value of hard work and self-care. Capricorn no longer wastes energy on things that don't align with their values and goals. They focus on what truly matters, finding fulfillment and success.

3 stages of Aquarius: The Cupbearer, The Owl, The Angel

The Cupbearer

Aquarius often feels lonely or different, seeking acceptance and love. They may try to fit in or please others, losing touch with their own truth. This phase teaches Aquarius the importance of embracing their uniqueness and finding their purpose beyond external validation.

The Owl

In this phase, Aquarius seeks to experience life fully, yet still feels disconnected from their inner self. They may try on different identities and personas, searching for their true essence. However, as they embrace their individuality, Aquarius ascends to their third phase.

The Angel

As the Angel, Aquarius embodies divinity and enlightenment. They have embraced their true self and live in alignment with their purpose. Aquarius guides others with their wisdom and light, unapologetically living their truth. They understand that self-acceptance is the key to making a positive impact on the world.

3 stages of Pisces: The Fish, The Darkness, The Ocean

The Fish

Pisces begins life sensitive and easily influenced by others. They often feel overwhelmed by emotions and struggle to differentiate their own feelings from those around them. This phase teaches Pisces the importance of self-discovery and setting boundaries.

The Darkness

In this phase, Pisces seeks to escape from pain and sorrow. They may turn to substances or unhealthy coping mechanisms to numb their emotions. However, as they surrender to their pain, they find the light waiting to guide them back to the surface.

The Ocean

As the Ocean, Pisces becomes a beacon of wisdom and emotional depth. They embrace their ability to feel deeply and use it to bring healing and transformation to the world. Pisces walks with one foot in the spirit world, embodying love and compassion in all aspects of life.

Understanding the three stages of each zodiac sign provides valuable insights into our personal growth and unique journey. It reminds us that life is a continuous evolution, and we are constantly evolving and learning. Embrace your stage in life and trust in the wisdom of the stars.