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The Top 25 Residential Architects in Missouri

CEO Khai Intela
Missouri, with its vibrant culture, adventurous spirit, and culinary delights, has become an attractive destination for those seeking a place to call home. As the state experiences a surge in population growth, the demand for...

Missouri, with its vibrant culture, adventurous spirit, and culinary delights, has become an attractive destination for those seeking a place to call home. As the state experiences a surge in population growth, the demand for high-quality residential architecture has increased. Whether you're looking to build a custom home or renovate an existing one, Missouri is home to some of the best residential architects in the country who can turn your dream home into a reality.

Dake Wells Architecture

Dake Wells Architecture Image source: saigonintela.vn

Dake Wells Architecture, led by founding architects Brandon Dake, FAIA, and Andrew Wells, FAIA, is known for its innovative and contemporary designs. The firm prioritizes functionality and sustainability while creating homes that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings. Their award-winning work, such as the Black and Tan Residential project, showcases their ability to create unique and refined spaces.


Hufft Image source: saigonintela.vn

Hufft is a multidisciplinary firm renowned for its expertise in architecture, interior design, construction, and fabrication. Their projects, like The Artery Residence, have been featured in industry publications and celebrated for their artful integration of art and design. With a team led by Matthew Hufft, AIA, WELL AP, NCARB, the firm continues to push boundaries and create exceptional spaces.


KEM STUDIO Image source: saigonintela.vn

KEM STUDIO is known for its commitment to breaking the mold of traditional home design. The firm focuses on understanding the unique lifestyles and preferences of their clients to create modern, minimalist, and sustainable homes that prioritize light, space, volume, and interaction. Their work, such as their award-winning custom homes, has been recognized for its excellence in design and attention to detail.

Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design

Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design Image source: saigonintela.vn

Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design is renowned for its architecturally complex and visually stunning residential projects. From transforming open-air courtyards into unique living spaces to incorporating elements that seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors, their designs are a testament to their mastery of detail-oriented architecture. Led by Thomas Wall, the firm continues to create timeless and beautiful homes that embody the essence of elegant living.

BNIM Architects

BNIM Architects Image source: saigonintela.vn

BNIM Architects is a leading firm known for its sustainable and innovative designs. Their partnership with industrial designer Debbie Glassberg resulted in a unique residence made from shipping containers, showcasing their commitment to modern and eco-friendly design solutions. With over five decades of experience, BNIM Architects has earned numerous awards for their contribution to the field, and their work continues to inspire and captivate.

RDM Architecture

RDM Architecture Image source: saigonintela.vn

RDM Architecture is known for its seamless blend of rustic and contemporary design elements. Their homes, often located in picturesque lakeside landscapes, create a harmonious connection between the indoors and outdoors. With a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail, RDM Architecture has earned accolades for their work and has been featured in various publications. Rick McDermott, AIA, NCARB, leads the firm, ensuring the continuation of their architectural mastery.

Dick Busch Architects

Dick Busch Architects Image source: saigonintela.vn

Dick Busch Architects specializes in renovations, architecture, and design services for residential and commercial sectors. Their projects incorporate historic, classic, and traditional elements, paying homage to the architectural heritage of the region. The firm's expertise in masonry work has earned them recognition from industry organizations, and their commitment to excellence shines through every project. Principal architect Dick Busch leads the firm, ensuring the continuation of their outstanding work.

El Dorado

El Dorado Image source: saigonintela.vn

El Dorado is a multidisciplinary firm that offers a range of services, including architecture, education, urban design, fabrication, and curation. With a focus on creating spaces that have a positive impact on individuals and communities, the firm has gained recognition for its innovative and artistic designs. Led by David Dowell, AIA, and Josh Shelton, AIA, their projects continue to push the boundaries of architecture.

These are just a few of the exceptional residential architects in Missouri who can help you create your dream home. Each firm brings a unique perspective and expertise, ensuring that your home reflects your personal style and fulfills your functional needs. Whether you're looking for a contemporary, traditional, or sustainable design, these architects have the talent and experience to bring your vision to life.