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The 15 Best Residential Architects in Arizona

CEO Khai Intela
Known for its natural wonders and stunning landscape, Arizona offers its residents great trails, campsites, and other opportunities for adventure. But it's not just nature that stands out in Arizona. The state is also home...

Known for its natural wonders and stunning landscape, Arizona offers its residents great trails, campsites, and other opportunities for adventure. But it's not just nature that stands out in Arizona. The state is also home to some of the most beautiful, contemporary, and cutting-edge residential architecture. From single-story homes in the middle of the desert to geometric houses nestled into mountain sides, Arizona is rich with interesting residential designs.

This article showcases 15 of the best residential architects in Arizona who are behind some of the most outstanding homes and spaces in the state. These architects were chosen based on their experiences, portfolios, and backgrounds. Many of them have also received numerous industry accolades and have been featured in prestigious publications.

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects, led by Teresa Rosano and Luis Ibarra, offers a complete range of architectural services and showcases expertise in a variety of designs. Rosano, a Tucson native, has become known as one of Arizona's leading practitioners and has served on numerous national design competition juries and panel discussions. Ibarra, a graduate of the University of Arizona College of Architecture, brings socially and environmentally responsible methods to the firm's work.

Ibarra Rosano Design Architects The Levin Residence, a project by Ibarra Rosano Design Architects.

Kendle Design Collaborative

Kendle Design Collaborative, founded in 2002 by Brent Kendle, is an internationally renowned firm known for its sleek modern designs. Kendle, inspired by the works of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, combines old-school techniques with state-of-the-art technology. The firm's projects have been featured in publications like Luxe and Phoenix Home and Garden.

Kendle Design Collaborative The Bird's Nest Residence, a project by Kendle Design Collaborative.

Urban Design Associates

Urban Design Associates is known for its work in Scottsdale and Phoenix's most sought-after communities. Led by Principal Architect Jessica Hutchison-Rough, the firm combines contemporary design with its signature Organic Pueblo style. Urban Design Associates has received over 30 Best in American Living Distinctions and 16 Gold Nugget Awards.

Urban Design Associates UDA's Prairie Pine Residence Project.

Robinette Architects

Robinette Architects, led by Ron Robinette, is a full-service architectural design firm with over 350 projects completed in Southern Arizona. The firm is noted for its interior and landscape design and has been featured in Luxe Interior Design Arizona. Robinette Architects' projects showcase beautiful open-concept floor plans and glass-paneled windows.

Robinette Architects A stunning desert home by Robinette Architects.

PHX Architecture - Erik B. Peterson

PHX Architecture specializes in luxury residential projects and showcases expertise in a variety of architectural vernaculars. The firm's work has been featured in publications like Luxe Interiors + Design and California Homes. PHX Architecture's projects feature modern aesthetics and seamless indoor-outdoor living.

PHX Architecture A stylish modern home by PHX Architecture.

HK Associates Inc. Architecture

HK Associates Inc. Architecture is an award-winning firm that utilizes sustainable materials and innovative approaches. The firm has gained experience working with internationally recognized architecture firms and specializes in a wide range of architectural vernaculars.

HK Associates Inc. Architecture A striking home by HK Associates Inc. Architecture.

180 Degrees Design + Build

180 Degrees Design + Build offers a comprehensive design-build approach for high-end custom residential design and remodels. The firm has won numerous awards and has been featured in publications like Phoenix Home & Garden Magazine. Their projects seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor living.

180 Degrees Design + Build A modern and spacious home by 180 Degrees Design + Build.

Drewett Works

Drewett Works, located in Old Town Scottsdale, focuses on luxury residential and end-user commercial projects. The firm is known for its attention to detail, use of high-end finishes, and collaboration with the best craftsmen. Drewett Works has received multiple awards for its exceptional designs.

Drewett Works One of Drewett Works' award-winning projects.

Soloway Designs

Soloway Designs is recognized as one of Arizona's leading architects and specializes in impressive architecture and interior design services. The firm has completed over a thousand projects, both residential and commercial, to the highest industry standards.

Soloway Designs A beautiful home by Soloway Designs.

Candelaria Design Associates

Candelaria Design Associates offers a highly personalized experience, creating not just homes but immersive travel experiences and exceptional dinner parties. With a talented team of architects and designers, the firm has been featured in publications like Phoenix Home & Garden and Modern Luxury.

Candelaria Design Associates A stunning project by Candelaria Design Associates.

Integrated Design, LLC

Integrated Design is a small firm that provides full-service architecture services. With experience in every aspect of the design process, the firm offers a personalized approach to its clients. Integrated Design's projects range from custom residential to commercial tenant improvements.

Integrated Design, LLC A beautiful English manor estate by Integrated Design, LLC.

KQ Architects

KQ Architects excels in residential, healthcare, and commercial projects. The firm incorporates various sustainability practices into their designs, ensuring highly efficient and sustainable results.

KQ Architects A stunning home by KQ Architects.

Seaver Franks Architects

Seaver Franks Architects specializes in commercial and residential projects and offers a complete range of architectural services. With a detail-focused team and extensive experience in the industry, the firm creates regionally responsive spaces.

Seaver Franks Architects The Pima Canyon Estate, a project by Seaver Franks Architects.

Higgins Architects

Higgins Architects, led by Michael Higgins, is known for its great designs and services. With experience in residential and high-end hotel projects, the firm has built a strong reputation in Arizona.

Higgins Architects The Arcadia Home, a project by Higgins Architects.

RJ Bacon Consulting & Design

RJ Bacon Consulting & Design, led by Bob Bacon, brings over five decades of industry experience to its projects. The firm specializes in community planning, architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate development and has worked on a wide variety of interesting projects.

RJ Bacon Consulting & Design A beautiful home in the Windmill neighborhood, designed by RJ Bacon Consulting & Design.

These are just some of the best residential architects in Arizona, each bringing their unique style and expertise to create stunning homes and spaces. Whether you're looking for a sleek modern design or a more traditional aesthetic, these architects have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life.