Uncovering the Truth About Keen Psychics: A Comprehensive Review

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Keen Psychics has been a trusted platform for connecting with psychic advisors since its launch in 1999. With over 35 million successful readings worldwide, it has become a go-to site for those seeking guidance on...

Keen Psychics has been a trusted platform for connecting with psychic advisors since its launch in 1999. With over 35 million successful readings worldwide, it has become a go-to site for those seeking guidance on love, family, career, and spirituality. But does the hype about Keen's legitimacy hold water?

In this in-depth review, we'll explore the features, pros, and cons of Keen Psychics to help you make an informed decision. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, you'll find valuable insights that shed light on the mystical world of psychic readings.

What Is Keen Psychics?

What Is Keen Psychics? Image Source: Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics is a web platform that connects people to top-rated psychics. Launched in 1999, it has established a reputation for providing clear and insightful guidance on various aspects of life, including love, career, spirituality, and more. Keen operates under the well-known knowledge commerce platform Ingenio.

The Pros of Keen Psychics

  • Over 1700 psychic advisors: Keen provides a wide range of options, ensuring that you'll find a psychic whose specialties align with your needs.
  • Well-designed and intuitive website: Navigating the Keen website is a breeze, making it easy for users to find the information they're looking for.
  • Offers online call and chat readings: Keen offers both call and chat options, allowing users to choose the communication method that suits them best.
  • Provides free-to-read psychic blogs: Keen psychics are not only skilled advisors but also accomplished writers. They contribute free-to-read blogs on the platform, giving readers an overview of the mystical wonders of psychic reading.
  • Boasts over 25 years of online presence: Keen's long-standing presence in the industry is a testament to its reliability and expertise.
  • Offers free daily horoscope: Users can access their daily horoscope for free, providing them with insights and guidance on a daily basis.

Keen pros Image Source: Keen Psychics

The Cons of Keen Psychics

  • Video readings unavailable: Keen currently does not offer video readings, which may be a drawback for those who prefer a face-to-face experience.

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Features We Like Most About Keen Psychics

Keen Psychics offers several features that provide clients with a convenient and valuable reading experience. Let’s take a look at them below.

Keen Has a Mobile App for On-The-Go Readings

You can access Keen on Android and iOS devices using its mobile app. This allows you to connect with psychic advisors anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection. The app offers the same features as the desktop version and has a well-designed and intuitive interface.

Search Tools to Find the Right Psychic

Keen comes with in-depth search tools and filters to help you find the right psychic for your needs. Whether you're looking for tarot psychics or advisors with specific skills, Keen's search tools make it easy to narrow down your options. You can sort out Keen psychics based on various categories, including advisor category, conversation type, price, skills, specialties, and tools.

Large Number of Psychic Advisors Available

Keen boasts an impressive roster of over 1700 psychics, each with unique specialties, reading styles, and tools at their disposal. This wide selection gives users a lot of options to choose from, ensuring that they find a psychic who resonates with them. Many Keen psychics have contributed free-to-read blogs on the platform, providing readers with an overview of the mystical wonders of psychic reading.

Schedule a Reading at a Time That’s Convenient

Keen offers a convenient "request appointment" feature that allows you to schedule a reading at a time that suits your schedule. All you have to do is complete a brief form specifying your preferred date, start time, desired call length, and time zone.

Detailed Psychic Profiles With Ratings and Reviews

Each Keen psychic has a comprehensive profile section that outlines their skills, experience, and reading style. Additionally, each psychic has a dedicated review section showcasing feedback from their previous clients. Keen's staff has meticulously reviewed over 2000 written reviews to assess the "strength" of the psychic in five categories: honesty, accuracy, kindness, helpfulness, and detail. These ratings provide valuable insights into the psychic's abilities and help users make informed decisions.

Keen Rewards Program

Every time you engage in a transaction on Keen, the platform rewards you with Keen rewards that can be accumulated for various benefits. This rewards program incentivizes loyal members and adds value to the overall user experience. There are several ways to earn Keen rewards, such as availing your first reading, sharing your birthday, signing in to the app, sharing Keen psychic reviews, and connecting with new advisors.

How Much Does Keen Psychics Cost?

Signing up for Keen is free, but you only pay when you avail of a psychic reading service. Keen psychic reading rates vary from one psychic to another based on specialties and expertise. As a rough estimate, rates typically range from $3 to $20 per minute. Reputable and seasoned psychics might charge as much as $100 to $150 per hour. The pricing is justified considering the expertise of Keen advisors.

In addition to the psychic reader's fee, Keen charges a non-refundable $2.99 session fee each time you call or chat with Keen psychics. This fee ensures that every reading session remains seamless, discreet, and efficient. For new Keen customers, there's an enticing offer where you can avail a 10-minute reading session for as low as $1.99 and receive 3 free chat minutes with your selected advisor.

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How to Book a Reading?

This Keen review wouldn't be complete without steps for booking a reading. So, here's how you can book a Keen psychic reading session:

How to Book a Reading? Image Source: Keen Psychics

  1. Create an Account: Sign up for Keen using your Google Mail or Apple ID. Note that only individuals aged 18 and above are allowed to use this psychic platform.

  2. Choose a Psychic: Browse through Keen's selection of psychics using their search filters to find the best match for your preferences. Read their profiles and check their reviews to ensure they are trustworthy.

  3. Schedule a Reading: Once you've chosen a Keen psychic to consult with, you can either arrange a reading session by clicking the "Arrange" button or start a reading immediately if the advisor is online by clicking "Call" instead. Every session on Keen comes with chat transcripts that you can review at any time.

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Types of Keen Psychic Readings

Keen psychics offer various types of readings to address people's questions. Here's an overview of Keen's most common types of psychic readings:

Psychic Mediums

Keen psychic mediums can tap into the spirit realm and serve as intermediaries to our departed loved ones. Many people avail themselves of mediumship services to reconnect with their deceased loved ones and find closure and comfort. These mediums also act as empaths and life counselors who can help clients process their grief and come to terms with the loss of their loved ones. Some Keen psychics can even explore people's past lives and provide insights into their previous incarnations.

Love and Relationships

Keen's love readers specialize in providing guidance and advice on matters of the heart. Whether you're struggling with dating, marriage, family, or breakup, love readers can help you navigate the complexities of relationships and find fulfillment in your love life.

Life Questions

If you're contemplating the meaning and purpose of life, Keen psychics can offer insights and perspectives that can help you find clarity and rediscover your zest for life.

Tarot Readings

Many Keen psychics specialize in tarot readings, using a 78-card deck to predict a person's fate and uncover hidden desires, emotions, and fears. Tarot readings can provide a deeper understanding of oneself and guide individuals through life's challenges.

Intuitive and Spiritual Services

Keen's intuitive and spiritual readers use their heightened senses and extraordinary intuition to assess an individual's emotional and spiritual well-being. They provide guidance and support in navigating life's ups and downs from a spiritual perspective.

Angel Readings

Angel readers connect with angelic and other mystical spirits to gain insights into life and spiritual wisdom. Angel readings can provide moral guidance and spiritual nourishment.

Keen Horoscope

Keen's horoscope readings involve psychic astrologers examining the positions of celestial bodies to assess individuals' attributes and forecast their future. Horoscopes have been used for centuries to predict destinies and provide guidance.

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Communication Methods - Connecting with a Keen Psychic

There are two primary communication methods you can use during a Keen psychic reading: call and chat.

  • Call: Orally discuss your queries with Keen phone psychics and get an answer. To call a psychic, you can click the app's call button or dial 1-800-ASK-KEEN (1-800-275-5336) and enter the psychic's numerical extension.

  • Chat: Type your question and wait for the psychic to respond. The psychic will chat back with the answer to your query.

Whichever method you choose, rest assured that you'll be interacting with a real psychic, not an AI or robot. Keen ensures the privacy of your personal information and never shares it with third-party websites or applications.

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How to Find the Best Psychics on the Keen Website

Finding the right psychic can be overwhelming with over 1700 psychics available on Keen. Here are two ways to find the best Keen psychics for your questions:

Browse or Search Psychics by Category

Browse or Search Psychics by Category Image Source: Keen Psychics

Using Keen's categories, you can efficiently browse psychics that match your preferences. Simply click "Advisor" on Keen's topside menu, select the reading category you're interested in, and browse through the list of recommended psychics. You can use the search filters to narrow down your options based on various categories.

Use the Best Match Tool to Connect With Top-Rated Psychics

Use the Best Match Tool to Connect With Top-Rated Psychics Image Source: Keen Psychics

Keen's "best match" tool asks you four questions to determine the best psychics for your specific needs. By answering these questions, Keen will suggest the best advisors that fit your preferences. You can further sort the recommended psychics based on availability (chat, call, or other options). This tool makes it easy to find top-rated psychics quickly.

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Alternatives to Keen

If Keen doesn't feel like the right fit for you, there are alternatives that offer top-notch psychic readings:

1. Purple Garden: Best Keen Alternative Overall

Purple Garden: Best Keen Alternative Overall Image Source: Purple Garden

Purple Garden has been a reliable platform for accurate psychic readings for over a decade. With over 1,000 psychics specializing in various aspects of life, Purple Garden offers profound guidance and advice. New users can take advantage of their introductory offers, starting at $0.99 per minute, and receive a $10 bonus credit to jumpstart their psychic experience.

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2. Kasamba: Best Keen Alternative for Love Readings

Kasamba: Best Keen Alternative for Love Readings Image Source: Kasamba

Kasamba specializes in love readings and offers guidance on all aspects of relationships. With over 20 years of experience, their love experts can provide valuable insights and advice to help you navigate your love life. New Kasamba users receive a free 3-minute psychic reading and 50% off their first paid reading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Keen.com App?

Yes, there is a Keen.com app available for both Android and iOS devices. The app is free to download and provides the same features as the desktop version. It has received positive feedback from users and has garnered a high rating in app stores.

How Is Keen Different From Other Psychic Sites?

Keen stands out from other psychic sites due to its user-friendly mobile app, thorough search functionality, and informative articles written by psychic experts. The app allows for on-the-go readings, and the search tools make finding the right psychic easier. The informative articles provide valuable insights into the world of psychic readings.

Is the Keen Psychic Customer Service Helpful?

Yes, Keen Psychic customer service is available 24/7 to assist with any technical concerns. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee, providing rewards or cash back in case a customer receives unsatisfactory service from a psychic. Customers can contact customer service to avail of this guarantee.

Are Keen Psychics Accurate?

While no psychic can guarantee 100% accuracy, Keen psychics strive to provide the most accurate guidance possible. Many Keen Psychic reviews mention their accuracy and honesty. Reading reviews and trusting your gut can help you find a psychic that resonates with you.

What Payment Methods Does Keen Accept?

Keen accepts various payment methods, including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and prepaid debit or gift cards. They ensure a hassle-free payment process, and users have praised the seamless experience.

Can I Get a Keen Refund?

Yes, you can request a refund from Keen by contacting their customer service. Refunds can be requested up to the available balance in your account. Account validation is required for refund requests, and you can expect to receive the refunded amount within 5 to 7 business days.

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The Bottom Line

After a comprehensive review of Keen Psychics, it's clear that this platform excels in the online psychic industry. With its top-tier advisors, diverse psychic readings, user-friendly app features, and over two decades of online presence, Keen has earned its reputation as a reliable and legitimate psychic platform.

Life's journey can be filled with uncertainties, and Keen psychics are here to provide wisdom and guidance to help you navigate challenges and obstacles. Every session is private and anonymous, allowing you to share your troubles and fears openly.

Keen charges reasonable rates for its psychics' services, and while there is an additional session fee, every cent spent is worth the integrity and accuracy of the experienced advisors.

Are Keen psychics legit or just a waste of time? Our honest verdict—100% legit.

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