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Scorpio Season: Diving into Our Emotional Depths

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Scorpio Season Asks Us All To Dive Into Our Emotional Depths—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign Have you ever wondered why Scorpio season holds such a mysterious and transformative energy? It's because this season...

Scorpio Season Asks Us All To Dive Into Our Emotional Depths—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

Have you ever wondered why Scorpio season holds such a mysterious and transformative energy? It's because this season is all about releasing what no longer serves us and embracing the possibilities of rebirth and transformation. According to astrologer Laura Campagna, Scorpio encourages us to let go, learn, and grow.

When is Scorpio season 2023?

Scorpio season begins on October 23, when the sun transitions from Libra to Scorpio. It lasts until November 22, when the sun moves into Sagittarius. During this period, the cosmos is infused with Scorpio's energy, guiding us to turn inward and explore our deepest feelings and desires.

The Mood and Energy of Scorpio season 2023

Astrologer and tarot read Megan Skinner describes Scorpio's season as a time of death and rebirth. It prompts us to question what we should let go of or give a timely death to. Ruled by Pluto, the planet associated with transformation, death, and the underworld, Scorpio invites us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and shed light on our innermost selves.

Scorpio, being a water sign, values emotional fulfillment and intimacy. However, it's important to be mindful of its shadow-side traits, such as fixating on personal goals and becoming manipulative or controlling. According to Skinner, it's crucial to periodically come up for air and maintain perspective, letting go of things that no longer serve us without fixating on them.

Key transits affecting every zodiac sign during Scorpio season 2023

Planetary movements

Scorpio season is not only influenced by the sun but also by the movement of other planets. Both Mercury and Mars travel through Scorpio during this season, intensifying the energy for every zodiac sign. Mercury's presence in Scorpio calls for careful consideration of our words, while Mars brings assertive and confident energy. It's essential to pursue our goals for personal growth rather than out of pettiness or revenge.

Skinner also highlights the importance of finding true intimacy during this season, as Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, recently transitioned into meticulous Virgo. It's a time for self-reflection and evaluating whether our relationships align with who we are and support our growth.

Jupiter's exit from retrograde in Taurus on November 4 brings a sense of levity, reminding us to enjoy life without becoming entangled in emotional dramas.

Lunar transits

Scorpio season falls within the eclipse season. The lunar eclipse in Taurus on October 28 brings forth a dichotomy between physical and material security and finding security within ourselves. It's a time to be vulnerable, honest about our needs and wants in relationships, and engage in meditation and reflection.

As the new moon in Scorpio arrives on November 13, we have an opportunity to set new intentions in alignment with our recent learnings. However, it's crucial to focus on what we truly want, rather than what we think we should want based on external influences. Emotional and spiritual cleansing can be beneficial during this time.

Which zodiac signs are most affected by Scorpio season 2023?

While every zodiac sign will experience the energetic shift of Scorpio season, Scorpios themselves will feel the intensity more profoundly, as the sun shines in their sign. Cancer and Pisces, the other water signs, will also feel particularly aligned with the energy of this season. The fixed signs, including Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo, can benefit from the stability and grounding that Scorpio energy brings after Libra season's balancing act.

How Scorpio season will affect you based on your birth chart

The impact of Scorpio season varies for each zodiac sign based on their birth chart. It's essential to consider both the sun sign and the rising sign—the latter reflecting how you present yourself to the world—in interpreting the effects of Scorpio season. Each sign's astrological house, associated with specific areas of life, influences how Scorpio season will activate and affect that particular realm.

Scorpio season 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign


Scorpio season illuminates your eighth house of sex, death, and rebirth, Aries. It invites you to explore how you conceive of security and safety. Take this opportunity for self-reflection and delve into conversations about your emotional and spiritual well-being.


Scorpio season shines a light on your seventh house of relationships and partnerships, Taurus. It prompts you to examine the dynamics of your relationships and ensure they are healthy and balanced. Be mindful of power struggles and consider whether you are using your power appropriately.


Scorpio season brings attention to your sixth house of rituals, health, and wellness, Gemini. Reflect on habits or rituals that may hinder your progress towards your goals. Let go of what no longer serves you and embrace practices that contribute to your overall well-being.


Scorpio season boosts your creativity, Cancer. It highlights your fifth house, calling you to express yourself authentically and explore new perspectives. Embrace your talents and consider how you can shine in your unique way.


Scorpio season focuses on your fourth house of family and home, Leo. Reflect on your familial relationships and recognize your power and contributions. Let go of any insecurities and prioritize self-care.


Scorpio season illuminates your third house of communication and perception, Virgo. Engage in deep conversations and explore different communication strategies. Journaling can help you process your thoughts and feelings.


Scorpio season directs attention to your second house of values and possessions, Libra. Take the time to review your finances and make any necessary adjustments. Seek advice from friends and align your spending with your true values.


As the sun shines in your first house, Scorpio, your personal power is amplified. Embrace deep connections and show the world your true self. Take the lead in social activities and engage with others on a profound level.


Scorpio season calls for introspection and reflection, Sagittarius. Explore your own identity and heritage. Consider taking an at-home DNA test to deepen your understanding of your lineage and uncover generational wounds.


Scorpio season urges you to focus on your friendships and social circles, Capricorn. Step away from work and prioritize building meaningful connections. Organize social activities and find a balance between business and pleasure.


Scorpio season highlights your career, Aquarius. Embrace Scorpio's tenacity and showcase your ideas and leadership skills. Seek recognition for your achievements and demonstrate your ability to work smarter, not harder.


Scorpio season encourages you to expand your mind and perspective, Pisces. Engage in activities that broaden your horizons, such as traveling or pursuing further education. Embrace self-reflection and enhance your relationships with yourself and the world around you.

Let Scorpio season be a time of self-discovery, growth, and transformation. Explore your emotional depths and embrace the opportunities for rebirth.