Review of Russian Websites for Foreign Real Estate Sale

CEO Khai Intela
For many Russians, owning a property abroad is a cherished aspiration. Consequently, an increasing number of services have emerged in the Russian market to help them explore and purchase real estate overseas. These portals are...

For many Russians, owning a property abroad is a cherished aspiration. Consequently, an increasing number of services have emerged in the Russian market to help them explore and purchase real estate overseas.

These portals are of interest to both buyers and tenants, as they provide a convenient way to find suitable properties quickly. Additionally, these platforms offer a valuable opportunity for foreign real estate owners to promote their listings to Russian-speaking users. In this review, we will analyze the top five portals that appear in Google's organic search results for the query "buy realty abroad." - Connecting Buyers and Sellers Worldwide is a comprehensive real estate search service that operates in 75 countries around the world. Based in Saint Petersburg, this portal enables users to buy or rent residential and commercial properties, as well as land lots, in a wide range of countries.

As a hub for hundreds of companies and individuals, showcases properties from all continents (except Antarctica). The platform partners with esteemed developers, real estate agencies, consultants, and professional investors. Their team of experts also provides practical insights, answers questions, and presents analytical data.

With over 10 million visitors per year, attracts a significant portion of its audience from CIS countries, the Baltic states, and Russia itself. The portal's popularity is a testament to its reliable and user-friendly services.

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Apart from its search function, also conducts polls among its users. One of their surveys revealed that more than half of potential real estate buyers have been searching for more than a year, demonstrating the commitment and dedication of their audience. Many visitors are actively looking to invest in foreign properties, while others are interested in keeping tabs on market trends. - Making International Real Estate Transactions Easier is an international real estate brokerage firm headquartered in Moscow, with offices in Bryansk and various European cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, Athens, and Antalya. This platform presents properties from 57 countries worldwide. goes beyond simply showcasing listings; their team of experts assists clients in finding the right property and connecting them with reliable service providers for profitable and secure overseas investments.

The platform receives approximately 11,000 daily visitors, attracted by its extensive selection and professional services.

tranio-ru Image source: - Your Gateway to Global Real Estate is one of the leading Russian portals for overseas properties. It boasts a vast catalog of residential and commercial properties from over 60 countries, presented by 715 agencies, developers, and homeowners.

With over 300,000 monthly users, has established itself as a trusted source for international real estate.

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In addition to property listings, organizes the Homes Overseas Russian Awards, an important event in the real estate industry. This prestigious award recognizes the best foreign developments and real estate agencies that cater to Russian-speaking clients. Since its inception in 2010, the event has become an important showcase for international properties. - Your Guide to Overseas Real Estate is an overseas property portal that offers listings from 37 countries worldwide. It provides users with access to experienced experts who can offer guidance on purchasing foreign real estate in various locations.

moscow-show Image source: is also the official media partner for the most successful overseas real estate and investment events in Moscow, such as the Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show and the Moscow International Property Show. These exhibitions provide valuable insights into market conditions and investment opportunities in different countries. - Connecting European Sellers and Russian Buyers is an international real estate agency that primarily deals with sellers from European countries. With properties listed from 13 European countries, this platform attracts buyers from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, as well as across Russia and neighboring countries.


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Remember, reaching a global audience requires the expertise of professionals who understand the intricacies of the market. With the help of these top Russian portals, you can connect with potential buyers and make your overseas real estate dreams come true.