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Real Estate Videography Pricing: Finding the Perfect Balance

CEO Khai Intela
Real estate video is an incredibly powerful tool for selling a property. In today's digital age, potential buyers are looking at listings online and being captivated by eye-catching videos. But how much should you pay...

Real estate video is an incredibly powerful tool for selling a property. In today's digital age, potential buyers are looking at listings online and being captivated by eye-catching videos. But how much should you pay for real estate videography? Let's delve into the world of real estate videography pricing and find out.

Unleashing the Power of Real Estate Videography

Professional real estate videography and photography require a great deal of time and skill. While the actual shooting may only take a few hours, the editing process can take up an entire day or even longer. According to a study by Biteable, videography increases interest in listings by a staggering 400 percent and boosts traffic by 300 percent. It's no wonder that these services come at a premium. ^1^

There are two main types of real estate videography: walkthroughs and aerial footage. Walkthroughs typically involve regular photography, but videography can also be incorporated. In some cases, photographers may even stitch together photos and videos to create stunning 3D tours. Aerial footage, on the other hand, utilizes aerial photography and drone videography to provide captivating views of a property or large lot.

Real estate videography is often the key factor that entices buyers to visit a property in person. Without high-quality visual content, you may struggle to capture their attention.

A close up photo of a camera lens on a table Caption: A close up photo of a camera lens on a table

Determining the Average Price for Real Estate Videography

When it comes to real estate videography pricing, you can expect it to be slightly more expensive than real estate photography. This is due to the additional factors and technology involved. As a general rule of thumb, the average cost for a photographer or videographer is around $100 to $200 per hour. For a simple listing shoot, you can expect to pay around $100 to $200, while a video shoot may range from $200 to $500. [^2^]

Of course, these figures can vary depending on the size and complexity of the property. For larger, luxury listings, you may need to budget up to $1,500 per listing, including any necessary travel fees for remote locations. Extensive editing or the creation of a commercial for the listing can also increase the price. However, for a basic shoot, you can generally expect to pay around $200 to $300, keeping in mind that the quality of the shoot is reflected in the price.

Most real estate videographers earn an annual income of approximately $40,000 to $50,000. While their hourly rate may seem high, it's important to consider that it includes post-production work and support. They are not always on-site and are dedicated to ensuring the delivery of top-notch results.

Someone holding a DSLR camera above a laptop Caption: Someone holding a DSLR camera above a laptop

Factors Affecting Real Estate Videography Pricing

Determining a fair price for real estate videography involves considering the specific work being delivered. The price is often influenced by the amount of footage required. If you only need a few aerial photos, the price will be lower. However, if you want a larger quantity, the price will naturally increase.

It's important to remember that the pricing is not solely based on the raw footage. The photographer or videographer will also spend time editing all the photos and videos. You're essentially paying for their work in post-production, which requires time and expertise.

Additional add-ons, such as a 3D walkthrough, will incur extra costs. The company may also provide ongoing support for the walkthrough or cover server costs. If you're looking for affordable services, you can often find photography or videography packs priced around $200 to $400. These pre-designed packs typically include a set number of edited images or minutes of aerial photography.

To find the right videographer at the right price, it's best to shop around and explore options in your local area. Don't hesitate to ask for referrals to ensure you find someone who aligns with your needs and budget.

Hiring a Real Estate Videographer: Specialization Matters

You may be wondering why it's important to hire a videographer who specializes in real estate. The answer lies in their understanding of the industry. Real estate videographers possess valuable knowledge regarding the shots that will showcase a property in the best light. They understand how to frame visuals and create listings that attract potential buyers. While it may be tempting to work with a general videographer due to cost considerations, they may not deliver the results needed to grab a buyer's attention.

When considering a real estate videographer, take the time to review their existing portfolio. By examining their previous work, you can easily compare their style and expertise to other options. On the other hand, videographers who primarily focus on other types of videos, such as explainer videos or commercials, may lack the necessary insight into real estate marketing.

A photo of a camera lens. You can save money on real estate videography pricing by doing it yourself Caption: A photo of a camera lens. You can save money on real estate videography pricing by doing it yourself

Evaluating the Value of Real Estate Videography

Before diving into real estate videography pricing, you should assess whether it aligns with your business goals. Ultimately, the purpose of real estate photography and videography is to sell a property. If you can achieve successful sales without professional visual content, the investment in these services may not be necessary.

However, a skilled real estate videographer can dramatically speed up the selling process. Take a moment to analyze your competition. What are other agents in your area doing? Are they utilizing high-quality videos on social media platforms? Creating standout videos for your listings can set you apart from the crowd and strengthen your brand identity.

For many agents, listing videos become an integral part of their brand strategy. The impact a brand can have on the success of a business is difficult to measure, just as it can be challenging to determine the precise value of real estate videography. Clients have chosen me solely based on my previous listing videos, giving me an advantage over competitors who had not yet embraced this powerful marketing tool.

Empowering Yourself: Can You Produce Your Own Videos?

While it may not be practical to purchase a drone for aerial footage, you can still create listing videos or walkthroughs on your own. Many real estate agents successfully conduct their own video and photo shoots using smartphones or tablets. With the right tools and a basic understanding of editing, you can embark on creating compelling visual content without incurring any additional costs.

However, it's important to recognize that there's an art to knowing when self-produced content is sufficient and when it's wise to hire a professional. High-value properties may require the expertise of a videographer to produce a 3D tour that truly captivates potential buyers. On the other hand, for smaller condos or less complex listings, you can confidently create your own real estate photos and videos without the need for professional assistance. Brokers may also consider the benefits of having an in-house videographer, as it can ultimately lead to increased sales and brand cohesion.

Is Videography Right for Your Listings?

As with many aspects of real estate, pricing can vary based on your location. Rural areas generally have lower costs, while major cities tend to have higher rates. Remember, not every listing calls for video tours or aerial footage. Some properties can be effectively marketed with just a few photos. However, when it comes to luxury properties or expansive rural estates, a virtual tour or stunning aerial shots can make all the difference.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to invest in video marketing rests with you. It's essential to consider the potential return on investment and weigh it against your specific needs. Keep in mind that, with the right technology, there is a multitude of creative possibilities that you can explore on your own.

Videography equipment next to a laptop. What equipment you use affects real estate videography pricing Caption: Videography equipment next to a laptop. What equipment you use affects real estate videography pricing

Frequently Asked Questions on Real Estate Videography Pricing

Do potential buyers react better to video or photos?
An ideal real estate listing in 2021 should include both video and photos to engage potential buyers. While you don't necessarily need professional footage for every listing, videos generally elicit a stronger reaction from buyers.

Where should I showcase my real estate videography?
Typically, videography is not included in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). You can showcase your videos on your own blog, social media accounts, YouTube, and provide links on platforms such as classified listings.

How much do real estate videographers get paid?
Most real estate videographers charge an hourly rate ranging from $100 to $200. However, the actual cost may differ depending on your area and the videographer's level of expertise.

How do you find a real estate videographer?
There are many videographers available, but it's crucial to find one who specializes in real estate. Look for someone who has a thorough understanding of your needs and can deliver high-quality work in a timely manner.

In conclusion, the pricing for real estate videography depends on various factors such as location, type of footage required, and the videographer's expertise. Investing in high-quality videography can give you a competitive edge in the real estate market and help you sell properties faster. Whether you choose to hire a professional or take on the challenge of producing your own videos, the key is to find the right balance that aligns with your business goals and target audience.

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