Real Estate Investment Management Software: A Complete Guide

CEO Khai Intela
This article was last updated on Wednesday, February 22nd. Are you a real estate investment manager looking to outperform your competitors and exceed investor expectations? In today's market, where speed is crucial, having a data-driven...

This article was last updated on Wednesday, February 22nd.

Are you a real estate investment manager looking to outperform your competitors and exceed investor expectations? In today's market, where speed is crucial, having a data-driven strategy with seamless execution is essential. This is where real estate investment management software comes into play. It has become vital for deal teams and investment managers to have real-time visibility into investment performance, from historical deal benchmarks to pipeline opportunities.

Acting as the investment command center, deal management software plays a critical role in the open ecosystem of proptech. It allows firms to easily source, screen, underwrite, and execute on deals. At Dealpath, we have seen both growing firms and industry giants succeeding by focusing on four key pillars: data, automation, collaboration, and scale. In this guide, we will show you how your firm can drive maximum performance from pipeline to portfolio management with real estate investment management software.

Driving Maximum Performance from Pipeline to Portfolio Management With Real Estate Investment Software

In the past, institutional investors relied on emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls for multi-million dollar investment decisions. But now, real estate investment software has unlocked the opportunity to act based on holistic, real-time data aligned with their strategies. By centralizing proprietary market intelligence in one command center, real estate investment managers strengthen data-driven precision at an unprecedented scale. This ensures that every decision is grounded in data, giving you a competitive advantage.

To nimbly track updates and prioritize the most profitable opportunities, your team must have real-time pipeline visibility. With real estate investment management software, you can have a clear pulse on every deal and upcoming milestones. This allows you to make faster decisions and review an even larger pipeline, improving your chances of success.

By centralizing your deal pipeline in one platform, you can reduce administrative work like manual data entry, saving valuable time. This also enables you to reallocate resources towards evaluating more deals. As development begins, project managers can access real-time information, preventing the need for siloed records. This improves operational efficiency and collaboration across your firm.

Data, Automation, Collaboration & Scale: DACS, The New Framework for Real Estate Investment Management Software

Gone are the days of adopting software to solve simple problems. Real estate investment management software should create compounding value for your firm, magnifying the most successful elements of your investment strategy. To achieve the best results aligned with your goals, focus on four key buckets: data, automation, collaboration, and scale, or DACS.

Firms that execute a tech-enabled investment strategy are better positioned to create maximum value throughout the investment deal lifecycle.

Data: Capturing Competitive Insights With Real Estate Investment Software

Comps and historical deal data provide invaluable market intelligence. However, harnessing this power was challenging in the past due to scattered information. Real estate investment software like Dealpath allows you to slice and dice data in seconds, giving you a competitive advantage. You can easily refer to proprietary data analytics for benchmarks when screening new deals, with competitive intelligence from every deal at your fingertips.

Real Estate Investment Software Real Estate Investment Software

Ensuring data security is critical, especially with rising cybersecurity concerns. Before moving your deal pipeline to the cloud, consider how solution providers secure your valuable data. Look for platforms with SOC 2 Type 2 Certification, indicating that a third party has reviewed and approved the platform's secure, resilient, and highly available cloud-native applications and data services.

Automation: Accelerate Real Estate Investment Deal Flow with Purpose-Built Software

After capturing information and data for a new deal, the next challenge is reviewing that opportunity as part of a regimented, repeatable process. Real estate investment management software accelerates deal flow by allowing you to standardize goal-oriented workflows for seamless execution.

Real Estate Investing Software Real Estate Investing Software

Instead of recreating every deal, deal teams can source deals and evaluate them as part of a standardized process. Purposeful automation ensures that the right deals reach the right stakeholders at the right times, reducing confusion and email friction. It's important to prioritize platforms that amplify your firm's proven criteria and processes during solution evaluations.

Real-time reporting and dashboards play a critical role in daily decisions and big-picture strategy setting. Centralizing investment data in a real estate investment deal management platform like Dealpath ensures that all reports include real-time, vetted data. You can easily create new reports by slicing and dicing data in seconds, automating reports tailored to stakeholder questions, and creating greater transparency.

Collaboration: Centralizing Your Pipeline & Competitive Intelligence

Throughout the asset lifecycle, numerous team members have a hand in managing the deal. By centralizing pipeline collaboration efforts in one command center, you can ensure that no documents, contextual commentary, or underwriting models slip through the cracks. Real-time visibility within one source of truth offers the transparency needed for high-volume deal teams to collaborate effectively, unlike the silos imposed by traditional spreadsheets.

Commercial Real Estate Investment Software Commercial Real Estate Investment Software

Implementing your real estate investment management software's execution efforts requires a strong partnership with your solution provider. Find a provider that takes a consultative approach based on clearly defined objectives. Look for a provider with a track record of implementing similar solutions successfully.

Scale: Reviewing More Deals With Real Estate Investment Management Software

By systematizing and automating previously manual work, you can scale your pipeline without adding resources. Implementing structured, tech-enabled processes with real estate investment management software eliminates the additional burden that typically follows this growth. With information centralized in one place, your deal team can easily evaluate more deals, giving you greater investment optionality.

To eliminate variables while growing your pipeline, consider working with a data ingestion partner like Dealpath Data Ingestion. It's a trusted and proven data service that eliminates manual data entry, allowing your firm to act instantly.

The goal of implementing real estate investment software is to drive top-line revenue growth. Building a strong bottom-of-funnel process is equally important as finding ways to source more deals. By working from repeatable due diligence workflows and managing due diligence in a cloud-based software, leading deal teams mitigate risk and achieve success.

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